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To unlock Adam in Streets of Rage 4, you must play through the story and complete Stage 4. Streets of Rage 4 Arcade Mode Guide – How to Unlock. • SOR3 Blaze Fielding – Reach or exceed the 840,000 lifetime point score total DJ K Washi is an enemy you need to get close to. We'd recommend playing through the Story Mode at least once with the new soundtrack first - it's fantastic - before you bathe yourself in nostalgia for future replays. • SOR2 Max Thunder – Reach or exceed the 390,000 lifetime point score total When he does this and flashes white, move out of his direct path or he will fly towards you, grab and throw you. • SOR3 Skate Hunter – Reach or exceed the 940,000 lifetime point score total No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. At certain points - the first starting at 200,000 points, the second 240,000 points, and so on at irregular increments - this unlocks a classic character from a previous entry in the series, game-by-game, starting from the first Streets of Rage and up. Does a lot of damage. Used to stunlock enemies when up close to them. One of Max's best combos to deal damage with. Max is the slowest and strongest character. Matthew edits guides and other helpful things at Todos. Staying still will just put you at the mercy of Mr Y’s bullets and rockets! Can be followed up with another knee kick, Thunder Body Slam, Headbutt, Brain Buster, German Suplex, Thunder Tackle, or Spinning Knuckle Bomb. His German Suplex is the most powerful in the game as it can take up most of the opponent's life gauge. Max has also an arch-nemesis, Hawk, whom he manages to kill at the end of the episode. One of the most damaging attacks in Max's arsenal. The good news is, the better you play, the more points you will earn - so in theory, you should get better at reaching these thresholds as you improve your brawling skills. • SOR3 Dr. Gilbert Zan – Reach or exceed the 1,050,000 lifetime point score total He uses most of his signature moves from the second game, like his Thunder Tackle, Spinning Knuckle Bomb and Drop Kick. D-Pad Left or Right + A - Thunder Tackle. Atomic Drop also hits several enemies at once if colliding with the enemy in the hold. This black belt has a few attacks up his sleeves. In SOR2, his frame is large, with slightly exaggerated muscle size. Then just keep attacking Estel while avoiding the rockets, but beware you will take damage due to her speed. Starting his international career in 1957 goswami was the one of the biggest stars of the national team. B (Hold) - Hammer Punch (on the ground) - A stationary vertical punch with Max using both of his arms. One of the highest damaging movies found in the entire game. Used best against all enemies, including bosses not named R. Bear, R. Bear Jr. Jet, Mosquite, Griphis, Comet, Barbon, Wayne, Vulture, Zamza, Souther, and Nail. Thankfully Diva’s attacks are telegraphed. Streets of Rage 4 patch 1.03 / 1.04 is out, here are the patch notes, What We Played #448 – Gears Tactics, Final Fantasy VII Remake & Streets of Rage 4, Streets of Rage 4 release confirmed for end of April, Battle Mode detailed, Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Easter Egg reveals secret mode, FIFA 21 free next-gen upgrade detailed for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, No Man’s Sky update 3.12 makes some next-gen fixes, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update 1.0.4 is out, get the patch notes here, Square Enix lost a huge amount of money on Marvel’s Avengers, PlayStation Plus free online multiplayer weekend will be held mid-December. Let her come to you near the pillars and fight her there so you are not in danger from the mech. This fight will be similar to the last two times you have face off against Koobo except there are a lot more other enemies around that need be taken care of, as well as more weapons on the field that Koobo can send your way via telekinesis. Used best on Abadede to show off. Cannot spam as quickly as Axel's jab. His bio reveals that he was kicked out of professional wrestling for refusing to "throw a fight", likely a fixed game between him and his opponent. Grab from front + D-Pad Left or Right + B (3x) - Two knee kicks plus Headbutt. B (3x) 2 left vertical chops and a right punch - Cannot spam as quickly as Axel's jab. Max is featured in SoR2 as a playable character & in SoR4 as a boss. This is a straight up brawl from the start. This is not any streets of rage remake mod. Max returns in Streets of Rage 4, this time as a boss who is being mind-controlled by Ms. Y. B (3x) + Grab from front + D-Pad Left or Right + B (3x) - 2 left vertical chops and a right punch, a grab, 2 knee kicks and, Headbutt. Does less damage than the other combo finishers. Used to hit several enemies and knock them up into the air. It is up to you which of the two you will take out first but they do not have any new attacks from previous encounters. Beware that both will power up at the same time if one of them falls low on health. Your email address will not be published. This is the same case for Arcade Mode as it will require you to play the Story Mode, and in this mode you have to save Wood Oak City from the Y-twins. D-Pad Down + Grab from behind + C + B - A moving in place Max and guarantees an opportunity to Atomic Drop all enemies besides Zamza variants and Shiva.

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