north lakes golf course redevelopment

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The golf course is due to close at the end of the year and the current owners have entered into an arrangement to sell the entire site to The Village Retirement Group (VRG). That could be parklands, community gardens, cycling and cross country facilities, sports fields and educational opportunities but the project team is open to feedback on what you think might be a good fit. Some residents commenting on Facebook raised potential issues such as who would pay for the development in the common, and who will pay for its ongoing maintenance? Kangaroos, Koalas, Possums, Echidnas & many other species of animals rely on the Golf Course & it's beautiful bushes as their last chance of survival. endobj What about jobs in the future if the proposal goes ahead? If we had been in a position to close it sooner, we would have. The remaining land area will see 200 low-rise independent living units and a three-storey 100-bed aged-care facility on the site. Another petition has been submitted to the State Government. VRG may not stop at 15%. /Type/Page /Resources However, the golf course, practice facilities, restaurant, and function space will continue to operate until then. Within these two defined uses, there are many forms of activities that are permitted to occur without any further approval from the council, such as outdoor recreation including sports activities, riding schools, open-air recreation including organised sporting activities of educational institutions, kiosks, band stands, outdoor amphitheatres, picnic areas and the various requirements to support these uses such as car parking areas, structures and paths. “I trust that these discussions continue to proceed in good faith, guided by the barrister.”, 96five Family Radio is proudly supported by. >> log in. Arguably one of Queensland’s best championship golf courses, it is without doubt one of the most beautiful places to play golf in Brisbane. >> << Currently, the petition has already gathered 3,265 signatures and aims to reach at least 10,000 signatures. What will be the impact on traffic in the area? /Length 492 << If the proposal is successful The Village Retirement Group aged-care facility will generate 75  jobs during construction, with at least 100 jobs created for the operation of the facility. Planting the correct species, appropriate management and the use of buffer zones will minimise the risk of bush fires. The local community is particularly concerned about the implications of the development on the environment. These contributions were made and declared by TVRG in accordance with the relevant legislation at the time of the donation. We will fence it and keep it mown, but not to the standard of a golf course. H��W[k�6�+z.�#ɒ,ò`;9����[)��=�B�pR�߯4��F�v�ۄL��4�o����_��#�LJ��w�B��i}܄x�~���%,�?����x�6,��"&-&3(-�Uè�f'��.�����_�P��%�K)Gq~�7=����(^&9x'����?� %���ᙤ4ks:�a The North Lakes Common concept is a win for the whole community – a great opportunity. It becomes private property. On the other hand, Matt Constance, Councillor – Division 10 Moreton Bay Regional Council have shared helpful information on what the community can do if a development application is lodged. /Rotate 0 ��(�M��W2Gm�6@�=9�!���s���u��� �0,���o0F��M����ǨdЄS�����i�=����#o�\5S��m�&n��0��/�l ��ݵ��Fp�g8?���G� �� “Everyone said you’ve got to consider North Lakes. In a letter sent by Gavin Kirkman CEO of PGA of Australia to the group, he said, “the PGA of Australia certainly feels there is a place for the course to remain a pillar in the community …”, “Our PGA Professionals are more than qualified to manage facilities, as well as coach and service the game to ensure the North Lakes Golf Course can remain sustainable well into the future.”. The proposal can provide a range of water quality improvements and improved fauna habitat. The latter petition states that residents do not support any change in use of the North Lakes Golf Course. The closure of North Lakes Resort Golf Club on 11 August 2019 provides an opportunity to create North Lakes Common - 57 hectares of open space in the heart of the community. /ExtGState The most southern section of the golf course, Area 5, would be for “active recreation, swimming, fitness and sport.”. /S/Transparency We believe the North Lakes Common can be an asset for the whole community for the long-term.

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