mighty mite jeep value

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Off Road Floater 800-865-9732 or Ron Alred 423-580-0472 have everything you need. I never tore my engine down, but a friend of mine had to rebuild his. You did real good! At minimum, I will replace the y pipe, seats, tires, windshield glass, and try to find a tailgate. I would drop a grand on that in 1 second. Thanks for any info. C $33.93; or Best Offer +C $13.58 shipping; From United States; Mighty Mite StageII Gas Chip for 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade Sport Utility 3.7L. Ron Alred is the executor of Sam Werner's estate. and this Mite. You'll never loose on that project. I will update once I get it home. Another that you will definitely see is this 1961 Jeep M422 Mighty Mite. Picked it up today. 1961 M422A1 Mighty Mite. M422 Mighty Mite Jeep Restoration Project. Was: Previous Price C $169.99. C $76.99. 11 0 0. Due to a rusted out exhaust y pipe, truck has been sitting for 6 years now. Oil is clear, no condensation on any internal part that can be accessed (dipstick, etc.) Weight: 1,700 pounds Size (LxWxH): 107” x 61” x 60” Max Speed: 62 mph Range: 225 miles Condition code Value (dollars — updated June 2020) 6 3,000 5 4,000 4 7,500 3 11,000 2 17,000 You might have to drop the oil pan. Either way, I may need to go through the engine. The more I tinker with it and learn about it, the more I want to do to it. 1961 M422A1 Military vehicle, aluminum body, 1963 CJ3 motor and transNO RESERVE. Any recommendations on where to look for parts?? I have a friend with a bore scope. Flattop - You are very blessed to have a nice Mite like that fall into your lap!! Will be looking for parts real soon... drivers side y pipe, tailgate, seats, tires, etc. If it doesn't look good, I will pull the engine. They may have dry rotted or just fallen apart due to age. M422 Mighty Mite, 65-inch wheelbase with the early thin windshield M422A1 Mighty Mite, 71-inch wheelbase To keep the weight down, the M422 became the first U.S. jeep … Thanks for the input. You should have bought it by now, and if not PM me the address and it'll be gone! Just from reading the Mighty Mite posts on here, I have learned a little bit and know that they are not too many around. Thanks for the input. Only about 1000 of the M422 were built in 1961, and about 1200 M422a1 (about 12 inches longer) were built in 1962. Ran across this M422A1 that was offered to me for $1000. He's a good guy to deal with. Ran across this M422A1 that was offered to me for $1000. This is one of the first M422A1's that rolled off the production line. This little jeep is about 2/3rds the size of a regular jeep, and being made of aluminum, it weighs about 1000 pounds. 1953 The Mighty Mite Jeep Marine Corps going up hill Press Photo. Thanks again. I have talked with several people. 1982 Jeep CJ 5 4x4 Fully Restored One Owner "$5,000 Below Restoration Cost" 1979 Jeep … possibly one of the first 10. Thanks! Mainly just get it drivable. Interestingly, this Mighty Mite may not have seen combat duty but instead been used for far more mundane tasks in the U.S. C $76.99. Thanks. Due to the response, I feel good about my new project. serial number 1356. Just from reading the Mighty Mite posts on here, I have learned a little bit and know that they are not too many around. Also, there are about 100 seals and gaskets in the engine. Any recommendations on where to look for parts?? 1988 JEEP COMANCHE PIONEER RUNS EXCELLENT "NO RESERVE" 1960 Jeep Mighty Mite. Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website like our supporting vendors. If you can, try to get your hands on a bore scope. Please talk to Mr. Alred before you fire up the Mite. Sure it will be a fun project. I will see if I can get my hands on it this weekend. Do not think that I will do a full restoration. Their ads help keep Steel Soldiers going. Ron might know how to check the plating without a bore scope. 1961 Jeep FJ3 "rockcrawler" Mail Van Step-Van. The cylinder walls are chrome plated over air cooled aluminum jugs. ODFever, Thanks for the heads up. Aired the tires up, scrubbed off the crud, and rolled it in the garage. Looks like a perfect candidate to preserve and save. I'd take it off your hands if you decide it's a poor investment. He told me it reminded him of a VW air cooled. The Mighty Mite was manufactured for the Marine Corps for use in the jungles of Vietnam. Going to attempt to go back and get it later today. You must log in or register to reply here. Looking for Mighty Mite info/value. Since the Mite has not been running and sat outside for such a long time, the chrome plating may have peeled off. It was built with an air cooled engine and has a four speed transmission. Either way, I will call Mr. Alred first. this would be number 7. 3 " Body Lift Great mudding vehicle. I mean, have a gander, it's right there. serial number 1356. is the earliest known A1 model in existence. This faded hood graphic indicates the compact Jeep was used for a “Geological Survey,” an expedition that would likely have appreciated the Mighty Mite’s robust off-road abilities and compact size for maneuvering through tight spaces. Even if everything looks good, I am sure it will leak since it has been sitting so long.

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