parts of computer for grade 1

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a. a. Peopleware b. PDF Printables. Review Computer Parts Names - Briefly review the names of the main computer parts such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU and others as necessary. Parts of Computer Grade 1. Hardware _____ 30. Download Printable Version: can-you-name-these-basic-computer-parts.pdf. Week of May 11th Brainpop JR. Video "Parts of the Computer" & Easy Quiz. View Solution play_arrow; question_answer3) Jack wants to write his name on the computer. Review of Typing Stage 1: Demonstrate how to use Dance Mat Typing stage one, level one ( ASDF, JKL; and G, H ). Recap . Here, we are offering the most frequently asked computer basics questions for children of Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Switch template Interactives Show all. Embed. Question 1 An electronic device that performs quick calculations and processes information. More. C) Mouse done clear. Computer b. Primary parts of a computer are keyboard, monitor, mouse and CPU. Like. New Mission 3 Video : Archive LDL Lessons: Week of May 18th Brainpop Internet Safety. Which part of the computer helps him write his name? To play this quiz, please finish editing it. A keyboard is used to enter your work into the computer using the different keys. This leaderboard is currently private. Hardware _____ 29.Refers to the computer users. A) Monitor done clear. Which one of the following parts of a computer looks like an animal? Leaderboard. Share Share by Asreenshaikh. Basic parts of computer form a major topic for students of lower classes. Show all. Theme. B) CPU done clear. Log in required. D) Keyboard done clear. It is the physical parts of the computer. Show more Show less . It keeps the computer ON for sometimes when the electricity goes OFF. There are some primary as well as some secondary parts of a computer. Edit Content. 10 Questions Show answers. a. Peopleware b. Mission 1 Video Mission 2 Video. Options. Given below are a few questions on the basics of computers like identifying the different computer parts names along with their images.. This quiz is incomplete! Microphone IV. Week of May 4th Calendar Story Google Form Review May Calendar

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