pennzoil gold vs platinum

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The Gold will produce blacker pistons, and cold starting is more difficult. More viscosity isn't "better". First, most synthetic oils average around 10,000 to 15,000 miles in terms of oil change intervals. Member, Virtus_Probi and I discussed this in previous threads along with a few other members. Also it comes with improved cleaning agents. Anyhow, the interesting thing is that Castrol and Pennzoil met again on pretty ugly terms. Knowing that the specifications are not reliable, I am gonna buy the Walmart SuperTech and save a few bucks for my next oil change. It's apparently liquid gold with how difficult it is to find. The oil circulates fast during startup to lubricate the moving engine parts. For example: Source of the OP's PDS sheets? So, while they are at it, go ahead and grab two bottles instead of one. I live 40 minutes east of ya. "Full Synthetic" trumps "Blend" every time... 2011 Equinox 1LT (dlvd. The OP is correct. Seems like the name brands have problem publishing accurate and up-to-date product data sheets. SAE 5W-30 requires HTHS >2.9 and viscosity between 9.3 to 12.5. JavaScript is disabled. does edge hold up its visc better than Magnatec? In this context, you could do one clean refill, and run the 370z for approximately one year. Product data sheet PDS for Pennzoil Gold said 216 C for Gold, 224 C for Platinum. The Castrol oil comes with superior additives that meet the specific need of your engine. Higher Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C @ASTM D445: 11.7 vs 9.8 (Platinum is quite close to a SAE20 ?!?! I purchased my Dart in December of 2012 and have religiously used the Pennzoil Platinum Euro SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic. D. DCMotorsports. If you are skeptic about using Castrol synthetic motor oil just because your car is notorious for cooking up engine oil, you have every right to think so. You may, therefore, have to change it earlier than with normal driving. So I usually do 3000 mile oil change. During the initial drive phase, you probably won’t notice the 370z choking up, but as days go by, it will feel as if the car engine is really grinding for RPMs. My car is running great but My friend told me about this pennzoil oil which cost the same but is actually made from natural gas. Besides, I have a feeling that the oil gets sticky and makes the engine feel sluggish after 2000 miles. The color was dark brown, compared to the light amber of unused oil. Close. By the way.. In 1955, it was acquired by South Penn Oil (a company started by Michael Late Benedum and Joe Trees), a former branch of Standard Oil, headquartered in Oil City, Pennsylvania.In 1963, South Penn Oil merged with Zapata Petroleum, and the merged company was named "Pennzoil".". There have been times that Walmart has had oils not seen at other Walmarts. From One more thing, the Castrol Magnatec specifications (11 April 2017) look like are outdated as it only has dexos1 but not dexos1 gen 2 approval. Thus, you enjoy a clean and healthy engine with peak performance. A few days ago the Castrol Magnatec 5W30 was sold out at my local Walmart and so I bought the Pennzoil Gold for the oil change. It also prevents sludge formation in the engine leaving you to enjoy a clean and healthy engine. That’s a very long time duration, but Castrol can come up with pretty amazing synthetic motor oil breeds from time to time. I looked at your signiture and it is good to know that you are a Nissan owner. Wanted to compare Pennzoil Gold to Castrol Magnatec but the product data sheet listed on the Castrol website is kinda silly as most of the technical measurements are minimum or maximum values. Thanks for your input, Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles. If we talk about the Nissan 370z, it has a notorious reputation for burning up engine oil to a slimy sludge. I have been using Castrol Magnatec 5W30 ($17.88 @ Walmart) for the last couple of oil changes. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. The almost entire product lineup of Castrol Synthetic Motor Oil is tested and approved by the authorities at SEQ IIIH, SEQ IVA, API SN and etc. If you recall correctly, we wrote a cover piece on Pennzoil where there was a slight mentioning of Castrol losing a lawsuit back in 1990. Once we poured Castrol Synthetic Motor Oil into different car engines, the RPM sounds got much smoother. We did some digging around, and it was not the first time for Castrol, AMSOIL, Pennzoil and many other engine oil companies to lock horns (*you can read the article here: In Williamsburg area. Hello, I was reading the product data sheets of Pennzoil Gold 5W-30 and Platinum 5W-30 and I think that the Gold looks like it is better than Platinum? 1 year ago. Your email address will not be published. Yes "Confused" is what I mean. About the motor type and driving style, my 2017 Versa is 1.6 liter. Beyond the 20,000 mile claim, Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5w-30 is known for its signature Titanium fluid technology. Castrol Magnatec is 11.2 and Pennzoil Gold is 9.8 (I assume the product data sheets are swapped with the Platinum series). Plus, there are other lawsuits that engine oil companies have been filing against each other. Jan 2011): Summit White / 3.0 L V6 / FWD / Pioneer Stereo / 18" Wheels / 151.5k miles [23-OCT-2020]. The enhanced cleaning detergents eliminate all deposits and prevent sludge formation. Pennzoil was trying to gain leverage by throwing a curveball, but the ruling was motioned in Castrol’s favor. Unfortunately, Castrol EDGE Extended Performance does not meet the standards set by API SN PLUS, but they have been planning to release a revised version of the oil. Any suggestion? No specific brand loyalty, just whatever is on sale. Pennzoil is an American oil company founded in Los Angeles, California in 1913. It all comes down to the exact company product that you are going to be using. Thank you for your confirmation! JavaScript is disabled. When i wrote Pennzoil, they confirmed PDS for Gold d1G2 is correct. When looking for an oil to use in an engine, you want one that will protect the engine and offer value for your money. Posted by 4 years ago. The Walmart in Mechanicsville is the best at keeping their oil and filter section stocked up and very well organized. Castrol Edge synthetic oil stands as the best Castro synthetic oil. Good question... Don't know. But... Make sure the rest of your ancillary components are up to a high standard as well. Make sure to check out exclusive Castrol discount sales. It does not produce any smell or smoke leaving you free from any respiratory complications. Question, using the full synthetic motor oil would be a better choice and an upgrade of the maintenance manual claimed to use? It is an advanced synthetic oil that offers the best protection for your engine. Some of the mechanics we consulted with said that the aforementioned brand was not certified for Diesel VW ALH standards. I Service at 5k miles due to driving up and down a pass every day. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Is it abnormal? Castrol has come over a long way to prove set its track record straight. Anyone of them will do just great for ya. Occasionally, stronger than Mobil1 in terms of viscosity breakdown. What about Cars That Average Extremely High Engine Temperatures? Again, my thinking is all three will be like going deer hunting with a RPG. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Your biggest variables in play are 1) your motor 2) what's it's usage pattern aka short trips or long highway runs 3) mileage on motor 4) condition of spark plugs,coils etc 5) certainly underrated here but don't forget your air filter and it's overall system condition 6) oil filter... get one that doesn't tear, fail, leak, act retarded etc etc...

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