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Grenada island disposes of a mountainous relief of volcanic origin, with a peak rising 2755 ft, the Saint-Catherine mount, an extinct volcano. Kim guided us on a walk through the plantation up to the original 18th century iron bridge, stopping at different trees on the way to tell us more about how the cocoa and other spice trees are grown in a mixed planting approach. If travelling independently, you should ring or email in advance to check what tours are happening or whether they can be arranged for the day of your visit. The same wheel has been used to crush the sugar cane for 200 years, making this the oldest functioning water-propelled distillery not only in Grenada, but throughout the Caribbean. Because of the steep and more challenging nature of the trail, I would not want to walk this one alone but would either go with a group or a guide. There are various walks and tours offered at the plantation, which would be suitable for those who want a short stroll with plenty of cultural and culinary interest, rather than those looking for a longer hike. As you might have realised, there is some low level volcanic activity on Grenada and the Kick ’em Jenny submarine volcano in the sea to the north of Grenada also rumbles occasionally. Grenada is situated to the northeast of Venezuela; to the northwest of Trinidad and Tobago; and to the southwest of Saint Vincent and Grenadines. Also on offer are some more unusual tours such as a rum tour, honey tour or a bus and hiking tour where you can get to know the locals. The northern and central parts of Grenada are the place to explore its … Grenada Chocolate company walk to plantation house. The food is excellent at Petite Anse and most of the fruit and vegetables are grown in the hotel’s own gardens or by small local farmers that they work with. Its summit in St. Mark's, Victoria is one of the highlights of the Mount St. Catherine Forest Reserve. I love to combine hiking with some tasting of the local specialities, although perhaps any rum tasting is best left until the end of your hike! There are twice weekly flights with both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic from London Gatwick airport. @Stuart definitely a fantastic destination to visit, very unspoiled, Heather Grenada may have its share of white sand beaches, but this Island of Spice also offers a more adventurous side for those looking to connect with the wild beauty of the Caribbean. Mount Nelson. Our day at Mount Edgecombe Estate included a chocolate tasting as part of Grenada Chocolate Fest, but when the hotel is not booked for a private group, you can visit for Sunday lunch on the terrace overlooking the green hillside and the ocean. Its land rises from a narrow, coastal plain into areas of dormant volcanic ridges and valleys. If you make this walk, it is easily combined with an informal tour of the Grenada Chocolate Company factory and a visit to their air conditioned shop to buy some of their chocolate and bonbons. Hi, I'm Heather, an award winning travel blogger based in Bristol, UK. Pleistocene—2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago), revealed by voluminous pyroclastic-flow deposits extending northwest of the summit, this type of volcanic activity is now considered unlikely to occur in the near future. Mount Plaisir. It’s been too long. As observed on the map, the island of Grenada itself is more mountainous than the others and are covered by dense forest. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Read more. We reached it by following a stony track with views over the forest covered hillside, then a short hike to the waterfall. Covering a total area of only 344 sq. km, Grenada is one of the smallest independent nations in the Western hemisphere; and is famously known as the ‘Island of Spice’. While visiting for the Grenada Chocolate Fest event, we took a walk through the plantation in Hermitage to an abandoned Great House, that had fallen to ruin and seemed to be lost in time. If you are travelling independently, you can join one of Simon’s regular hikes on certain days of the week, such as coastal, mountain and waterfall hikes, from $130US per person. You may also enjoy: Hiking in Aruba: Exploring Arikok National Park. Adults $58. The local sugar cane is crushed to release the juice and a short railway track moves the carts of bagasse (the waste crushed cane) to be dumped in a huge heap. The plantation dates back to the 18th century and is family run, with cocoa replacing nutmeg in recent years as the main agricultural crop, following Huricane Ivan that destroyed so many of the nutmeg trees. There’s an all day menu of salads, sandwiches and snacks and a more formal dinner menu with seafood and international dishes that nod to the local flavours and cuisine. Local buses are inexpensive, cover most of the main routes and are a great way to experience local life. Heather is an award winning travel blogger based in Bristol, UK. Our walk brought us to a beautiful old stone house, the former Great House of the plantation house where the owner or manager would have lived at the heart of the estate. The volcano is considered dormant because it has likely not erupted since the last Ice Age [1]. To be honest I’m not really sure where this waterfall was, other than that it was in the north of the island where the terrain of Grenada is wilder than the south. Sadly this one had been destroyed by a combination of house fire and firepower during the American intervention on Grenada in 1983. The Great House would typically be built at the highest point of a plantation, where the owner could get a good view over what was happening in the fields. If your time is limited I’d recommend that you go as part of a group tour, drive with a hire car or hire an expert hiking guide like Simon who can take you to this and other hiking locations in one day. There are petroglyph carvings on large boulders in other parts of Grenada, but it was unusual to see so many unique carvings lying casually beside the path like this. The plantation has recently started their own small chocolate factory, with a shop where you can taste and purchase the different varieties of chocolate produced on the estate. The above outline map represents Grenada, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. In the north of the island there are a few places where the activity is manifested in hot springs and a warm sulphur waterfall that my guide Simon of Hidden Treasures took me to on one of the hikes. Thanks for the wonderful description. At this particular spot, we found a group of locals who had hiked to the waterfall and were setting up a pot to make a picnic lunch over an open fire. The distillery was started in 1785 and as you walk around it seems that not much has changed in the production methods. This hike is included in many island tours, since the waterfalls are located only 40 minutes drive from the island capital of St George’s. Belmont Estate Grenada Website | Facebook | Twitter @BelmontEstates | Directions | Email, I visited The Belmont Estate Tree as part of the Grenada Chocolate Fest, where a Bean to Bar tour of the estate, chocolate themed lunch, tour and tasting of Belmont’s new chocolate factory and shop was offered. Read on for my adventures in Grenada, from mountain hikes, waterfalls and hot sulphur springs, to easy plantations walks that combine a gentle stroll with chocolate tasting and beautiful scenery.

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