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And 2x is the Telephoto lens. No matter where you’re taking photos, and no matter what camera you’re using, the first thing you should do is look around you and look at where the natural light is coming from. Could you capture a more unique photo by looking down on your subject? The lenses that you have will depend on which iPhone model you own. Realize all photography ideas at home without additional props. Just check it every so often, okay? 7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features That Every Photographer Should Use, 7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features That Every Photographer Should Use. (You can also use the gridlines to ensure the horizon is perfectly level). Of course it seems that Koalitic has a few folks around who can serve as models for his photos, and so if you’re quarantining alone, you’ll have to get creative, or perhaps use yourself while your phone is on a self timer. You can also use it to capture stunning water splash images. To select the photos you want to keep, open the Photos app. Tap Select at the bottom of the screen. If you have any other tips, let us know! Get More Cinematic Shots From Your iPhone, No Extra Gear Needed. But the iPhone has a hidden camera feature that helps you shoot amazing action photos. Position your elbows against your body to keep your arms steady. But if anyone else is around, don’t be afraid to ask if they’ll take your portrait. There are even some camera apps, like Camera+, that take the photo only when the phone detects that you are being still. If you’re not sure which lens to use, why not capture the scene with each lens and then compare the results! If no one else is around, then sure, reach your arm out and grab a selfie with grandma. So, how do you switch between lenses when taking pictures? So once you’ve mastered the rule of thirds, try breaking it on purpose. Adjust Exposure For Perfect Brightness Levels4. Use a soft cloth (or even your t-shirt) to gently wipe the lens. Luckily, the iPhone camera offers a great solution! Wasim Ahmad is an assistant teaching professor teaching journalism at Quinnipiac University. There are plenty of photo editing apps that can make good images better images — Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed, VSCO, etc. Adjusting exposure in the iPhone Camera app is easy. An Instagram filter will do – but be adventurous, and try some new apps! There’s always the option to use a GorillaPod with a phone mount to get some creative angles as well. Read on to discover one of the best mobile photography tips for capturing well-exposed photos of high-contrast scenes. I leave my flash off by default and only turn it on when I know I’ll need it. You can create fabulous abstract images by getting close and filling the frame. This is also a great way to get quick phone snaps of food or anything else you want a photo of. If you want to be serious about mobile photography, you need to have the tools for the job. So get into the habit of cleaning the lenses on your phone. Some of it involves changing your perspective, such as using glass to get under the sand, while others involve some classic tricks with shutter speed (such as long exposures to create light trails and fast exposures to freeze action). Use this icon to turn HDR on whenever you want to shoot HDR photos. If yours can do it, and you’re not using that feature, you can stop reading this now, because I’ve lost all faith in you. I bought my phone with a specific eye on the camera. It’s so simple to set focus. That’s because the camera’s autofocus doesn’t always focus where you want it to. Second, ensure the background isn’t too busy or distracting. Sometimes, placing your subject in the middle of the frame can create a striking image. So ensure you use it whenever there’s movement or unpredictability in the scene. It’s usually pretty easy. They're nearly inevitable during shooting…, The Back Story If you’ve ever wondered how pro photographers capture great photos with their phone, I have something for…. You can turn the blur back on at any time by tapping Portrait again.

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