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Its risk management module lets you identify, analyze, treat, and monitor risks with support for risks, mitigations, tasks and risk cubes. Establish KRIs to provide an early warning of potential changes to risk exposure. During this time we have been able to demonstrate to multiple authorities and regulators our process safety logic in a clear concise methodology utilising the suite of reporting functions and graphical bowties. Used separately or in combination, our software modules are flexible and scalable to meet your organization's needs. The user interface is laid-out intuitively and has several unique features that, relative to alternative solutions on the market, help reduce the amount of time is takes to develop quantitative risk models. The IntegrityNext platform automatically obtains the required supplier self-assessments and certificates while monitoring social media for malpractice and reputational risks. Powerful stand-alone GRC software modules. 2 0 obj Smart Software offers Smart IP&O, an integrated set of native web applications for demand planning, inventory optimization, risk management, and supply chain analytics. Suitable for medium and large organizations. It is suitable for use by safety engineers who are seeking to enhance their safety analyses. This organizing capability makes for easy navigation between the potentially large numbers of event sequence diagram models, and tailors the risk scenarios to the particular conditions of a mission phase. Parapet enables you to integrate your end-to-end Risk Management. At every step of the way we’ve cut costs, improved engagement with the workforce and we know more about our risks and controls than ever. A powerful aid for conducting PRA, you can construct and quantify risk scenario models, estimate numerical risk levels, and identify major risk contributors. QRM's business model requires results. Reporting features support the unambiguous sharing of information for the internal revision and external audits. Do you consider elements that could adversely affect your organization's mission, proposal, production, finances, design, acquisition, schedule, requirements, and management? The value of Meercat RiskView to our business increases daily. Manufacturing. Modular structure to expand into GRC SW. Integrated Risk Management GRC solution for managing your InfoSec compliance and risk program. COVID-19 Risk Management Resource Hub → GO NOW. Define possible risk scenarios, and capture the possible impact, probability and cost associated with a risk event. Build fault trees in the traditional way by adding gates and events in the diagram, Build fault trees using a hierarchical view, by adding gates and events to hierarchy nodes, Fault tree diagram and hierarchy are automatically kept synchronized, Change sizes and colors of gates and events, fonts, labels and text boxes, Add text, header and footer information directly to diagrams, Unavailability and uncertainty calculations, Re-use of fault tree models across multiple event sequence diagrams, Standard visualization as well as condensed tree-views, Hierarchical and tree views of fault tree, Effortlessly creates, reviews and analyses multiple fault tree and ESDs simultaneously, Merge all or a portion of a fault tree to create a master fault tree, Manage fault trees from multiple projects, Allow creation of a fault tree by reusing all, or a portion, of an existing project, Copy and paste gates and events between projects and fault trees, Export of models and results to Microsoft Word, Excel and Access, Extensive reporting capabilities using Crystal ReportsT, Link fault tree logic to other fault trees or gates. Quantivate's products offer fast and flexible implementation — your organization can be up and running with a new GRC solution in days or weeks, not months or years. Fluix is used to conduct safety, quality control, and operations inspections across different industries (construction, utilities, transportation, facility management, etc.). The Risk Framework™ combines the advice of a consulting firm, knowledge of a financial research firm, and models developed with the expertise of an information technology company, to create a comprehensive foundation upon which a financial institution can build an enterprise risk management practice. Toggle navigation. VelocityEHS' Risk Management solution brings all the tools together that you need to manage risk and assurance in any industry and for any type of risk. A risk management platform that empowers organizations to manage risk across their unique landscape of applications and operating systems. Enablon provides the most complete EHS, Risk and Sustainability Management software on the market designed for Fortune 500 companies. Event Sequence Diagrams (ESD) describe the possible risk scenarios following potential perturbations of normal system operations. We integrated the VelocityEHS' Risk Management solution into our Business in 2011 and since then have been active users to maintain our risk registers and control measures associated with critical controls. The leader in identifying and mitigating risk in business-critical spreadsheets across an organization. On the computational side, iQRAS offers state-of-the-art algorithms that are both highly efficient and, unlike conventional solution methods used in most other tools, are not subject to often significant approximation errors. Risk Cloud is an end-to-end suite of applications that blend flexibility and out-of-the-box functionality to aggregate, manage, and mitigate the entire landscape of risk within an organization. > Quantitative and Probabilistic Risk Assessment, > Extensive Report Generation Capabilities. Remove spreadsheet pain by utilizing a single system of record. Quantitative Risk Analysis tools and techniques include but are not limited to: Three Point Estimate – a technique that uses the optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic values to determine the best estimate. turn to quantitative risk management (QRM) explicitly and set out our own views concerning the nature of this discipline and the challenge it poses. GOAT is founded and built by a risk practitioner, regularly publishing practical risk advice that resonates with the C-suite. This intelligence is delivered across the most critical on-premises and cloud IT systems in a unified way. For over 20 years, QRM has partnered with clients to enhance their ability to measure risk, identify profitable opportunities, and make sound financial decisions. Our Clients. With DefendX Software File Auditor, you have an immediate view of who is accessing which documents across your entire storage environment. You set the appropriate context to analyze, assess, monitor, and respond to risk, and integrate your data across the enterprise to make informed decisions. With Fusion Framework, you will see greater productivity and more impactful risk data as you establish your shared information foundation and program taxonomy. Identify, assess, treat, track and report on risks with confidence. Are you protected against that risk? Everysk enables money managers of any size with multi-asset risk engine integrated with an automation platform. Quickly browse through hundreds of Risk Management tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. Save time and manage risk by switching from paper-based processes to digital ones. With the ability to track the interactions between an application and the OS, TOPIA mitigates risk before it can become a threat to an organization¿s integrity. The architecture allows organizations of all sizes to interconnect people and systems to design and run processes seamlessly. The platform provides security intelligence to identify security holes, detect anomalies in user behavior and investigate threat patterns in time to prevent real damage. Log In ; Register; Kathy, December 13, 2019 August 27, 2020, Risk Management, 0 . End-to-end risk management, which can create heat/ opportunity maps automatically. The new environment provides an extensive set of editing and reporting capabilities, in line with those found in ITEM ToolKit, our flagship suite of tools for reliability, availability, maintainability and safety analysis. Do you have to analyze multiple or single factors to address the uncertainties when reducing your risk? This section in particular should give more insight into our choice of methodological topics in the rest of the book.

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