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2-4 Player online versus mode, now with teams Endless Arcade mode in four difficulties; 4 1/2 voiced and varied characters Athena Co. Ltd. ported it to the Game Boy and the PlayStation that same year. Updated to v4 (Teamplay) Features. The coins in the USA & European versions are generic looking coins featuring values of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 & 500. Money Puzzle Exchanger is a … Handling money has never been so much fun! This incredibly original puzzle game lets you take control of hilariously designed characters in a cute Japanese superhero theme and boggle your mind with a puzzle system reminiscent of the Magical Drop games but with a tricky-to-master coin handling twist. It is the use of coins that makes Money Puzzle Exchanger so tricky.Money appears in 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 denominations. Produced for 9-Jam and Cirno Day, this is a Touhou remake of Money Puzzle/Idol Exchangers, a 1997 arcade game by Face. Annybanibaska! This game runs on the Neo-Geo MVS and was never released on the Neo-Geo AES home console. If you're a great writer, we'd love to host your ACA NeoGeo: Money Puzzle Exchanger review on this page. Money Idol Exchanger was released in January 1997 in Japan. Thanks for your support, and we hope you'll let … Beki! Money Idol Exchanger (also known as Money Puzzle Exchanger in the US) is a puzzle game created in 1997 by Japanese video game developer Face for the Neo Geo MVS arcade system. Exchange! It boasts very similar gameplay to that of the Magical Drop series, to the extent that Data East sued Face for copyright infringement.. Gameplay Edit. Money Puzzle Exhanger (alternately known as Money Idol Exchanger), is a coin swapping puzzle game by Face for both the arcade and the Neo Geo home system (it was released in 1997).Cute little anime girls and lots of engrish make this a little different from the average puzzle game (but not much different).. Gameplay. At HonestGamers, we love reader reviews. Money Puzzle Exchanger, released in Japan as Money Idol Exchanger (マネーアイドルエクスチェンジャー) is a puzzle game developed by Face in 1997 for SNK's Neo Geo arcade hardware. Money Puzzle Exchanger is a puzzle game created in January 17, 1997 by Japanese video game developer Face for the Neo Geo MVS arcade system. It's Face's last video game. You need to combine five 1s to … The Japanese PlayStation version was made available by MonkeyPaw Games on the PlayStation Network's import store on November 16, … This game is known outside Japan as Money Puzzle Exchanger.

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