milwaukee barrel grip jigsaw vs top handle

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Bosch 6 amp Variable Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw (151) $79. I also have an oscillating tool for hard to reach places. The main area I detect a difference is in the quality of the machine. Just more convenient not to have to change bits when you have hundreds of screws to pre-drill, countersink and drive. Extremely narrow curf, cheap to replace the blade. I won't be doing anything upside down and rarely intricate cuts. Mostly straight lines, possibly curves. I can't comment on most new tools, pretty much all are over 5 yrs, many are 10 or more and nearly half are 20 + yrs old. Upload or insert images from URL. I am considering owning a Jigsaw for around the house, weekend warrior type work (no woodworking, yet) and want a good Jigsaw that will not only last but be smooth to operate (easy to handle after practice). I pretty much never cut upside down, so that argument won’t work for me. Copyright©2015 A.D. (Anno Domini, Latin for "in the year of our Lord") e.g., historical FACT! You are here:   Your link has been automatically embedded. ill have to give it a try next time i use my jigsaw, Yeah I just searched for it too and didn't find much. I was faced with the same decision and the barrel grip seemed to work better for me. This power tool is simply one of the top models on the market today. Really great work Phil. Mark E. I also use square head screws to maximize grip and I like them better than the others. You should get one of the JS572 saws off the prize list John, it’s a beauty of a saw and then you’d have a barrel grip. When considering a power tool purchase how often do you visit the manufacturer's website before making a purchase? I went back to the handle until I got the barrel on the list here. Clear editor. i bought the JS572EB (or better to say JS572EBL with the L-Boxx) and i love it. When I get my next jigsaw I am going to go with the barrel grip and see how I like it. I think in N. America Top Handle or D-Handle jigsaws are more popular. I use the top handle most of the time, I have tried out the barrel grip but not enough to get used to it. I’ve used a barrel grip twice, and both times it was awkward because I didn’t use it long enough to get used to the difference. you have way more control of a barrel grip when you do curved cuts. It is the same principle as cutting with a table mounted jigsaw. Jigsaws with a top handle are the most common type. And why? you pay what you get for - dont go cheap. This would have been the week that I'd have finished chewing thru the restraints... analog, I have the Bosch JS470EB barrel grip and love it. 99 / each. Hi Tyler and welcome to the forum. Interesting. A Working Pro since 1993 00 / each. Out of Stock Online . Barrel Grip vs Top Handle Jigsaw. I am considering owning a Jigsaw for around the house, weekend warrior type work (no woodworking, yet) and want a good Jigsaw that will not only last but be smooth to operate (easy to handle after practice). See Store Availability. You can post now and register later. Some Home Depots offer the opportuntiy to try a cut or two inhouse. Free Shipping . Yeah, I feel I have more control with a handle. I still have an old Bosch 1584vs, bought it in 94 when the Mak's plunger rod thing shot out the body. I equate it to riding a horse bareback or with the saddle. This is probably a stupid question but what and why would you need to cut upside down ? i really dont like top handle jigsaws. I recently used the corded/cordless combination to have someone build shelves in the garage next door (my duplex) per my specs (I am disabled). I generally like Bosch because so far, every Bosch tool has performed far beyond my hopes. Our top choice for best jigsaw of 2020 is the Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw. A good shop might also allow a return after minimal use. All that said, I am a weekend warrior and mostly use the jigsaw for chores and repairs around the house. Having used barrel and top handle models I can honestly say I have no preference between them. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Some models have a barrel grip, where you hold the outside of the motor. But when the screwing requires it (2-1/2 or 3" screws or larger) I prefer the corded drill. I would have to control it with my hand where the handle grip I can use my arm as well. They were on sale this morning at a couple of stores and are usually that low price on Amazon. However, I would also suggest you consider one of the battery operated models. analog_gamer, Is it justifiable as my first Jigsaw for the difference in price? It would be really good if you could find one to try first. A forum community dedicated to router and woodworking professionals and enthusiasts. So the built-in-obsolescence you talk about is just natural life span to others. I never thought of the variable speed on the trigger. Looking at either the Bosch JS470EB (7amp) or the Bosch JS365 (6amp). All well taken points. i owned the JS365 for about 1 month and ended up sending it back. A few of us got together a couple of years ago and did a very unscientific review of both the top handle Bosch and the barrel type Bosch jigsaws. So, as a more casual user and this being my first Jigsaw, I might go with the top handle Bosch and save my $50. However, this barrel grip jigsaw should most appropriately be understood as a “great for most uses saw.” It's not ideal for some of the extreme sawing circumstances. for drilling, countersinking and screwing w/o the need to change bits. I went with the higher class jigsaw because of the precision control, that i dont have to sand so much. I also like the corded power tools for the torque. There are two types of jigsaw grips. View Details. The limitation on hardwood is a direct result of its maximum spm of 3,100. On the Carvex there is an idle mode where the blade runs slow to allow you to start your cut and then it ramps up to full speed once it enters the wood. Add To Cart. Member since 12/07/2013, I think you’ll find most people here prefer the barrel grip, I haven’t used mine yet but I’ve always had the top handle, The barrel grip feels a little awkward to me but hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised when I try it out.   Pasted as rich text. Maybe look for upside down cutting on youtube.. never really heard anything about upside down cutting with a jigsaw. This jigsaw offers the quality you'd expect from Milwaukee tools with a price that's just as appealing. If I don't have an immediate cutting solution, then I turn to my jigsaw. Powered by Invision Community. top handles offer better trigger control because they have an actual variable speed trigger.. barrel grips are either on or off with a switch. Regardless, the only thing stopping me is a $50 price difference between the two. I've had Skill, Makita and Bosch jigsaws I've had both styles, I prefer the barrel, it just feels better in hand. He is someone who is able to cover them up so that no one can tell. The hybrid grip handle design combines the best features from both top handle and barrel grip jig saws to provide superior cut control during curved cutting applications. Before I was disabled however, I used this combo myself to save time. a big benifit of barrel grips is cutting upside down which is where you hold the saw under the workpiece and that let's you only see the blade coming through the workpiece.. this cuts down on dust on you cut line and increases visibility. Scot definitely nailed it again – using the barrel grip to cut upside down (to see blade better, but also to help with ripout) is about the biggest argument in favor of the barrel grip. Tight spaced repair work I'll leave to my Fein oscillating. What is it that you like better with the top handle grip? <--. The barrel grip is more popular across the pond since many users there cut with the saw upside down – this gives a good view of the blade and the barrel is easier to grasp. If you are a contractor it's easier to justify cordless. Chad   Your previous content has been restored. I never thought about the control for variable speed on a barrel grip. DEWALT 5.5 Amp Compact Jig Saw (417) $129. Straight lines and a few curves. I do have a 110 v jigsaw (not Bosch) but it is no better at cutting than the DeWalt. I used one for years but since trying a barrel grip, I like it a lot — much more control and closer to the work. The JS470EB is a barrel grip while the JS365 is a top handle model. i have a top handle.. i like the top handle style because of the trigger which allows for variable speed. I have not had a chance to use my new Barell Grip but am looking forward to it. Is it that you feel you have better control? I believe I would enjoy using the barrel grip better (no stores near by to tell) due to handling thanks to lower center of gravity and natural placement of hand.

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