mica powder cruelty

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So it didn’t affect families incomes too much. Though “cruelty-free makeup” has long been about animal testing, these numbers make it clear: it’s high time the term starts to encompass child labour, too. I don’t have any of their products, but you may wish to include in post. One issue with trying to find ethical mica is there isn’t a third party certification or regulatory body to audit and oversee suppliers. FYI – while mica is the base material, it’s actually coated in oxides to achieve the different colours, for makeup titanium dioxide (CI 77891) is most commonly used but I’ve often seen iron oxides used as well. “I was worried it would be the end of my company,” she says. Thanks for your work! ), “Companies at the very least should have a better insight into what’s in their supply chains,” Hotchkiss says. Has a mica-free collection, they also say the mica in their other products is ethically sourced but so far I haven’t been able to find more information. Omiana is also in this category. Shopping from the US? A bath, body, and beauty company who is vocal about mica issues and uses synthetic mica. I highly recommend watching this short documentary to get a good overview of the child labour issues with mica: Also, while I know the term “cruelty free” is used in regards to animal testing, it does feel incredibly hypocritical to call yourself a proud cruelty free brand while having dangerous and unethical child labour in your supply chain. All of which we make sure do not involve child labor, and that workers are paid fairly.” Specifically about their mica they said, “We source all of our mica from the US from privately owned mines. A vegan makeup brand who claims to be “child labor free” and sources their mica from the US. For example, I am considering changing my body butter jar to glass from aluminium. However many consumers do not want that. Mica adds shine to cosmetics and car paint, but it’s also used as an electrical conductor in electronics, a more durable alternative to glass in stoves and kerosene heaters, and even as a soil conditioner in potting soil mixes. As some brands want to supply the consumer with the best quality natural products. As I discovered this was a more sustainable packaging choice. I couldn’t find anything on their website, but when I reached out to them they said: “we source all of our ingredients from the United States, a few from Europe and some others from Canada. I’m very happy to sponsor a child. For example, I am considering changing my body butter jar to glass from aluminium. I really appreciate that this information is included and easily found in their “about” section unlike many other brands where it can be quite hard to find or not publicly available at all. We also ensure that our mica is sourced within the framework of the Ethical Trade Initiative base code. Some of these kids were kidnapped and forced into child labour. You should always keep a close eye, on your supply chain. This means they are trying their best to source out all unethical employers, including those that use illegal use child labour. This is evident in the fact that, people go to great lengths. Vegan, Cruelty Free, Eco Friendly, Certified Halal and Paraben Free : “Award-winning, UK made natural & ethical and organic. Chances are, the ingredient that makes your nail polish reflective and your highlight glisten is mica, which is the name for a group of 37 naturally occurring minerals that are used in various industries, including cosmetics, automotive, tech and construction. But to be fair the demand for natural ingredients in products is partly what causes dilemmas, like this in the first place possibly. This problem is so much more complicated than just switching to synthetic mica but something needs to be done. The safest way to make no mistakes as a consumer. The truth is boycotts effect the complete supply of many people’s income. While we can’t be 100% certain, I would like to believe the following brands I’ve researched do care and are honest about their mica sourcing…. Since they operate as an MLM I don’t consider them to be an ethical company. Since using children to mine mica is illegal, the people running these mines are operating under the radar, and there are very few safety regulations, like reinforced walls or protective equipment. From Mica mining to schools, constructions of schools, improving meals, toilets, and clean drinking water.”, So they are already doing more than most of us in terms of supporting the, less fortunate. But I’m always up for doing the right thing. “Which makes efforts towards moving children in poor villages. Electronics is actually the industry that consumes the most mica (about 26%), followed by paint (24%), construction – typically used in drywall (20%) and then cosmetics which uses about 18% of mica produced. According to SOMO, a quarter of the world’s mica comes from the eastern Indian states of Jharkand and Bihar, where more than 22,000 children work in mica mines. Grenier says the majority of customers are really understanding of this product inconsistency because it’s important that brands are transparent. So I feel the smartest thing to do, is to support brands that are putting measures in place to eradicate unethically sourced Mica. . But could you please explain what you mean by an MLM? These areas have (and enforce) ethical labor standards which prevent the use of child labor. This may change and shift. “[Poverty] forces people from disadvantaged communities to take up these risky jobs and rely on children to help provide for their families instead of sending them to school,” says Jakub Sobik, the communications manager at Anti-Slavery International.

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