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There were less expensive software programs, however, I chose ConsignPro because of the quick  and honest response I received. Dollar for dollar, I don't think you can find a more comprehensive software program to track inventory and sales....As far as the software keeping track of your inventory, it most definitely will accomplish this for you as we use it to inventory all sorts of merchandise including clothing, artwork, furniture, etc. It's that simple! Ability and willingness to adapt/make adjustments quickly and easily to provide me with what I needed. The manual was very easy to read and apply. The Gypsy Trader now uses ConsignPro and loves it. Brian has always been there to help me out with any problems that I have had! If you are a consignor, do not use this form, please contact your store directly! This site will show you what your items have been priced at, as well as allow you to keep track of your cash earned. I have used Liberty for DOS since 1993, the program itself is fine-it's the customer support and the people behind the program that are the problem! I bought the Gypsy Trader this past summer so I’m new to the whole business. I was tracking everything manually which was tedious, time-consuming and subject to human error. So I called all the other people AGAIN! What I like most is the accuracy of the system. The customer service provided by Brian has been exemplary. We bought our software about 3 years ago when ConsignPro was just getting started and as our store has grown and we have wanted additional features in the software - ConsignPro has always been one step ahead of us in updating the software. Thank you ConsignPro, From your biggest FAN! VHS has been proudly serving resale shop owners for over ten years. Their knowledge and support make any problems you have go away fast. We re-booted and 'voila' I'm back in business. I say Thank-you. Maybe a new button like "View my account" or "Account Login". Log into My Resale Web at anytime to watch as we sell your items! Sara, Tom & Alyson are terrific and have been very supportive and answered many a question. All inventory was entered into ConsignPro and within two days we were ready to rock 'n roll. I didn't even have to read the help file to start working in it. We had left unlocking the computer until after hour on Friday and we had left several msgs. When I contacted you at first, I was uncertain about what software program I really wanted. Brian at ConsignPro not only has provided immediate help but has offered and has written changes to the program specifically for me. Customer support is great. I love the Zebra printer too. Just about everything concerning sales, inventory and consignors are immediately available. Cutie Patutie's could not be the successful, growing store it is today without the help of your software. I also spoke ot other consignees about their software and all agreed that ConsignPro was their favorite it is mine. I did have to call support to help get the Zebra printer set up, but she was wonderful and helped me upgrade and change a few settings!! Clothing Exchange. I have zero regrets on this purchase, the best purchase ever made,  prior to purchasing I was a bit nervous but looking back it was foolish of me to worry!! ConsignPro was the very first consignment store-specific software program that I demoed. Log into My Resale Web at anytime to watch as we sell your items! We are uniquely located in a historical building which was once home to a Kitchener shoe factory. Your software allows us to give our customers what they want most, and that's to feel important. It is very easy to use and is constantly being upgraded in response to all the input Brian receives from his customers. - Under Consignor Login fill out the following; -State: MO or KS -Store: My Best Friends Closet -ID (this is your consignor number) Brought to you by ConsignPro Software. We should of done the scanning years ago!! We have been very happy with its' ease of use, fully-featured applications and our tech phone support with Allison, in particular. I talked with Brian Wilson with ConsignPro and he willing gave me numbers and locations of other users of consignPro. I've implemented several new programs for my husband's business and even one designed specifically for his industry, and I've never had the friendly, competent help that you have given so freely. It didn't take long at all and I was entering consignors and consignor items. I'm glad to see you will be giving us an alternative to [that other resale website]. Sign-up for MyResaleWeb under "Web Services". Ability to convert data from my old software. When the time came to upgrade recently I decided to compare other software programs for features, and just as important to me, friendly support. I'm a huge fan and I have told other Consignment store about this program and how much it does for you and your business. I would highly recommend consignPro before ever dreaming of opening a consignment shop. I can only say good things about Brian Wilson. It's the best on the market and being able to get the technical support anytime is great. MY RESALE WEB Track Your Sales. Just had to say how much I love ConsignPro!!! Lots of patience for all of the questions and unending explanations that I asked for. I haven't had to call them for help except for 4 or 5 times but I was given immediate attention in a most friendly manner. Leigh Ann, you will get as many recommendations for software as there are software companies. My phone calls are returned quickly and I've never had a question they couldn't answer or a problem they couldn't fix on the spot. floor. WE were previous SIMS users for many years and they went out of business, so we had NO support. Once you are ready to cash out, contact for e-transfer or cash pick-up. We will contact you and help you configure ConsignPro to use MyResaleWeb. It is also very easy to transfer our checks into Quickbooks for the bookkeeping part of our business. You always answered our questions right away, even when I had to call you about my printer 4 times in one afternoon. MyResaleWeb. Hi, I have two stores. We had already used up our demo space. You will use the 'Consignor Login.' THANKS for your awesome customer service and your enthusiasm! Fern, It's about time that I tell everyone how outrageously wonderful you and your software are. We sincerely hope this new service will benefit store owners and look forward to bringing you the very best in consignment shop software! This site will show you what your items have been priced at, as well as allow you to keep track of your cash earned. Consigners receive 50% of total sales. We're pleased to offer ConsignPro customers online account access for your consignors through a new website we've created, And, again, all your help is greatly appreciated. I just had to call support and someone always called me right back. I opened my consignment shop in December after resigning as General Manager of a hotel in my area. Thank you for your continued support and constant improvements and updates to this software!!! - Under "Consignor Login" fill out the following; -State: MO -Store: Clothing Consignment Exchange -ID: (your consignor number) -Last Name: (your last name and consignor number must match up)-Click "Lookup"-This page will show you your account balance. I like features of both; however, when it gets down to the nitty gritty, it is service and response that really matters. I want to thank you for everything, you have made running my thrift shop so easy. I would think that this gives Brian some real insight into the workings of a consignment store. Hi Brian, I just want you to know how pleased I am with your program.

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