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However, if your card is issued by a UK provider and used at a UK merchant, enforcement doesn’t apply until September 14. These offerings are not a sign that the challenger banks are about to topple the large incumbents. We already have the technical capabilities for data sharing, and the regulatory framework is not insurmountable. There is certainly appetite to expand offerings. The hard deadline for PSD2 compliance is the 14th September 2021, but banks can start declining payments from the 1st January 2021, so you’ll need to be ready by the end of this year to avoid a … Additionally, there is also the risk of SCA itself. portfolio, Hear industry leaders speak on trust-based ecommerce, Come mingle, share ideas and gain insights, Get insight into current trends and insights. Furthermore, banks have a unique perspective into their customers’ behaviours, needs and desires. In addition, SCA will be a big change for consumers too; one that would be difficult to ease them into, particularly against such a fast-approaching deadline. SMS One Time Password (OTP) - Is it SCA compliant or not. We all know that retail banking has changed significantly: you can see that in the proliferation of apps and the fact that, in pre-pandemic times, the morning and evening commute are peak times for transactions as people arrange their finances while sitting in trains, buses and subways. Legacy systems and processes simply can’t handle it. - The FCA is strongly encouraging other competent authorities to also consider a delay due to COVID-19. Accelerates expansion of their global network of trust across merchants, banks, and payment providers to fight fraud together. Banks will no longer simply be just a place to deposit and withdraw your cash, but a one-stop-shop for a range of data-sensitive services. The goal of SCA is to strengthen the security of online transactions, The deadline extension should however be seen as more of a ‘grace period’, as payment service providers are still expected to be working towards SCA compliance by September 14th. By Marcin Nadolny, Head of Regional Fraud & Security Practice at SAS. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. It’s how quickly companies can realistically achieve it. The issue with OTPs however, is that anyone who intercepts an OTP can abuse SCA, and it's much easier to do that than you might think. With the original PSD2 deadline 6 months behind us, and the new March 2021 deadline approaching, find out how merchants can prepare. Before the deadline extension, many payment service providers were faced with having to implement SCA in anyform… rather than implementing it as effectively as possible. With a team of highly professional financial experts and customer service representatives, the bank embraces each customer’s diverse needs to ensure customary, efficient, and trustworthy experiences from start to finish. The deadline extension should however be seen as more of a ‘grace period’, as payment service providers are still expected to be working towards SCA compliance by September 14th. The new deadline will shift from 14 March 2021 to 14 September 2021. The deadline extension is great news for payment service providers all across the EU, as it offers an increased timeframe to provide customers with a stable, secure and safe form of SCA. , businesses that understand how to maintain PSD2 compliance with the least possible friction will gain a huge advantage. Forter’s Adaptive Authentication capabilities. Already known for being the safest place for money, there are opportunities for banks to expand that relationship to other aspects of the customer relationship. Registered in England No. “Merchants fear this high level of decline and abandonment,” McMurtrie said. These cookies do not store any personal information. Copyright © 2010-2020 GBAF Publications Ltd - All Rights Reserved. Banks are in prime position to follow the example of these top tier tech companies thanks to their monopoly on key financial data. This ensures a better overall experience for customers, resulting in lower rates of cart abandonment and higher approval rates for the merchant. consider partnering with a trusted security partner like us here at JT. Recognising this, regulators decided to extend the September 14th deadline. Well, established banks have legacy in spades. This potentially leaves payment service providers susceptible to unauthorisedparties potentially gaining access to sensitive and confidential information. Firstly, the top banks have enough cash to fund this overhaul of their business models. Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK. Although the full enforcement deadline for SCA is 31 December, 2020, some banks have already begun to enforce SCA by declining a portion of payments that are not SCA-ready (see table below). In order to cope, banks need to have systems in place that are able to assess for fraud at huge volumes and in real time. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) refers to the requirement of two forms of customer identification before authorising a customer’s purchase. This means that active enforcement of SCA will start from January 1 2021 in continental Europe, but will not be enforced in the UK until September 14 of next year. mobile phone), Inherence – Something the user “is” (e.g. This has resulted in new compliance delays being put in place for merchants. More banks should consider how open banking can maximise their digital capabilities and create a greater range of services for customers to enjoy. Barclays Bank PLC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register number: 122702). This builds a picture of “normal” behaviour against which banks can measure transactions. Not all payment service providers have the resources available to implement the technology necessary for SCA in such a short timeframe. Further, as the original September 2019 deadline loomed, many countries (including the UK) signaled delays in PSD2 enforcement. After this date, any merchant that fails to comply with the requirements for SCA will run the risk of lower authorization rates. Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Fraud fingerprint). Adequate anti-fraud protection is required by the regulation. We will continue to share updates with you to support your business with this important transition. As always, if you have any questions, let’s talk. This ensures a better overall experience for customers, resulting in lower rates of cart abandonment and higher approval rates for the merchant. However, incumbent institutions have so far not engaged enthusiastically. Emerging technologies, such as predictive models, network analytics and anomaly detection, all have the power to increase your efficiency in finding and fighting fraud. We often talk about legacy holding companies back, restricting their speed of operations and hampering their ability to adapt. Authentication is core to payment processing in Europe, so if your digital transactions are not authenticated, you will be expected to implement a solution before your business is impacted. Contact us today. Banks are under pressure to change because challengers don’t have the legacy constraints of incumbents and because PSD2 and open banking regulations are having the intended effect of promoting banking as a service, delivering transparency and greater competition. Therefore we continue to caution clients with European presence to continue to get ready at pace. Compliance will require many changes to anti-fraud and customer identification processes. The deadline for the rest of the European Economic Area (EEA) remains 31 December 2020. The question now is not whether PSD2 compliance should remain at the top of the priority list. Now that the deadline has been extended however, payment service providers can take advantage of this period to implement the right form of SCA for both themselves and their customers. They’d like banks to be secure but also to be advisors, enable flexible movement of assets between accounts, provide useful data analytics, be cloud- and mobile-friendly and offer deals that are specifically targeted at their interests. While the public rarely holds bankers in high regard, it still puts a high level of trust in banking institutions. The Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report 2020/2021 is endorsed by Merchant Risk Council, Marketplace Risk, and The Fraud Practice.

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