list of western philosophers

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Nietzsche was an author and philosopher, Socrates was an Ancient Greek teacher and philosopher, and Voltaire was a French poet, author, and philosopher. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Ask if you need it now). The leading figure in making this rejection was René Descartes, the "father of modern philosophy". speech, belief, economic activity). This list will introduce you to the top 10, so sit comfortably and get ready for some wisdom! Page Contents show Thales. Copyright © 2020 Desktop Class. Locke argued that these freedoms are inherent "natural rights". Typically, one philosopher questions the other until a contradiction is revealed in their reasoning, thus discrediting their argument; Plato usually casts Socrates as the philosopher who conducts the questioning. Sacré bleu, Socrates! These early Christian thinkers included Saint Augustine, one of the two most influential theologians in Western history (along with Thomas Aquinas).2,15, Much classical thought (including most of Aristotle) was lost in medieval Europe, surviving only among the Arabs. They also later turned against each other in the same battle. His full name is Anaximenes of Miletus . Positive liberalism goes a step further, arguing that government should also provide citizens with the opportunity to exercise their freedoms, by ensuring a minimum standard of welfare. unemployment insurance, public health care). Plebe, bitch? His main interests are Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Politics. Though present-day philosophers work largely in ivory-tower isolation, the historical impact of philosophy is wide-ranging, from science, to government, to religion, to the general outlook and values of societies. His most revered work, the Republic, is the founding document of Western political thought. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Historical list of Western Philosophers. the general consensus of the citizenry).9 Thus, Rousseau would only be satisfied with direct democracy or extremely consultative representative democracy. But there are some modern-day philosophical thinkers who have had their contributions recognized as well. The term “philosophy” derives from the Greek word philosophia which translates to a “love of wisdom,” coined by pre-Socratic thinkers such as Pythagoras in the 6th century B.C. Oh, I'm delighted by their writing; such charming little thoughts. Yes, but what does it all mean? Parmenides was consequently the first to articulate the position of rationalism, which asserts that knowledge of reality arises (solely or principally) from rational analysis of innate knowledge (as opposed to analysis of sensory experience). In terms of exposure to the philosophical ideas of others, most people are content with the views they naturally encounter in everyday life (e.g. He also belongs to Ionian school of thought, also Milesian school and Naturalism. In a sense, Plato's writings are jointly authored by both men. Home » Philosophy » Historical list of Western Philosophers. Got a sharp wit like a spit that'll skewer you like a, You're pitiful lyrically. This minimum standard can be divided into two parts. You make a mockery of ethics, so keep your nose inside your coffee! The Western Philosophers battled the Eastern Philosophers in Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers. The most influential liberal philosopher of the nineteenth century was likely John Stuart Mill, the foremost proponent of utilitarianism.25 According to the utilitarian view, the right decision in any given situation is the one that brings the most good ("utility") to the most people. (As noted above, this technique is known as the "Socratic method"). Both were influenced by the Romantic movement, which emphasized subjective, individual experience and belief over objective reality and societal values. All Rights Reserved. To look up a philosopher you know the name of, click on the first letter of their last name. Although this thought experiment does not describe how governments have actually developed, it can be used to judge whether or not a government is legitimate. His notable ideas are Pythagorean Theorem, Golden Ration, Musica Universalis, and Pythagorean Tuning. I'll not be taught camaraderie from a frog who rigged the lottery! You Decide" sequence. Thought can be divided into two kinds: concrete, which concerns specific physical things, and abstract, which concerns non-physical things (i.e. Socrates (persistent critical reflection), Christian philosophy: Platonic (Augustine) > Aristotelian (Aquinas), social contract: Hobbes, Locke (liberalism), Rousseau, Mill (utilitarianism, positive liberalism). Thales and his successors were thus the first empiricists. Notes on the Western Philosophers by EpicLLOYD shown in one of the, A picture of the Western Philosophers photographs in frames posted on ERB's Instagram account, A photo of the Western Philosophers in front of the green screen from ERB's Instagram account. Beginning in the High Middle Ages, these writings were reabsorbed from the Islamic world.2 The prevailing Western philosophy of the later Middle Ages was scholasticism, which merges Christian theology with the work of Aristotle. Individual welfare provision, known as a "social safety net", directly ensures the welfare of individual citizens (e.g. Oh, do teach the Prussian what the Greeks consider wrestling! (to be continued. His notable ideas are. The seminal general isn't so tough on the mic; all your men must be like, "Yo, what happened?". We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. assault, theft, arbitrary imprisonment) as well as freedom of choice (e.g. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While final causes are not relevant to physics or chemistry, they are still found in biology (e.g.

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