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The Walker MBA curriculum has been developed with an eye toward how At The Walker School of Business & Technology, we're passionate about providing our and achieve your professional goals. Students will have access to an online networking platform and job board, as well as online career resources available through the course. After these months, the student may request in writing that the contract is extended, subject to a charge. 1. Contract duration IUBH grants the student a free trial month within the distance learning, if the student decides not to continue his/her studies within the revocation period. Regular termination of contract Whether you'll be a freshman or a transfer student, you play to study aboard or are The IUBH is liable for damages resulting from a breach of obligations due to intentional or gross negligence on the part of its legal representatives or auxiliary persons. The huge corporate demand for globally-oriented executives and IUBH’s excellent reputation in academia and industry gives IUBH graduates huge leverage for a successful career. We pride ourselves in offering our students well-organised study programmes with first-class curricula. To be allowed to start the “on campus” semester a successful visa application and at least 15 ECTS in the enrolled programme need to be completed. 9. Additional tuition and related charges may apply in the event of students making any changes to their study programme. If you feel that you do not have sufficient evidence in your previous coursework to demonstrate this aptitude, you may want to consider submitting a GMAT or GRE score to enhance your application. Right of revocation The total costs for the chosen study programme are stated on page 1 of the study contract. Email). The student agrees to be bound by the valid General Examination Regulations as well as the IUBH’s study and examination regulations of the named study programme (page 1), the IUBH library user code (LIS Rules and Regulations) and the guidelines for online-examinations and online-presentations. the potential to generate the greatest possible value for owners, customers, and other IUBH shows you personal success stories of our students and how our study programmes can sustainably improve your life, too. What degree is earned at the end of the program? 2.1. And its international orientation makes you fit for the global job market. academic excellence preparing you for future career successes. If the student wants to take the final examination (colloquium) before the end of the contract duration decided upon in Section 2.1. the outstanding tuition fees for the remainder of the course, until the end, have to be paid in full before the date of the colloquium. If the student fails to follow this obligation, (s)he will be exmatriculated three months after the contract start date. How do I access the admissions checklist? consistent with modern business practice. With Webster's MBA, you'll combine a carefully selected set of business competencies, ,  the average salary for MBA graduates is $79,043. Federal aid enrollment requirements apply. IUBH will inform the student about the available online payment systems. Our worldwide business partners, patrons and sponsors open up optimal opportunities for your career. MBA Syllabus: The syllabus under two years of MBA mainly focus on all the spects related to business like Finance, Micro-Economics, Analysis Business Research etc. Booking additional services applications.Your final capstone course, MBA 5920 Walker Consulting Project, offers an opportunity to put your skills and competencies into practice. The details for the processing of personal data and the rights of the student related to this are explained in the information notice for data privacy, which can be obtained by the student via the website of IUBH distance learning. The IUBH has the right to modify study plans, if it is reasonable for students and corresponds to the educational objective of the study programme. Changes in the amount of tuition fees may result in case of discount campaigns. Earning a Master in Business Administration will allow you to enter any of the careers of a typical business degree, such as sales associate, financial analyst, or accountant. What they are saying about us is more important than what we The student acknowledges that the IUBH and third parties, which are specially commissioned by IUBH, have the right to use his/her work for this purpose. Yes. The application for a leave of absence of six months can be carried out with two weeks’ notice before the intended start of the leave of absence and must be in text form. Successful business organizations identify and efficiently manage activities with Transcripts should show evidence of academic success in a conferred bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent, from an accredited institution. Looking to join us as an international online student? step. 3.3. Annual flat-rate textbook fee for all MBA designated courses. essential competencies needed for success in today's marketplace. Do I need an undergraduate degree in business or a professional business background? BU’s TOEFL code is 3087, and the department code is 02. current organization or transition to something new, you'll be prepared for your next Tuition fees Financial Aid is available through federal funding. Or would you like more insights about your chosen course? If the student changes his/her legal domicile or habitual residence to a location outside of Germany after the conclusion of the contract or his domicile or habitual residence is unknown at the time of a filing of a lawsuit, the parties agree to the following: for any dispute arising out of this contract or in connection with this contract, the court with jurisdiction for the IUBH (Amtsgericht Siegburg, Landgericht Bonn) will have jurisdiction. 6. The contract is binding once the electronic confirmation of acceptance of the IUBH is sent. Control (CDC), please follow this link to the University’s COVID-19 Resource Pages. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate study designed to develop and reinforce key business practices for professionals who pursue careers in business and management. It's All services can continue to be used for this period and exams can still be taken without any additional costs, if at this point of time the payable monthly fees agreed upon on page 1 were paid in full already. Program requirements are subject to final University approval. active military; there's a program at Webster University for you. Federal aid enrollment requirements apply. The syllabus of MBA is design in such a way that it offers detailed knowledge about different aspects for achieving business … *Students with a previous ACBSP (or equivalent) accredited degree or students who IUBH gives you an opportunity to apply for one of our many scholarships, however our scholarships are only available to Non-EU students at this time. Consent to submit academic achievements via online-tools There are no subsidiary agreements to this contract.

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