portuguese water dog temperament quarrelsome

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Impetuous. Although they can get aggressive if someone continuously provokes them but it is not likely they will snap or bite immediately. PWDs are strong-minded, with an independent streak and a wicked sense of humor. A natural retriever, the Portuguese Water Dog is a very mouthy dog who will pick up everything in his path, chew up both edible and inedible objects, and try to gnaw on your hands. Personality: Portuguese Water dogs are active dogs, requiring a high level of physical activity given their working history. How Do the Portuguese Water Dog Behave Around Strangers? If you have a Portuguese Water Dog for sale, please advertise it on a reliable website to make sure the Portuguese Water Dog gets to a happy place. Temperament: Impetuous, Docile,Obedient, Quarrelsome, Brave, Intelligent Height: Female: 17–20 inches Male: 20–22 inches Colors: Brown & White, Brown, Black & White, Black, White Weight: Female: 35.1–50 lbs Male: 42.1–60.2 lbsThe Portuguese Water Dog is a medium-sized, muscular dog. Portuguese Water Dog: Other names: Portie, PWD, Water Dog, Cao De Agua: Origin: Portugal: Breed Group: Working (AKC:1983) Gun Dogs (UKC) Size: Medium: Type: Purebred: Life span: 10-14 years: Temperament: Brave. This is a high maintenance dog. Quarrelsome. Portuguese Water Dogs once served as crew on fishing trips, retrieving lost gear and herding fish into nets. They are gentle and loving towards the human being and also with other canines. Portuguese Water Dog information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. Brushing and combing every day is highly advised, and they require frequent baths and clippings. Height: Male: 20-22 inches (50-57 cm) Female: 17-20 inches (43-52 cm) Weight: Male: 42-55 pounds (19-25 kg) The broad, domed head is slightly longer then the muzzle. Consistent leadership is a must. Docile. Obedient. Portuguese Water dogs are shy and reserved around strangers. The Portuguese Water Dog requires frequent grooming to prevent mating and tangling. Portuguese Water dog is not at all an aggressive dog. Intelligent. If you choose to purchase the Portuguese Water Dog, you should know that the mentioned amount of money is an average of the collected data from breeders’ sites and puppy finder places.

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