most expensive shure microphone

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As with all Shure microphones, it has a rugged construction and is well built. This wide motion range makes setting the grille up so that the condenser capsule is clearly receiving your voice convenient. I can bet that you’ve seen a Shure mic at least once in your life. The ShureMV88+ is the most expensive microphone on review. The cables that connect to your phone are short. It can be bright and clean or muddy and dark to add character and authenticity to your recordings. Lack of DSP means you’re getting the original, “raw” signal, while its cardioid polar pattern ensures only your voice gets recorded. It’s built to last, simple to use, and sure to elevate your on-the-go recording quality dramatically. The smartLav+ works with any sound recording app to markedly improve your smartphone’s input quality. That mic on your favorite guitar player’s amp…probably an SM57 as well. The body and grille are made from aluminum with an attractive red leather strip that houses the Blue logo and an indicator LED. Do your research before buying the Raspberry if you’re an iPhone user as it has trouble connecting to some models. It will also pick up sounds coming directly from the back, so you can interview someone while monitoring your phone’s screen. The Super 55 is a sturdy, eye-catching dynamic microphone built for a lifetime on stage. There’s no Lightning or USB-C version of the microphone, yet that would address this. The shock mount plays a large part in this as it reduces handling noise, allowing you to pick the phone up and adjust the SmartMic’s position without the associated thuds. It goes for about $1,000 new, but I got mine for around $600 used. You get cables for Android and iPhone alike. They might be smaller than their camera and desktop counterparts, but mobile mics bring superior audio quality to your podcasts, interviews, and lecture recordings. While this might sound restrictive, it’s a clever move by Saramonic to eliminate unwelcome noise at either frequency extreme. On the one hand, the cardioid capsule hones in on sounds in front of it while excluding everything else. This is an intentional decision since Shure assumes you’ll be attaching your phone to the tripod. The Shure Super 55, known affectionately as the ‘Elvismic’ on account of its most famous user, proves microphones don’t need to be dull. The cables that connect to your phone are short. Rode normally covers the smartLav+ with a 1-year warranty but will not honor it if you purchase the mic through certain online retailers. Manfrotto’s mount accounts for much of its cost, so get the non-plus version if you have an iPhone and don’t use a case as audio quality is the same. Blue’s Raspberry brings the company’s trademark retro look and top-notch sound quality into the mobile space. hehhehhehheh and by God its a Shure!!! You can go to conventions, lectures, and other events and record your voice and the ambient sounds thanks to the smartLav+’s omnidirectional capsule. Long hailed as the “ World’s Most Versatile Mic “… The Shure SM57 has been the staple of both stage and studio for longer than most of us have been alive. You set it up so that your or a guest’s voice can be heard clearly and can forget about it afterward. Expect less interference from rumbling trains or planes and no hissing as a result. This is easy to fix by purchasing an adapter, though. The MV5 resembles a cross between a ball and an old-school microphone thanks to its spherical shape and pronounced plastic grille. Apple has abandoned 3.5mm jacks, and some Android phone manufacturers have either followed in its footsteps or plan to do so in the future.

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