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A plethora of postgraduate courses are available in the vast field of Computer Science. Students may use up to six credits for research, and they can take a limited number of courses from other departments. Students take 12 courses and conduct research in areas such as artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, theoretical computer science, and distributed and real-time systems. View School Profile in Computer Science. Students studying for a master’s degree in computer science at UC Davis choose from two plans. These degrees can prepare learners for research and development careers. Some students choose to culminate their MS with a research thesis. Is a master’s degree in computer science worth it? UT Dallas offer a Master of Science in Computer Science with night classes to accommodate students with full-time jobs. Get notified about the latest career insights, study tips, and offers at Leverage Edu. Read more, Harbour.Space’s Master of Computer Science is heavily geared towards developing students’ professional skills needed for employment, while being able to adapt to rapidly changing technology, to work effectively, professionally and ethically in computing-related professions, as demonstrated by their communications, teamwork and leadership skills. Tuition: $25,290 (Pennsylvania residents), $42,150 (out of state). Students design their own curricula to suit their areas of interest in computer science, but two courses must include a programming component. Option one requires students complete at least 27 units in a single specialization and take three courses from a preapproved list. Admission requires school transcripts and GRE scores. includes a thesis option and more research opportunities than the professional M.S. Learners may take up to two electives from another department to diversify their skills. The Ivy League college offers a 30-point MS in computer science, which deepens learners' expertise in one of several computer science disciplines. $$$$$ All students culminate the degree with a comprehensive examination. Participants use evening courses to complete the nine-course degree in 18-24 months. Sample courses include: Stanford University is a private university located in Stanford, California. There is an emphasis on software development, in particular when applied to solving problems in other disciplines. Top 5 — 7 points. Students interested in developing an advanced understanding of computing can earn a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Penn State. Part of a 17-college system, Carolina represents the nation's first public college. The university offers a general track and two specialized tracks: Points: 35 The program requires 30 semester hours and enrolls learners with a high level of competency in mathematics and computer science. University of Massachusetts – Amherst (UMass) is a public university in Amherst, Massachusetts. 95% The computer science department also offers an MS in computer science for those interested in computer science jobs in the digital arts. All enrollees complete a course focused on advanced programming techniques. Tuition: $14,243 (California residents), $29,345 (out of state). Elective topics include: Points: 16 Cleveland, OH UChicago offers an M.S. New York University There are many factors to consider, including overall cost, national reputation, and curriculum, to name but a few considerations. Project-based, combining software development with programming, database management system, information system design, and data structure and algorithms. Tuition Tuition Students complete the degree on an almost 9,000-acre campus in Durham, North Carolina. 89% Enrollees use nine credits to acquire expertise in specialized domains such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, and/or advanced computer systems. Master’s degrees also provide workers with new job opportunities, many of which come with higher salaries and more job responsibilities. Are you ready to find a school that's aligned with your interests? Learners design their own 45-unit MSCS degrees and complete classes on campus and/or online. Completing a master’s in computer science could provide better outcomes than many other master’s degrees. Students take 12 courses and conduct research in areas such as artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, theoretical computer science, and distributed and real-time systems. Tuition: $14,303 (Texas residents), $28,773 (out of state). Taught by a highly regarded and long-established computer science department. Students are advised to consult Leverage Edu experts for specific details. Johns Hopkins University is a private university in Baltimore, Maryland. The MS in computer science offers multiple tracks -- coursework-only, thesis, or project -- so students can customize their degrees. Tuition It also calls for school transcripts and GRE scores. Columbia offers a Master of Science in Computer Science with a number of tracks to choose from, including: To graduate, students must complete one course from each of the following areas: Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University is a private university with a strong research focus in computer science. Learners interested in another option -- advanced application skills -- receive training in robotics, social computing application, virtual reality environments, and similar areas. This blog brings you the best and popular degrees and universities for Masters in Computer Science and the career scope this pathway entails. These professionals work with other computer scientists and engineers to build complex systems, then manage these systems to ensure continual effectiveness and efficiency. Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Engineering Schools in the U.S. 30 Most Affordable Online Master’s Degrees in Computer Science, Top 10 Best Online Master’s in Computer Science Degree Programs, Top 10 Cheapest Online Master’s in Information Technology Degrees. Points: 17 Under $20,000 — 7 points In return for the scholarship, graduates must agree to work for the U.S. government in a position related to cybersecurity for a length of time equivalent to the scholarship length. Tuition: $13,873 (Colorado residents), $33,905 (out of state). Those who choose the coursework-only track complete nine additional elective credits from other departments, such as business or the school of medicine and public health. Admission requires competency in areas such as computer architecture and programming languages. Learners interested in pursuing advanced training not covered by an available track can choose the MS personalized track. £755 per 15 credits for the 2020/2021 academic year. Faculty in Georgetown's department of computer science specialize in research areas like algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), database systems, and machine learning. Graduate students in BU’s Master of Science in Computer Science may choose to earn a specialization in cyber security or data-centric computing. Get access to personalised content, tailored towards your interests: Please check, and fix the following possible errors: For admission to the MSc Computer Science (Online): Find out more about International entry requirements. The U’s Master of Science in Computer Science has four options for completion: Core courses include Advanced Algorithms and Operating Systems.

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