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Internal support for webinars occurs in the following ways: Figure 7. Now, users have access to: With Microsoft 365, producers can continue sharing the primary message of their event beyond the live broadcast using: With Microsoft 365, attendees can join and participate in live events in Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Microsoft Stream. It then offers the phone number that listeners can use to call in with live questions. employees better than ever with video, audio and seamless file sharing. By using a live broadcast format and complementing it with high-quality video broadcast, Caposella’s team can share these conversations across the company for more meaningful impact. Figure 3. For each broadcast, the MCB Radio team works directly with a producer at Microsoft Studios to manage the live video radio broadcast. The video link is published within the Yammer group, significantly broadening the reach of the broadcast and discussion. Learn how to keep everyone informed and engaged using SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and live events. Across the board, they discovered that event producers wanted: It was clear that the next generation of live event capabilities needed to give users a sliding scale of event-engagement and event-management options. Extend the shelf life of broadcast content by making it easy for broadcasts to be distributed and reshared with all employees across Microsoft. A Home site is the top of your intranet — a landing experience for your entire organization. They put their attention on concrete performance management activities, such as clarifying work expectations, getting people what they need to do their work, providing development opportunities, and promoting positive coworker relationships. Gallup also revealed that only a third of employees feel engaged in the United States, and only 15 percent worldwide. This backend allows event managers and production teams to optimize the quality of the end-user experience. He writes in Forbes that “employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” In other words, someone who cares about the place they work for and its goals. Discover the exciting improvements we’re bringing to help you architect and deploy an intelligent intranet with SharePoint. A robust community forum hosted in Microsoft Teams (see Figure 4) offers these Champions turnkey product training programs, support, and ongoing dialogue around how to best implement and use Microsoft Teams within their organizations. Creating a safe space for employees to have authentic, ongoing conversations about difficult topics not often discussed in the workplace. To support our employees’ passion for giving, Microsoft matches employee donations of time and money to nonprofit organizations. Is it possible to expect employee engagement from younger employees? Microsoft Ignite: Digital Breakout Enabling collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Project Cortex, and more. The live-broadcast format enables audiences to experience Microsoft’s growth mindset in action by: Instead of hosting these conversations in a few large events throughout the year, the team realized they could use the new live event platform to facilitate these sensitive conversations in shorter, more frequent conversations. Kevin Kruse is an expert on employee engagement. However, the popularity of the Champions community rapidly outpaced Microsoft Teams’ 250-person attendee chat limit during Teams meetings. Company leaders recognize that to drive innovation and growth they must transform their workforce, foster open communications, and engage people, from the executive suite to Firstline Workers. They Use high-quality video to complement audio recordings while retaining an intimate environment for personal conversations and, at the same time, reach a large audience. Microsoft 365 brings together Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Engagement is a popular word Yammer groups allow for on-demand participation and two-way communication. For each internal broadcast, the MCB Radio team reaches its broad internal audience with live discussion in Yammer and uses an external app to facilitate full production support from the Microsoft Studios team. But By deploying live events across these many use cases, CSEO found that providing multiple methods of interactions ultimately enabled employees to feel more connected and engaged with corporate initiatives. Satisfying these needs ranks at the top depends on many factors, including job level, personal values and the type of New capabilities in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Stream, plus advancements in video streaming, enabled CSEO to begin offering expanded live event capabilities in place of its previous solution, Skype Meeting Broadcast. Here are four ways that Microsoft Teams can drive employee engagement in any sector: Targeted communication . There, leaders can invite others to begin collaborating for the broadcast, including members of the Microsoft Teams product group and any Champions who will have a speaking role during the meeting. Figure 3 outlines how the MCB team initiates event coordination. With these capabilities, producers can: Microsoft 365 now provides users an array of options, depending on their event type and production budget. In this format, the MCB team can greatly increase the shelf life and consumption of content beyond the live broadcast. Learn the tips and tricks for making your portal performant. Build communities that connect experts with Yammer and SharePoint. Understand what impacts performance for your end users when the portal home page loads and what actions should be taken to optimize the experience for them. Read reviews, buyer's guides, and product information to find the best fit. According to a 2017 Gallup report, “only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. They care. engagement and motivation. The road to successful engagement starts with increasing employee awareness around the company’s environmental commitments and progress. Know your values. Senior managers and executives are more likely to be engaged than entry-level The result is an informed and more connected workforce that feels deeply engaged with their corporate environment and included in company initiatives. A service to facilitate pre-event registration capabilities. Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Upgrade, Cortana, your personal productivity assistant, Click here for more information Figure 1. That’s right, free. Work together with features like chat, file sharing, and video calling. need to focus on understanding which key working conditions drive employee From small-team webcasts to all-hands meetings involving thousands of attendees, the solution increases the size and types of events that Microsoft employees can host, and improves employee engagement across organizational and geographical boundaries. Get the most of working with lists and files directly inside Microsoft Teams. UN Business and Human Rights Forum, Day 2: What’s New in Mandatory Human Rights ’Due Diligence’ Law. Create a communications cadence. Due to Microsoft 365’s support of event video-streaming and desktop-sharing, the Worldwide Learning Studios team naturally transitioned to Microsoft Teams for its webinar support services. That could include working evenings and weekends and responding to messages on a mobile device, even during social activities. People wanted a voice, and they wanted to feel connected… Yammer allowed us to not only connect our teams all across Australia, but it helped us give them the voice that they wanted.”.

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