organic spanish almonds

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Almonds the way they were meant to be. A distinction is made between bitter and sweet almonds. Unlike most California almonds, these Spanish almonds have not been flash pasteurized, therefore keeping all their properties intact. Spanish production is concentrated in the areas of the Mediterranean, with Andalusia being the leading region. Vitamin E is a family of fat-soluble antioxidants. Spanish almonds are very much in demand worldwide because of their high quality, taste and nutritional value. We are BERMAR FRUITS, a Spanish company specialized in farming, producing and marketing organic almonds and all its products and derivatives, since 1996. Importaco processes the most important Spanish almond varieties. Almonds are harvested between August and October. We supply organic spanish almonds raw and processed. Raw, organic, unpasteurized, whole almonds from Spain. Canada’s one-of-a-kind online store for Spain’s most exquisite food and home décor. Organic Spanish Almonds Crop 2019 After frost damage on March which took place in the organic almonds production regions in Spain, it revealed that Organic Almond production of Spain will be half of the potential, so total Spanish Organic Almond crop is expected to be reduced between 25% to 40%. Menu The Source for Raw, Untreated, Organically Grown Foods Since 1948 Truly raw from Spain. Available in bulk and certified USDA Organic. Come experience Spain at your doorstep. Brazil Nuts are an extremely popular creamy nut containing a rich nutrient profile, B vitamins, Selenium and Amino Acids! 2 LBS of Organic Raw, Non Pasteurized, Imported Spanish Almonds and other organic nuts at Jaffe Bros. Almonds have been cultivated for the last 200 years and are as versatile as the manner in which they are processed. Source Organic Raw Spanish Almonds from trusted supplier, distributor, importer and exporter Abbott Blackstone Co.. The main regions of cultivation are California/USA, Australia and the Mediterranean area, primarily Spain and Italy. WE DO ORGANIC ALMOND FARMING . We are located in Alicante, in the southeast of Spain, and all our production is carried out in Spain. ORGANIC VALENCIAS Spanish Almonds are among the world's best sources of vitamin E, with just 1 ounce providing 37% of the RDI. Buy them in bulk by using the drop down menu bar.

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