optex beams south africa

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FER I OU H.E.A. Optex Motion Sensors and Outdoor Beams Cape Town SAdmin 2014-01-31T13:16:14+00:00. An alarm signal is generated when two detection areas – upper and lower – are triggered simultaneously. Optex HX40 Optex HX40 outdoor passive Optex HX40 is Pet Immune - friendly up to 15Kg Multiple pattern detection area technology with.....see full description about Optex HX40 R … Long Products Flat Products Tubing Products. Series of outdoor PIR detectors VX INFINITY are successors of a world known VX-402 model. BSI STEEL (PTY) LTD. LONG PRODUCTS (UNIVERSAL BEAM S355) OUR UNIVERSAL BEAM S355 (I BEAM) PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE IN 9/11/13M LENGTHS. 53 Landmarks Avenue Samrand, Centurion 0157 - Pretoria South Africa +27 (012) 657 3500. UNIVERSAL BEAM 53SS (I BEAM) FOR SALE IN SOUTH AFRICA. All OPTEX offices throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa remain open and operational. Roofing Products. Outdoor Passives OPTEX VX INFINITY – Wired and Wireless. DuraOptics Safety Beams Add to cart. TAKEX Active Infrared Beams can be mounted on poles, walls, or any convenient structure. Alarmtec started from early 2014 and with more than 25 years experience in the electonic security industry. Installer of the Future Meeting the new generation of installers, Logan is a teenager with a passion and enthusiasm for security, technology and OPTEX. Wireless Outdoor Beams. Optex BX-80N 24M Outdoor Window Pir Standard. This outdoor wireless early warning system compliments your existing security structure at home or office when strategically placed to detect unexpected movement. We only distibute quality products that is known to installers and products that does have manufacturer backup available in South Africa. Sort by. Sales Support: E: sales@communicagroup.com T:+27(012) 657 3500 Technical Support: E: support@communicagroup.com T: +27(012) 657 3500/3561/3602 Customer Care: E: customercare@communicagroup.com T: +27(012) 657 3500/3611 Despatch and Logistics: E: … Where there is no mounting point, or for additional security (to disguise the mounting height and number of beams from observers), TAKEX Beam Towers are available as attractive but rugged Wall or Floor-mount units, with Single or Double Sided variants. All wireless outdoor beams feature a unique built-in siren that provides an unexpected element of surprise next to an intruder. Wireless Outdoor Beams Roboguard Roboguard ... Roboguard Accessories (10) Optex IDS View as Grid List. About Us. Product List. Cold Formed Section. The BX-80N provides a curtain detection range from 2m to 12m on each side (left and right) which is ideal to protect the immediate boundary of a building. DuraOptics Safety Beams. Subcategories. R 390.00. Tower Enclosures.

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