microsoft teams known issues today

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@Vonster @MicrosoftTeams What’s not working exactly? @PlumbumDN @MicrosoftTeams Thank you! @RobinD100 @MiamiSup @MDCPS @MicrosoftTeams is not working. SfB meetings content sharing does not show full screen. Never had this issue on Catalina. @n_silva @MicrosoftTeams I should have phrased it better. I've checked on @MSFT365Status and can't se…, @ElaineTopham View your Microsoft 365 Service health . You can follow these steps to allow Teams; if you are blocked from the process, you may need to contact your system administrator or IT help desk for further assistance. . what's wrong with assignment tab right now? Microsoft Teams completes the whole circle for those invested heavily in Microsoft's software-services ecosystem. Help! The community supports pretty quick and I think the time zone tip or updating the operating system might be the issue in this case. @HussainNAbbasi @Outlook @MicrosoftTeams When I was working for a different company I had a separate private phone number on the same phone. @SmilingDoubleD @stroker @drmikefraser Pls try to fix it. Ideas? ❤️. If you’re the administrator in charge of Teams and need additional help, you should instead refer to Microsoft’s support documentation. First, ensure that the recipient’s status is set to Available, or another active state. It’s a more secure and reliable way to sign in to Microsoft Teams. Open the Teams app and try to use it once more. Has anyone else had similar issues? @Splat_That_Game Microsoft 365 Service health status There are currently no known issues preventing you from signing in to your Office 365 service health dashboard. I physically cannot speak to someone #MicrosoftTeams to sort out a log in problem with my #Xbox one s and #outlook accounts for DAYS NOW. In the last couple days for some reason, across multiple networks and end-users, Teams seems to be hanging/freezing for a few seconds, doesn't accept mouse clicks or typing, then it releases after 3-5 seconds. @MicrosoftTeams Please work out performance issues on Mac , RT @d3moilija: #ShoutOut to all #valodevelopers working with #SharePoint, #MicrosoftTeams, #Microsoft365, #PowerPlatform, etc. But maybe that’s something for you. My daughter has been logged off from her computer and can get in. Help! To alter permissions on Windows 10, click the Windows Search Bar then type in Webcam. RT @ElaineTopham: Is anyone else having issues signing into #MicrosoftTeams on Android phones? @john_moore @ucblogmx @MicrosoftTeams Looks like this fix may have broken NDI in Live Events as they don't have the same menu options. Any thoughts or ideas? So I just updated my @Apple iOS to #BigSur and now my @MicrosoftTeams, @googlechrome and many other crucial apps are no longer working. @Vonster @MicrosoftTeams @MicrosoftHelps @scottperezfox Oh it’s def a login issue. Thanks! To restart Teams on Windows 10, look for the Teams icon (a small purple icon of two people) in the taskbar in the lower-right of your screen — you may need to click a little arrow to expand the taskbar. I've had some reports from users of disconnects and poor quality around 3 pm CST. You'll also find information on how to identify and fix errors you may experience when using Microsoft Teams. totally broken since couple of hours. @MicrosoftTeams I need help; my account got hacked. I've checked on @MSFT365Status and can't see anything, but we have a few staff started to complain about this issue #MicrosoftTeams. Also hope you are well my friend, its been too long. Everything is working fine and been like this for several hours. There's always writing notes down on paper and holding it up to a webcam as a last resort if all else fails! Also hope you are well my friend, its been too long. @shahxaib_kaxmi Try to sign in again with the correct email/ password combination. Lots of users can't connect and just times out when they click the Teams icon. Now you have broken the shortcuts. Can you fix this? Facebook #DAD #MicrosoftTeams, @SaousanChehade Loving it!!!!!! Works fine with teams web app (using chrome). Thank you!!!!!! @hot33331 Well should, right? @MicrosoftTeams why can't I log in to Teams?? Daily problems with basic functionality that were never issues with Zoom. From here, select Security and Privacy, then Camera — you may need to click the lock icon to make changes here. Step 5: Under Third-Party Cookies, choose Accept. (If you’ve ever heard the term “single sign-on ” or “SSO”, that’s what we’re talking about here.) Manage appointments, plans, budgets — it’s easy with Microsoft 365.​. @MicrosoftTeams Is the laptop app down? I'm…, @MicrosoftRTweet This is a freaking mess. @jasonprine Microsoft reported issues with authentication for its cloud services at around 9.25pm UTC, meaning people were having issues logging into the online services Teams, Outlook and Office. Any thoughts or ideas? Or have G432 certified for teams. Mine doesn't launch, just hangs there. Let alone basic simple access for my team's with cognitive impairments, sensory issues or anxiety, @DavidGilbert43 I'm having the same issue with patient engagement here in Australia with @MicrosoftTeams struggling with having people locked out of features or logins with many authentications, breakout rooms were impossible and what's worse is microphones not working if they used zoom earlier, @AzureRory @MicrosoftTeams @MSPowerApps @MSPowerAutomate @MSPowerVirtual Hi Rory, having issues with the training, module 7-772-100, hadd as no sound, I’ve tried it on a few devices, @MicrosoftTeams Hi @MicrosoftTeams , I m a student from India using Microsoft Teams so for desktop app the calendar is not working in India for everyone each of my friend is facing problem ! Is it working for you ? You may receive one of the error codes listed below if you are entering the accurate information but are still being denied access. @fcoxx_91 @MicrosoftTeams What are you guys working on because it’s clearly not fixing a really broken team. Today's #automation fun; creating new users with @MicrosoftTeams for their enterprise voice using @Alemba Service Manager. @MicrosoftTeams I need help; my account got hacked. However, as of March 27, 2020, version 1809 is over 365 days old. In this year of remote working it's nice to finally have tech & an internet connection that can comfortably run RAM hungry @MicrosoftTeams & @Office365 desktop apps! But I find I spend a lot of time having to jump in and out of documents and between chats since I don’t have a tab view.

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