nutanix cvm stuck in maintenance mode

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At the Point with the Install Options we choose the option „Repair Host (All data preserved)“ a few minutes later our new AHV are finish and the „old“ CVM is running and after a check all hosts are not longer in the maintenance mode and uptodate. Final Step : Now check Nutanix cluster status and running services. Nutanix cluster / CVM runs hundreds of services to run and maintain the cluster, but what will happen when Nutanix cluster / CVMs services goes down. after the CVM is stopped we change the USB-Stick and starting the install process from Nutanix CE. Most of the time for host \ node level maintenance activity, we can take one (or) two host at a time based on Resiliency Factor (RF) set. OR Step 4.2 : You can put your host in maintenance mode and then reboot node, Read more: Enable Nutanix CVM, AHV Maintenance mode, Read more: How to Shutdown / Reboot Nutanix AHV Host and Nutanix CVM. Resolution: check the Nutanix CVM / Cluster services status and restart them. Resolution : To resolve the Unreachable DNS server can prevent 2 node clusters from starting services after failure – check the DNS / Name server entry in CVM configuration file and check connectivity. Nutanix support was able to help me. Thanks to being with HyperHCI Tech Blog to stay tuned and keep learning till last breath. Once the Cluster came down, Nutanix provided datastores mounted on ESXi host will go inaccessible. Resolution: To resolve SSP: Enabling Self-Service Portal Services – Need to enable the SSP service on all Nutanix CVM. In general, we will not be in a scenario very often to bring down Nutanix Cluster. If the node is in maintenance mode, log on to the Controller VM and take the node out of maintenance mode. Hopefully, today you have learned something new and interesting topic. You can see that the “Data resiliency” status reporting back as Normal. Step 2: Shortlist the down services on all Nutanix CVM, Step 3: Start Nutanix CVM / Cluster services. It is very difficult for any administrator to troubleshoot the Nutanix cluster / Nutanix CVM down services. Step 2: SSH to Prism Leader and run the following command to restart Prism service. Once all the CVMs brought up, log in to any one of them via SSH. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Optional Step 4: If step 3 command does not start the down services then you can reboot your either Nutlanix Node or Nutanix CVM. Step 1: Find the Nutanix Prism Leader – Verify which cluster node is the Prism leader, that is, the CVM running the Prism container services. How Nutanix LCM Life Cycle Management Framework Works ? Now you can place the ESXi hosts in maintenance mode. Exit the ESXi hosts from maintenance mode. Log in to any one of the CVM through SSH. Change ), ESXi Host Sync Issue with vCenter - A general System error occurred: Failed to login with vim administrator password, VM Power-ON Operation fails with Error - Device ‘Bootstrap’ is not available. Here was the solution in case anyone else runs into this issue: I also tried the hypervisor upgrade and ran into. Post executing the above command, ensure all the services came up by running the command “. Read more: Enable Nutanix CVM, AHV Maintenance mode The NCC health check cluster_services_status verifies if the Controller VM (CVM) services have restarted recently across the cluster. nutanix@cvm$ acli Power-ON the CVMs, wait for some time to complete boot-up. Read also: How Nutanix LCM Life Cycle Management Framework Works ? Resolution: Above both services run in LCM framework. Option 1: Increase / scale-up Nutlanix CVM memory from Prism console, Option 2: Increase / Scale-up Nutanix CVM memory from command-line, Step 3: Restart Genesis service on all Nutanix CVMs. Step 1: check the Nutanix CVM Memory allocation that must be at least 24 GB or greater would be fine. Shut down the User VMs present in Nutanix provided Datastore. Step 4.1.2: Power-on the Shudown Nutanix CVM, In output you will see CVM Name, just copy it and run following command to start the Nutanix CVM. Ran into a problem with the Hypervisor upgrade. "Give root password for maintenance or press CTRL+D to continue" When I enter the root password it doesn't work! There are no VMs on that node however it keeps looping on that step. With in few minutes, PRISM portal will come accessible. root@ahv# virsh start cvm_name. If the Controller VM is shut off, start it. I think is a problem with my keyboard layout. Note: There is no impact on running production of above commands. There are no VMs on that node however it keeps looping on that step. Sorry, we're still checking this file's contents to make sure it's safe to download. ( Log Out /  Now you can place the ESXi hosts in maintenance mode. Now you can bring down all the CVMs associated to that cluster from vSphere client (or) webclient gracefully [Using Shutdown guest option]. 3 node cluster, 2 of the nodes upgraded however the 3rd node is stuck on "Enter Maintenance Mode"/Moving VMs. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Attempted an upgrade to 2018.05.01 last night. During those scenarios, we need to shutdown the Nutanix Cluster prior to maintenance and bring up once completed with it. Resolution: Need to restart the Nutanix Console services on the host, which is Prism leader. Maybe isn't configured at that time. first of all try to understand the Nutanix cluster critical services here: Few Nutanix Critical services list is here: Read more: Nutanix Cluster Most Critical Services. All the VMs and Nutanix Cluster brought down properly. Step to Step troubleshooting. This is known issue. ( Log Out /  In Slackware isn't a big problem. Let’s troubleshoot the Nutanix Cluster / CVM services down issue. At this point it’s still an active part of the Nutanix storage cluster. AOS upgrade went fine. Note: Above command will not impact your production running VMs. All the VMs and Nutanix Cluster brought down properly. Ensure all the services came down except Zeus and Scavenger in all the CVMs post executing above command. Once the host is removed from vCenter, take it out of maintenance mode and power the CVM back on, then wait for the cluster to hit steady state again before you proceed. How to Fix a Nutanix CVM being Stuck in Maintenance Mode 1. ssh into the Nutanix cluster VM 2. cluster status 2. ncli host list (This will give you the host ID) ##### Id : 9911991c-1111-093y-11yb-blahblah88::61810 Uuid : 5blahblabla99-5227-43d9-ae05-243hahadummy It means xx.xx.xx.10 CVM is the Prism Leader.

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