low humming noise at night

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This is for everybody who would like to check out if other people are hearing the Hum in their area. very much, I just don't like the humming 24/7,she has also said to me why don't you move out,she's a horrible woman, shouldn't be a manager as she has no people skills. Tried Heavy Rain for a few days - that was quite good, but have settled on Brown Noise with the pitch set to the lowest setting. It's good to know I'm not alone :). The police have been no help; they actually accused us of harassing them when we complained and again they suggested we might be just making up. I urge you all to register your postcode/zip code on the world map of the Hum. there has got to be a common denominator! It's only noticeable upstairs in my home. Sometimes I notice "time blocks" of exactly 30 minutes, 2 hours, etc., especially with the ringing. What can be done about it? Those in power need to know about it because they have the authority to end it. I also thought it could have been a side effect of my blood pressure meds but it’s never listed as one. I think you have figured it out, I also have all pipes underground as there is no basement or crawl space, Now I wonder if there is a solution? I don't know how true that is. Has anyone had any luck with silicone earplugs? Someone is said to possibly be using stolen or bought under table from impersonators or criminal non police sound products used to keep young people away from train tracks and city business for a way to do their criminal stuff in wooded areas or areas not monitored by law Kind of like what they do to keep dogs from barking with dog barking stopping sound equipment being used for criminal home made internet-ting stalking and listening implants and bio hacking implantable!!! The guy got really defensive and said he could do what he liked, it was his flat. Andrea, i'm with you. I live in the same house as 3 other people. I;ll ask my phone /power company to look into it. You are sort of right about it not having to do anything with your ears because it is not a NORMAL sound that goes into the ear first. My recent visit with my ENT Doctor confirmed with new hearing tests that I have hearing loss compared to tests I took last year - thanks to my neighbor. I am thinking he might be a welder? if you relate-post ur thoughts. If you detune a B note three octaves below middle C so you are somewhere between B & B flat you will hear it. I do not hear it when I visit my Son, he has no mains gas and has a cesspit. I am at work right now and still hearing the hum. 70 sterling here. Well done. In the late 1980s, the coastal Scottish town of Largs began to experience the Hum. Other people's eardrums are flexible so the bass frequency goes through and they don't hear it or feel it. Each time EH came to my property there presence was noticed, therefor the perps turned down the noise. I have two files full of copies of letters I've sent to people, their replies, copies of research, information about how constant noise and interrupted sleep can damage people and make them ill. Not got anywhere, and still having the problem. Up to now I had been using a combination of a Dohm white noise machine and an under-pillow flat speaker, but have found the Bose sleep buds to be more effective at masking the noise. Several years ago I found his website and filled out the hum questionaire in order to be entered onto his map. In answer to Brown-Noise - GL8. Look, I know lots have been covered in this post over the last couple of years, but it can't be 'smart meters' or 'water-pipe pressure' can it? My windows, walls, floors, etc. I have not slept, it is now 4 in the morning here in the UK. That Scottish link above is worth reading as they are sympathetic to the problem. .... or even cut-glass-crystal if we're comparing, it's all about the state of mind when interference of any kind begins, don't be a victim be a survivor! On the third of the month I contacted the police after driving around town trying to find the source. This content does not have an Arabic version. They came out to me again in the early hours of the morning and said they had listened to 72 hours of recording from my flat. Changed my life. All this at the behest of my family, who even now don't want to believe me or support me. Trying to play mind games mind reading or real voiced talk like they did during the war with spy cats and animals... thus recording you to set you up, spooking you to move forced and then they take over your property and job and take away your freedom! IT'S NOT ONLY AFFECTING ME PHYSICALLY, BUT MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't quite understand the skeletal thing, about skeletal throw back. Since I can't sleep because of the continous low drone that has invaded our home, I read every comment. It may be worth checking into. It predates smart meters. night it's the worst and I have to be up early to go to church, sometimes missing because of not being able to sleep. Once it's into a building/room it is sounds loud because the walls act as an amplification box. Which is, of course, a huge part of the problem,i.e. I will certainly try your tip about using cotton wool soaked in Coconut oil. Between the over head power lines and the pipelines,y'all can decide which is worse. Massively worse here over Christmas...it just gets worse and worse anyway...brutal and violent, as if I am living on top of the source, with searing pain in my body, ears and head...the noise and pain never stops these days. The ‘hum’ cam be reproduced on a synthesizer keyboard including the pulsing sound. The crazies swarm in to "pollute" the testimonies/real stories by real people in an attempt to make Everyone appear crazy like the crazies' comments which, of course, is not the case whatsoever. I have also asked for a print out of the results of the noise testing. OMG I am so sorry Brown Noise! They have a gas fire. I feel for you as I do for so many other Low Frequency sufferers. It permeates everything. He is kindly replying to me. I've moved once to get away from a gamer in a flat in a floor below me in the block where I used to live, and to my horror there is another in a house right opposite me on the other side of a narrow road. Hi, you should contact a guy whose Yahoo ID is "CopsNE" but whose real name is Steve K., at the Yahoo Hum Group as he is tracking all things re Hums & Gas Pipelines. This is a man made noise. I can liken it a pump labouring far off in the distance. When you zero in to the right spot the noise predominates. They might. I only have gotten this in my left ear after i hear the train, or at rare times large vehicle sounds, like deisal trucks. for a noise to be considered a problem it must be a nuisance to a 'normal, average, reasonable person.' There is also drone, ambient and binaural songs or apps that can be downloaded. What does your nose smell like? Now, this new white noise or pink noise is mostly Bass if not all Bass. Some have trouble sleeping. Lol, I will not even stop right at this moment to try and hear it!

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