psalm 27:14 sermon

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The world has boon brought thus far by God with groanings and travailings that cannot be uttered until now, by His own Divine method of patience. Waiting upon the Lord has an effect upon the mind, which in the natural course of things tends to strengthen our courage; for waiting upon God makes men grow small, and dwarfs the world and all its affairs, till we see their real littleness. The pupils of the old philosophers were wont to walk in the groves of Academia till the wise men were ready to come and speak with them; and when any one of the wise men began to speak, the young disciples quietly followed his steps, eagerly catching up every precious sentence which he might utter. The sick man must use the remedy if he would get well. That we are truly in covenant with God. The moral education of the race has gone on, step by step and stage by stage, as men were able to bear it, and able to understand it. THE NECESSITY OF IT. II. And then it inflames the heart with love. 2. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say, on the Lord. 5. THE BENEFIT OF SO WAITING. That is what the word “wait” implies. And so shall it be with us. If we cannot see the manifest proofs that God has been as good to all as he has been to us, we must believe that the evidence will come some time; or, if we cannot see the proofs that he will be good to us - delivering and redeeming us according to our need - we must believe that he is doing all that can be done for us, in seen and unseen ways beyond our power of interpretation. The high places of God are very low. III. II. "The psalmist is speaking to himself, to encourage himself in firmer confidence in God, the believing half of his soul addressing the despondent or weaker half. They were as much serving their country by lying still till the time came as they were by dashing forward when at last the word was given. Be of good courage, you who have newly found Him, to avow your faith. Call upon God; spread the case before Him; tell Him the difficulty; plead His promises. Besides the public ordinances of religion, such as the communion table and Sabbath services, in the use of which we are to wait upon the Lord, there are other means of grace at our service; and still more fully within our reach. Translation, "Oh, if I had not believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!" - S. 1. III. In the midst of trial and opposition we are to wait. 1. III. 4. 3. Psalms 27:14 Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart; wait, I say, on the Lord. 2. WAITING UPON GOD. Water will revive a withering, but not a withered plant; wine will restore a dying, but not a dead man. The woodman began to fell it, but there she sat; the blows of the axe shook the tree, but she never moved, and when it fell she was still upon her nest. For goodness is kindness or benevolence to those who have not merited or deserved it by their character or conduct. Be of good courage in endeavouring to spread the faith which you have received. It is sure to be well with us when we feel and know our folly, and are willing to be guided by God's will. As a beggar waits for alms at the rich man's door. Express unwavering confidence; for unfaithful, untrusting confidence is an insult to the Lord. 1. Patience is born of storm and disaster. They must not stir till the commander-in-chief gives the order, "Up, Guards, and at them!" We are to wait upon God for direction in the entire voyage of life; He is at the helm, and His hand is to steer our course. He was surprised that they had not thought of the temple, where after three days they found Him. WAIT IN FAITH. then will they clear the field and utterly annihilate the foe. COURAGE IS TO BE MAINTAINED. It is said that Wellington kept back the Guards at Waterloo till far into the fight, and it must, I should think, have needed much courage on their part to remain calm and quiet while cannon were roaring, and the battle raging, and the shots flying about them. Psalm 27:14-Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. 6. See here the true fountain of all that courage and boldness which in all ages God's children have shown for God's glory and for the maintenance of His truth (1 Samuel 16:32, 34; Psalm 3:6; Psalm 23:4; Daniel 3:16, 17; Acts 3:13). I. III. No man can explain this, but many of us know what it is. Tribulation worketh patience. Faith without works is dead. AN ACTIVE WAITING. We are of like nature, and every time we are driven to our God, though we be dashed upon Him by defeat, we grow strong again, and our adversary's attempt is foiled. The text is a summary of the entire psalm. THEY THAT WAIT ON THE LORD SHALL RECEIVE STRENGTH. Never let it be said that a soldier of the Cross flinched in the day of battle. Believe that though He keeps us tarrying He will come at the right time and will not tarry. That beforehand, in the days of peace, we beware of sin, and break off the cause thereof by true repentance. This may mean one or both of two things. "Wait on the Lord; be strong, and let thine heart take courage; yea, wait on the Lord. IV. God sees, as we do not, all the consequences of granting our desires. (2) Sometimes the servant will have to wait in absolute inaction, and this is not always to the taste of energetic minds. Intercession has great influence with God. II. The Holy Spirit is ever ready to help us. As learners for instruction. Those who will not help themselves will not be helped of Heaven. It means that at the present time you are in a very difficult way, in which you do not want to wait. Our past successes should help us to this, and even some of our failures, when we see how they might have been avoided. That we be upright-hearted towards God (2 Chronicles 16:9; Psalm 18:2). 2. WAIT IN QUIET PATIENCE. The water lies far below the surface; and to the men of the world, the mere professor of religion who has the name but not the faith of a Christian, we may say, as the woman said to our Lord, "Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep." "My father knows what I have need of, and I am sure he will give it me.". Wear your colours before the face of all men. Believingly to wait upon the Lord, pleading the all-prevailing name of Jesus, is the suppliant's best posture. AN HUMBLE WAITING. But why, then, are men not always the better for the ordinances of religion? All the rest of the verse may be compared to the figures of an account, and this closing verse is the casting up of the whole — waiting on the Lord is the path of wisdom. Be of good courage, in making self-sacrifices for the cause of Christ. "To him that believeth all things are possible" - believeth in God and believeth in himself. The counsel that God is giving to us in Psalm 27:14 is spoken in the context of suffering and sorrow and difficulty. 1. Love will make the most timid creature strong; and, oh, beloved, if you love Christ you will defy all fear, and count all hazards undergone for Him to be your joy. It is not non-resisting. 3. There is no alternative for us as believers. The lowly in heart find Him. Find Top Church Sermons, Illustrations, and Preaching Slides on Psalm 27:14. God is on our side, and will help with the direct aid of his Spirit all who are aiming at the right. He came for the sake of the whole world to redeem the world, and He limited Himself of His own accord to twelve humble men, and He limited Himself still further, and He went on, over and over again, teaching these twelve men, preparing that morsel of soil for the precious seed. There is nothing so strengthening to our whole nature - nothing that so nerves us to meet danger and difficulties - as the doing all that we know to be the will of God - doing all known duty. Things are possible to courageous minds which are impossible to weak, cowardly hearts. WAITING UPON GOD SUSTAINS COURAGE. O that His steps among the stars would quicken!

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