pgf pitching rules 2020

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These Batting Lineup rules are allowed to provide teams flexibility in their strategies and approach. the permission of the State, Regional or National Director. Time-Limit, No time limit in National & Regional Championship bracket games. No organized infield practice before the games. Releases: The Head Coach of a team MAY release a player after she has been on the roster or has participated in a PGF National Qualifying Proof of age will be satisfied in the PGF registration process and no individual proof of age will be required at tournament check-in. Protests to be handled on the field by the UIC of that site, a tournament official and the Umpire who made the call, there will be a $50 cash PGF Protest Fee to • Pitching signals from the catcher may be given only when the pitcher is in the pitching position on the pitcher's plate. 14th, 2021. In the 12U Qualifiers, the tournament director has the option to not use the 6 after 6 tie-breaker. Pitching distance - 10U Division 35 Feet All other divisions will be 43 Feet Both feet must be in contact with pitching rubber prior to forward stride. or younger age group if the player to be added was not on the roster of a team that qualified for the Nationals in any age group or has a formal release. Pool games will be 65 minutes finish the inning and can end in a tie. An unreported substitution is an appeal play: If the offense has an unreported player and the defense appeals: If the unreported player is appealed by the offense before the defensive coach informs the umpire: If the unreported player has not made the last play - she is declared officially in the game and all play will stand. an invited team are unrestricted within their age group or an older age group until the TBD, roster deadline a previously unregistered player may register with PGF and be added to a team until Release must be sent to PGF Corporate Office, Head Coach declares they are no longer pursuing PGF berth. If the unreported player has made a play and the next pitch has been thrown - she is declared officially in the game and all play will All age divisions must be no older than the PGF age for their respective divisions as of January 1, 2021. Once the pitcher initially sets the toe of her stride foot, she may and have played each other, the winner of that game. All games will be played by NFHS(National Federation of High Schools) rules, with the following exceptions: The Easton Ghost bat that is stamped only USSSA is illegal, all others can be used. Both teams should check the umpires score card after every inning and after the game. Time Limit (Bracket Games) – 75 minutes finish the inning / must have a winner after 75 minutes or 7 innings completed. Coaches will be required to However, if a team is given a Platinum invitation and/or qualifying berth, that team can still play in 2021 PGF National Qualifiers in order to obtain a Premier Berth. Home team will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games. If circumstance does not Team listed first in pool or top of the bracket to occupy the third base dugout unless a team from the prior game is in that dugout. At this time, Diamond manufactures the only ball with the PGF mark. Once the pitcher initially sets the toe of her stride foot, she may not step, drag or slide it back any farther. You can obtain a release form here, Any team that has an invitation and/or qualifying berth for the. The home team scorebook will be used as the official scorekeeper unless the team has no score book in which case the visitor book may be used. Could face disciplinary action by Both feet must be in contact with pitching rubber prior to forward stride. Once it is declared, it cannot be changed. All coaches who will interact on the field with any player must have a PGF Background Check. The Easton Ghost bat that is stamped only USSSA is illegal, all others can be used. Coaches will be required to If the batter has completed her at-bat but the next pitch has not been thrown - she is out; all other play as a result of her becoming a The team that advanced the furthest in the winner's bracket. NCAA is emphasizing that illegal pitches be called for violations of this rule. present a printout of their team roster from their PGF Team Connect Page. A coach from each team must be at the pre-game plate meeting and verify that players/equipment are legal. absence of a scorekeeper from either team, the umpires scorecard will be used. Making 10 or 11 hitters…… or, Straight Rulebook of 9…. Softballs must have the PGF mark and be approved by PGF. If game is still tied the next inning will start ITB w/ a runner on 2nd base. Eligibility: Any team using an ineligible player for a qualifying or national tournament will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player insurance or registering as a PGF team. batter-runner is nullified. 2020 North Carolina Premier Girls Fastpitch Tournament Rules. the PGF BOARD. July 24-26, 2020 . Only Head Coaches may consult with the umpires. This must be declared however with the presentation of the Lineup card at the Pre-Game Conference. tournament at any age division may be added to a team in a younger age division as long as they are age eligible and were not on a qualifying teams roster. or, 9 & DP/Flex. You can obtain a release form here, Player Release Form. Molded Cleats are required in Ages 10U-12U. We will NOT ACCEPT a background Players who compete in a qualifying This will be following the NCAA rules for pitchers this season. Get familiar with “Start Back” vs. “Step Back” – one of the two will most likely be coming to a governing softball body/organization near you starting January 2020, and it can affect the start of your pitch! At check-in all coaches must show proof of a PGF background check. Bracket play home team is always the higher seed. If a lower seed team is undefeated and in the Championship game (double elimination format), they shall be determined to be the home team. Returning Berths and Invited Teams Rosters - Rosters will be locked as of Friday, June 12th, 2021 at 11:59pm, PST. Playing Rules: All PGF tournaments and events will be played using NFHS rules with the following exceptions. Headwear may be mixed and can be any color. Individual players who compete in a qualifying tournament at any age division may be added to a team in a younger or older age division as long as they meet the guidelines for player transfers. baiting or any form of taunting design to embarrass, ridicule or demean others under any circumstances, including race, religion, gender or national origin. Players may only compete in only one age group. At check-in each team must submit a roster printed from the PGF Stack Sports Team Connect web site. However, armband information must be gathered by the pitcher while on the pitcher’s plate and in the pitching position. ROSTERS AND ELIGIBILITY - Qualifying Tournaments and National Championship Tournaments. It may also be incorporated in the 12 player Hitting Lineup. option of taking the result of the play or having the last batter return and assume the ball/strike count she had before the hit; each base runner must

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