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The winners were declared on 20 May 2010. [41] Stunt sequences by Ram Charan and some stuntmen were shot in mid-December 2008 at Hyderabad. Royal priest had predicted this calamity only. Sher Khan (Sri Hari), the Muslim invader witnesses the valor and love of Kalabhairava and salutes to him.They take rebirth as Harsha and Indu. I'll sit inside and sing devotional songs. Kajal kept this in mind and acted accordingly[6] while playing the dual roles of a princess from 400 years ago and a modern-day college student. "[22][35], After filming key parts of the film in Rajasthan, suburbs of Hyderabad, and at Badami in Karnataka, filming continued in Ramoji Film City in a specially erected set named Bhairavakona in late October 2008. The live stadium had only 7 steps, in which live people were positioned in 6 steps while the remaining 12 steps were CG extension. [49], Pete Draper, who worked with Kamalakanna in Ghajini (2008), was selected as the pipeline technical director of the film. She added that all of the film's costumes were designed by her and stitched in Hyderabad, and that Kajal's costumes were heavily detailed as she needed to look rich, elegant and bright. Magadheera (transl. Unlike his previous action-centric films, director Rajamouli dishes a heart-touching love story in a lavish canvas convincingly. Special teams of revenue, police and commercial tax officers were appointed to keep watch at ticket counters and ensure that each person was issued only one ticket. "[19], R. C. Kamalakannan was the VFX producer of this film. Magadheera is a 2015 Tamil Film stars N/A , directed by & music by N/A. I, an emperor who had terrorised entire India. It is a valiant attempt to bring such genre to the modern day audience and present it with finesse so that it fits the historical angle and the today's angle. Atleast, accompany me in my death, Bhairava. So close that you don't know her address? I can fly over stars... Shall I show you the wonder? It was subsequently rejected and after fifteen years, his son director S. S. Rajamouli selected this script, but made several changes to it. Since Magadheera became a hit, every other hero and director wants to do period film where there is scope to spend crores. After rejecting the maker's first iron skeletons, Ravinder opted to design them himself, and prepared three models of chariots with different heights to be used, depending on the camera's location and other technical requirements. Watchlist. Ulikki Padathara? Buddy, at your age if you touch any girl. This is the right time to make Indu yours completely. Magadheera held the top position in sales for its 720p Blu-ray edition with 5.1 Dolby digital sound format as of July 2014. [119], The film won the National Award for Best Choreography and Best Special Effects at the 57th National Film Awards. [111], Tammareddy Bharadwaja said "Ever since Arundhati and Magadheera did well at the box office, the rest of the industry started following their footsteps. [6] Srihari was cast in his role in the film in early April 2008. [95] The film completed a 365-day run in Vijayalakshmi theatre in Kurnool on 31 July 2010 and a 1000-day run in the same theatre on 26 April 2012. As long as Bhairava is alive, you won't get Mithra, traitor. [48] For the stadium, Italian concept artist Marco Rolandi began with a CAD drawing and made his first 3D concept in 5 days. Together, we're bringing out Magadheera on Blu-ray. Magadheera (Tamil) (2015), Action Romantic released in Tamil language in theatre near you. But I said I don't know if I would want to do the remake. [126] The film was dubbed in Hindi under the same name by Goldmines Telefilms and released in 2015.

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