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Our playgroup has banned these for play, and acknowledged if we had to use them for keeping up with some new set that required them, we'd use proxies until Wizards produces a widely available product hopefully not based on a TV show. This is where I feel the bottom is on this product, but I actually believe it will be worth more. This would solve the problems with them legal in Vintage formats and would also allow Commander play groups to decide on their own if they allow Red bordered cards in their own play group. Banning the cards until functional reprints are available doesn’t do much either. However, the RC of its own accord can’t solve that problem. In 1994, they did the Atlanta “DragonCon” hand outs vouchers for the Nalathni Dragon. With far more real world issues at stake, including real health issues some of you are living currently, I understand there are problems that really matter. We understand that this won’t sit well with some folks; we have spent a lot of the last few days listening to a wide variety of opinions, and we want to thank everyone for taking the time to share their thoughts. Haven't played MTG in over 20 years, but i have loved and collected TWD merch and comics. This is the breach of a promise. I agree with the rules committee. “Negan sees nothing wrong with the fact that he coerced Sherry into becoming his “wife” and sleeping with him after he had just chased her down, threatened to kill her husband Dwight, and still assaulted him with a hot iron. This product doesn’t seem like it’s purpose is to get Walking Dead fans interested in Magic, it seems like it’s purpose is to allow Hasbro to sell six pieces of cardboard directly to consumers for $50. What happens to some poor player who wants to play their Crusade in a stupid anthem tribal deck? We will use this as an opportunity to remind each other to respect other players’ boundaries. They probably know more about what’s best for the game than I do. Commander is the most popular format by far, and if you can’t enforce some order over them, this game will die. I am, however, very uncomfortable with Secret Lair becoming an outlet for Wizards to sell unique cards. You can play a card with that guy’s face on it. This is generally considered cEDH, and if there had to be any bans because of availability, this would be the arena. 3. They could stick to the regular versions of the same cards instead. The drop will reveal all but one of the cards in the following weeks, and that last card is being saved for a special reveal that players will have to discover for themselves. My final, and perhaps most important point, as these aren’t un-cards and this was my first thought when I heard of the Secret Lair: How in the world did these characters make it to the world of Magic: the Gathering? But by not doing the right thing, you are serving EDH up to WotC on a platter anyway. Though honestly I am FAR more excited for the upcoming D&D crossover!!! I took the bait, and I bought them. Armed with a passion for television and movies, he works as a news/features writer at Comic Book Resources. As low as But in recent times either they have been Silver Bordered (dinobots, my little pony) or re-skins (Godzilla). if so how many? No? 2. invest in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss. How Wizards is disrespecting the fan bases ability express their concerns and instead thinking first of their bottomline and second about the overall health of the product they put forth. I really don’t get why this is allowed. I hate that we sound like crying children, but I truly feel like this decision has only justified Wizards blatant cash grab. I’m not at all happy about this new product, but I appreciate the hard work of the RC in navigating these controversies with grace and wisdom. It might not have happened that way, but we don’t know and we can’t know. But it was those brightly colored monsters from there last set that originally drew me in, so it's not my twd fandom that caught the algorithm. The cards included in this very special Secret Lair drop will be completely new to Magic, depicting the iconic characters of the long-running and critically acclaimed TV series.These are …

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