physical symptoms of higher vibration

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Everything you see is moving! Take a break from technological stimulants like your mobile phone, laptops and even TV. As your body gets used to the vibration use tactics that can help slow down the passing of energy through your chakras. Exhaustion and pneumonia proved my body was struggling to upgrade. Spiritual Guidance & Resources To Support You During The Current Health Scare, The 5 Most Common Blocks To Love (& How To Dissolve Them), Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energies To Reach Enlightenment, What Is Heart Radiance (& How To Exude It), How I Used The Energy Of A Historic Scottish Castle For Past Life Healing: Castle Sween, Body temperature extremes – very hot or very cold. That being said, there are some characteristics that indicate that it is energetic in nature. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. ⠀ -⠀ There are so many fitness and health benefits from all different kinds of strength training exercises⠀ -⠀ Benefits ⠀ ✨Protects bone health and muscle mass⠀ ✨Helps develop better body mechanics ⠀ ✨Assists with chronic disease management⠀ ✨Boosts energy levels and improves mood ⠀ ✨Multiple cardiovascular health benefits⠀ -⠀ COMMENT: What kind of strength training is your fave? You can also choose to not participate in activities that trigger you for the time being. It can be overwhelming to experience all these changes at once, but you do have to trust the process. You feel like you’re walking on a cloud, and everything is bright. When you experience all these issues, the chakras related to the overall abdomen and the heart is undergoing a massive energy shift. This is the fastest and easiest way I raise my vibration! That not only means that you are moving forward in your awakening, but that you are ascending to higher levels too. The good news is that you are shifting higher vibration. You’re probably wondering, “How do I know if I’m in a high or low vibration?” I asked myself that many times when I first started learning about frequencies and vibration. Take time out of your day to practice self care, and love yourself. Unfortunately, we can suddenly be plummeted down from those delightful heights by a good old dose of earthly reality in the form of physical awakening symptoms. It is a tasking experience to the body, although a worthwhile one. High temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints etc, but which do not respond to antibiotics. This is another big lesson that we must pass for the PHYSICAL side of awakening. You are moving right now without even realizing it! Learn how your comment data is processed. Even your taste in music and the type of activities that you once enjoyed will shift. It has to do with the body looking for physical ways to expel negative aspects attached to our identity. You need to be a responsible and conscientious care taker of your human body. If you have woken up and not felt like participating in life, it is because the shift in energy is taking place. When your energy shifts, you will have panic-like symptoms. The truth is, you can never really know for sure. Some of these are: Flu-like symptoms. Its where we fall short most often. The media and what we consume might have led some of us to believe that getting to a higher vibration requires only hard work. • Can be used regularly to keep you in balance or any time you experience physical awakening symptoms to help your body adjust. When it’s frozen and vibrating at a lower frequency it becomes dense and heavier as ice. Your entire demeanor begins to change when you raise your vibration. That is because you have but in the spiritual realm. If you’re in a position to take a nap; it’s not that you are lazy suddenly, your body does need the time to adjust to the shifts taking place and rest is an excellent way to achieve that.

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