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I have an annual membership to Craftsy that I’m debating whether to continue or not. He just doesn't know what's going on around here....I finally headed up to bed around 5PM after getting about 6 hours sleep in the last two days but woke up at 1AM. I do view class segments when I’m looking for something specific in quilting, crochet, or knitting so it can be a good resource but I have yet to watch a class from start to finish and I’ve done only a project or two from any of them. During the day I sew downstairs, knitting on my hats when I take breaks and in the evenings I work on my crochet blankets upstairs. You may link to any of the pages with the instruction sheets but you cannot copy or post the PDF files on any website. Most of my documents are in PDF format but for some of the tutorial pages I type directly onto the page and I don't have a copy of the verbage I used to describe the photos. Thanks to everyone who checked their files for me - you can bet I'll be more carefull about keeping copies of ALL the pages. I had to change the plan because I didn’t have enough fabric to do a borderless quilt and because the stash is in Tampa, I had limited options for additions but that’s OK. I’m happy enough with the adjusted plan and have made a good start on piecing the 9 patch blocks after laying it all out and snapping this photo. I checked the price at the link above and it has gone up quite a bit in the two and a half years since I bought my second one. Next | I'm saving the main pages with the same file names so those links will work if you've bookmarked them but if you bookmarked the link to the PDF files, you'll have to update them because they have new link addresses. The idea for this quilt came from a Craftsy class and as usual, I modified size and setting to suit my needs. I've been asking Keith for shelving units in the garage that I can put storage bins on and while these aren't the built in ones I'd really like, it's nice to actually have this stuff a little better organized -- I even have empty bins so I can move some of the other stuff I don't have room for out there. It comes in a green too so I’m sure I’ll eventually make one of these in that color too. I really recommend this method for making them. So you know bad things never happen alone right? It’s a free pattern found on Ravelry – ZigZags Hat. Previous | I mentioned last week I have my routine here at Big Canoe … at least for now. At one point I had two different projects on different skeins trying to decide between them and I frogged a couple false starts too. That just leaves 2 in the stack that needs attention -- much better than 9. Sheree has come to my rescue again and will bind these 3 for me. Next | This is the 4th one I've done but the pile is getting larger with all the quilts I did a couple weeks ago not smaller. Over the years I’ve sewn in a number of chairs starting with a basic dining room chair and several different office chairs but my favorite is this chair I ordered from Amazon. In case you hadn't realized it -- I'm back on a night schedule but with Keith just home for the weekend again I don't want to sleep the days away so I'm going to work all night and then we'll go out for breakfast, run some errands and come home and watch some, piece and machine stitch a binding to have it ready tomorrow for hand stitching, finish up instructions for the diamond string blocks. It was a bit of a challenge to transfer the domain over BUT the good news is that I can host it using my current space so in the end I'll save about $150 a year. The Quilts' Night Out has been compiled as a tribute to American quilt makers. Mom liked mine so much she made at least 3 versions herself … 2 to give away and 1 to keep. This yarn comes in variegated colorways too but for this pattern I like the single color ones … I’ve done a pink blanket and a yellow blanket and I have blue yarn waiting. This site is intended to provide brief instructions for my quilts and they assume you have a basic knowledge of quilting. I sort my strings by color in the bins to the right but as you can see from the bin in front and the strings on the floor I haven't sorted recently -- that's where all the bits and pieces get tossed while I'm sewing. Our charity quilt group “Quilts for Kids Round Rock” has made at least 100 quilts from this pattern. Not one but three bindings made and stitched on - - of course, they're just kids/lap size quilts but you're still impressed right? And that’s probably more than you want to know about my crochet blankets!

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