pottery barn delayed delivery

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PB finally delivered the product on Jan. 11 nearly three weeks after the last day in the original estimated delivery window. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. If you want something so bad because it is so pretty, the odds are you are not alone in wanting it. On Jan 7 I called to... Hi, In addition, now my order link is now saying that these rugs have been delivered which they have not (and the delivery company backs that up.) Back Cushions are rumpled and seat cushions have a ton of little piling. Credit cards were provided for both transactions and assured me I would be receiving my rugs. At this time, I asked for a Supervisor. They should not advertise products they cannot deliver. She essentially told me they will not be delivered and Prince should not have taken the order. *Exclusions apply. First name should only contain letters, numbers and spaces. Scam! pottery barn cancelling order and late delivery. Never a late payment! Absolutely ridiculous. We received our bar and it's absolutely GORGEOUS. Great quality, very functional, and looks awesome. SHE TOLD ME POTTERY BARN WOULD GIVE ME A FULL REFUND. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not do business with them. On Dec. 30, I called back and spoke with a woman named Jodi. They arrived last week just as PB announced all of that bedding significantly on sale. Pottery Barn review from Melbourne, Victoria: Incredibly disappointing service by Pottery Barn and time and time again we are advised that the delivery of an item has been delayed with no further guarantee of an upcoming delivery. It soon became clear we made a horrible choice choosing PB. They don't care about their customers and totally don't listen. Pottery Barn Kids offers kids & baby furniture, bedding and toys designed to delight and inspire. Please recycle it rather than placing it in the dumpster. Her tone throughout our conversation was unfriendly and she eventually hung up on me. Please DO NOT order furniture from Pottery Barn. Not to mention they had it priced at a limited time discount, so it was originally $300 more than I paid. Comment the review as Pottery Barn verified representative. I will never never do business with Pottery Barn again. Overall OK. They are not good for their word! I have been goint round and round with them to get my credit for the bed. Truely the worst customer service ever I have been complaining to Pottery Barn regarding a King Size Bed Frame that we ordered and was delivered. Pottery Barn refuses to refund or provide any compensation until after final delivery. The employees are nice. I never write any reviews but I am so upset that I will rate them bad !! To keep your account secure, use this option only on your personal devices. They should have been sending them via overnight and apologizing for the situation. Get contact details that poster left for the company. We are processing your message. I again reached back out to Jodi about why I was not given my full refund, and she never was able to give me an answer. The mattress totally sank on one side of the bed and I went to pottery barn in Jeddah to ask them my rights regarding the guarantee . Worst part is they will not give us a call back to discuss when it will be delivered, or how we can get our money back. He mentioned there was some type of problem with first order, but no problem with this one. I do not recommend buying anything from them. Do not buy anything from this company. It's a good thing the set is not a gift and for me. Do not buy fromThis company! If you want your response I purchased the Catalina Twin-over-Twin bunk bed for my son as a Christmas gift. Their policy is to resolve no issues. Username and password will be sent to you via email. I ordered two 9x12 area rugs on Sept 7 that were "in stock and ready to be delivered (and was told this by the store.) But online the new ship date is guess what??? Is Pottery Barn going out of business? Resolutions were accomplished after many transfers if you had the time and/or the patience. They were last on a truck over a month ago coming from New Jersey although supposedly one was found and was set up for delivery today (Nov 24) which I rushed home for. And good luck contacting customer service as they are useless and will simply tell you it's the "Supplier". I was charged interest after my last payment. Days went by without hearing about rescheduling so I reached back out to Jodi via email. Foolishly I just ordered bedding for my daughter. This was a huge purchase for us and was almost $4000, more than we have ever paid for any kind of furniture. Even that piece has wrinkles in the fabric. Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? I purchased the Catalina Twin-over-Twin bunk bed for my son as a Christmas gift. I did not. It's not worth the money. Every single employee that touched our purchase should be reprimanded and retrained on every aspect of their job. An average furniture order is 6 months and you cannot cancel back-ordered items! I also want to cancel my IFA policy my IFA number is AF927617. After missing the next shipping date, they send me an email canceling the product 3-4 weeks after ordering and two weeks before Halloween. We Purchased a sectional from Pottery Barn in August. Pottery Barn Kids ranks 15th among Kids' Furniture sites. Part of the order was delivered which was dishes and salad plates. Whirlpool tech and hardware for my 2 year old unit were both duds. I call it, you're going to stop scamming people. Do not buy this set. If I cold give Pottery Barn 0 stars I would.

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