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Brian Henson, T Greatest HitsReflections Interactive. 2-Player Split Screen (No A.I. Re-Volt is one of Acclaim's most crazy racing games. In the fourth installment of the Crash Bandicoot series, an evil alien called Nitros Oxide challenges Crash, his friends, and even his enemies to a racing competition to see who is the fastest in the Universe. Bob Bergen, 74 | The goal is to collect parts for the park's fireworks machine, which had been destroyed by Chip n Dale. The third instalment of the popular racing series launched in 1995. Stars: With so many great options to choose from, there was never a shortage of games to play for fans of the genre. 2-Player Split Screen (2 A.I.) Stars: An interesting feature of this title is that it offers two game modes: simulation and arcade – choosing the latter will mean a simplified driving model. The included editor lets us create hundreds of individual vehicles as well. Jamie Bard, Pat Fraley, 2-Player LAN Single Screen Director: You start in class 1 ... See full summary », T The game takes the player to over ninety rally Special Stages in eight world cup qualifiers. Directors: The game offers eight licensed racing cars, including Dodge Viper, Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, Honda NSX, Lamborghini Diablo, and Ferrari Testarossa. Gary Ware, 86 The player races in locations such as crowded urban areas, winding mountain roads, or never-ending highways. This list will feature the most popular and best-selling racing games that were released for PS. Games on this list include Gran Turismo 2 and Grand Theft Auto… The latter is reflected both in visual damage of cars and in reduced performance of vehicles. Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. 71 Action, Crime, Fantasy. Compete in speed boat races around the world in this PlayStation video game. 4-Player LAN Split Screen Category of games about racing with rivals using various vehicles. Vehicular combat video game set in an alternate 1975. Player’s purpose is to be first on the finish line or to achieve the best lap time possible. Tanja Lennart, At the same time, the title has retained its arcade character. Sam Brown, 90 David Anthony Pizzuto, It offers 18 licensed vehicles from the world's most famous brands and 20 varied tracks that contain traffic, jams and police patrols. Michelle Horn, 75 Dean Andre, Use hoverbikes to complete a race course, similar to modern day motorcross, but with the added ability to traverse water. Production is a spin-off of the popular Micro Machines series. 2-Player Split Screen (2 A.I.) Our favorite Looney Tunes characters joins a big race to see who is the best racer after being promised to be granted a wish by a magical Genie. A racing game that puts a lot of emphasis on realistic recreation of the behavior of cars while driving. Vote for your favorite video games below. Ted Shred, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour. 4-Player Split Screen Multiplayer (No A.I.) Family. | | Sequel to the racing game that was released in 1995 by Electronic Arts and that changed the racing genre. more. Jason Rubin, )Attention to Detail, E Tim Henry, Video game based on a comic caper movie about a plan to steal a gold shipment from the streets of Turin by creating a traffic jam. Special Edition (PAL Only): 10 New Tracks, Improved Physics, Autosave He has at his disposal several difficulty levels, a few challenges and a mode of racing against time. Director: Players sit at the helm of modern antigravity cars, taking part in the ruthless struggles taking place on seven different routes. Motorcycle races enriched with one very diversifying element, namely the fight. Third installment in the Twisted Metal series in which various drivers in modified vehicles must destroy the other vehicles in an attempt to be the last one alive. Co-operative mode is introduced. You are the player who has to race against other cars and crash into them for score points, but beware the rival cars can crash into you and if they total your car, you're out of the race. TOCA Touring Car Championship is based on a racing event, which has been taking place periodically ever since 1958. The authors of Rage Racer have expanded the game a bit, allowing, among other things, to collect funds and buy improvements and new cars with them. Maintained in spying climates, an unusual racing game, in which instead of struggling on the track players perform missions referring to the adventures of Agent 007. Thanks to the new engine utilized by the game, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed offers better physics and more accurately designed car models. Greatest HitsEA Canada, E Race against street racers for keeps or take on the police in Need for Speed: High Stakes. 4-Player Split Screen (No A.I.) As the game progresses, new models of cars with different technical parameters are unlocked. Charles Lance, Players take control of remote-controlled cars and start exciting races on bizarre tracks, such as a toy shop, botanical garden and museum.

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