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This Physics dictionary compendium offers you dictionaries and glossaries with detailed explanations and definitions of terms, phrases, acronyms and abbreviations related to Physics. Capillary action:  rise of liquid in narrow tube due to surface and after an interaction. Index of refraction:  ratio of the speed of light in vacuum to Rest energy:  energy due to mass of object; E= mc^  2. of projectile and where it returns to launch height. electrons. Normal force:  force perpendicular to surface. n , where 1< M < 10, and n is an integer. waves throughout space. of air resistance equals weight. and magnetic fields that move at speed of light through space. and mesons. source and detector. Convex lens: lens that is thicker in the center than at edges. Convection:  heat transfer by means of motion of fluid. Heat of fusion:  quantity of energy needed to change a unit mass into electrical energy. the medium. Newton’s law of motion:  laws relating force and acceleration. Ammeter:  device to measure electrical current. the number of protons or neutrons in a nucleus changes. Myopia:  defect of eye, commonly called nearsightedness, in which Acceleration:  change in velocity divided by time interval over Weight:  force of gravity of an object. causing it. Physics Dictionary. Joule:  SI unit of energy equal to one Newton-meter. Archimedes’ principle:  object immersed in a fluid has an upward Linear restoring force:  force in direction toward equilibrium Primary pigment:  yellow, green, or magenta light. Fundamental particles:  those particles( i.e. Meter:  SI unit of length. of atoms. Electrical current:  flow of charged particles. n-type semiconductor:  semiconductor in which current is carried distant objects focus in front of the retina. temperature o region of lower temperature. electrical energy. magnetic flux produced in one coil and that which passes through a second Monochromatic light:  light of a single wavelength. and vice versa. electrical charges. Huygens’ wavelets:  model of spreading of waves in which each Lens equation:  See mirror equation. Magnification:  ratio of size of an optical image to the size numbers of neutrons. Charge caused by flow Position:  separation between object and a reference point. Amplitude:  in any periodic motion, the maximum displacement from in decibels. between two variables. a sound source at other end. Ohm’s law:  resistance of object is constant, independent of voltage exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Torque:  product of force and the lever arm. The force is proportional to object’s speed. Illuminated object:  object on which light falls. quantized:  a quantity that cannot be divided into smaller increments Elementary charge:  magnitude of the charge of an electron. Kinematics:  study of motion of objects without regard to the and a line perpendicular to surface the waves are reflected from. Energy:  non-material property capable of causing changes in matter. Average acceleration:  acceleration measured over a finite time Nuclear transmutation:  change of one nucleus into another as has a period independent of amplitude of motion. force acts. Thermal equilibrium:  state between two or more bodies where temperatures Open- pipe resonator:  cylindrical tube with both ends closed Diverging lens:  lens that causes light rays to spread apart or tangent:  the ratio of the opposite side and the adjacent side. Electromagnetic force:  one of fundamental forces due to electric Alpha particle:  positively- charged particles consisting of two gamma rays. Hyperbola:  mathematical curve that describes an inverse relationship Derived units: unit of quantity that consists of combination of fundamental or reflects others. mass. Fraunhofer lines:  absorption lines in the sun’s spectrum due Potential difference:  difference in electric potential between Galvanometer:  device used to measure very small currents.

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