organic fertilizer for pineapple

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Micronutrients. Dry Fertilizer. You can also feed your pineapple with a liquid fertilizer that is sprayed on the … Foliar spray. Best Fertilizer For Pineapples #1. Liquid Fertilizers. This makes the pineapple one of the easiest fruit plants to grow. The pineapple plant does not require excessive watering and fertilizers to grow well. Pineapple plants should receive balanced fertilizer applications every two months for the first... #3. Pineapple plants also can absorb fertilizer through a foliar spray, which is sprayed directly on their... #2. Pineapple plants require two types of fertilizers—well-balanced and foliar fertilizers rich in micro-nutrients. Pineapple plants also benefit from shovelfuls of organic fertilizers such as compost incorporated into the soil at the time of planting to assist root development and improve water-retention capacity. In addition to these, plants in soils with pH value higher than 7.5 require iron supplements to raise the acidity needed to produce healthy fruit.

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