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Despite there being all the evidence to back up the amazing, of continuity of care for women and their carer, the NHS isn’t currently in the position to support it. How long have you worked as a midwife? Tomorrow I will be meeting my midwife for the first time! Spicy or fatty foods can intensify symptoms of morning sickness, so try eating plain food and see if it makes a difference. READ MORE: Hospital bag checklist – what to pack for the birth. This is dependent on your chosen place of birth. LinkedIn. A dating scan between 10 and 12 weeks, where markers for Downs Syndrome can also be checked. However, if you’re healthy and experiencing a normal pregnancy, this is what’s advised: Your health care provider should assess your individual needs and make a plan with you regarding how many appointments you should be offered and the timing of these appointments. The above midwife interview questions are not an all-inclusive list and some you may skip altogether. Not all of the questions will apply to you and you will no doubt have extra questions that are specific to your situation or preferences. My SO and I are going to meet with a mid wife. In this case, your midwife will break the bag after your baby is born. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these questions and if there are any other questions that you think I should add to the list. If you want a VBAC, ask your doctor or midwife these questions. You will of course experience a gush of warm water immediately, and your waters will continue to leak for the duration of your labour. If the answer is yes then you there are things you can do beforehand to prepare you and your partner for the experience. Having your waters broken involves a vaginal examination and the medical professional will then break your water sack with a crochet hook like device. Do you work alone or in a team during labor? However, your choice of doctor or midwife will have a significant impact on your birth. Bexxie1. Just hit ‘Like’ on our Baby Facebook page, and ‘Follow’ on our @BabyMagazineUK Twitter account and you’re all set! Will I have the same midwife throughout my journey? Be sure to ask specifically about vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) rates if you have had a previous c-section. In this case, you may feel a small gush of warm water followed by a trickle that continues, or you may simply notice your underwear is wet and you may have to wear a pad. Want more information and inspiration on everything parenting and lifestyle? What support will I receive after the birth? Most symptoms during pregnancy are part and parcel with the hormonal and physical changes and are nothing to worry about on their own, but combined with other symptoms they may be a sign of special circumstances and that you may need additional care. for our weekly newsletter and get zero bullshit birth prep and much more to your inbox once a week! What does a typical appointment look like? Ask questions if you want to know more or don't understand something. If the answer is yes then you there are things you can do beforehand to prepare you and your partner for the experience. Questions for Interviewing a Midwife. Have you decided how to have your baby? Absolutely. Most women will be offered the following: At around 20 to 22 weeks, you should be offered a detailed anomaly scan, which shows your baby is healthy and looks at where your placenta is situated. Morning sickness is a very normal symptom of pregnancy, but it can make those first few weeks difficult. You’re likely anxious to find out the specifics of your prenatal care. 45+ GOOD QUESTIONS — for you home birth midwife. Here's what you need to know as you choose where to have your baby. Terms & Conditions | Check with your travel provider regarding their restrictions on pregnant passengers. At the end of the first appointment, your midwife will give you your maternity notes in a book or a folder. Often drinking large quantities at a time can upset your stomach further. Questions you might like to ask a private midwife about the care they will provide during labour and the birth of your baby may include: What things can I do to manage my pain at home? But the more information you give your care provider the better they can prepare you for the months ahead. Even if it wasn’t what you wanted. It’s another freaking huge list of questions, guys. Here's a list of 20 third trimester pregnancy questions to ask your doctor or midwife when you go in for your next visit. To me, informed decision making is the key to this and, bonus points it to help you feel more in control. If you choose to birth at home, you should be able invite whoever you choose. TIA for any help you can give me. A midwife you can trust and feel comfortable with is worth her weight in gold. These notes are a record of your health, appointments and test results in pregnancy. This is most likely to happen during labour, and often just before baby is born. However, statistics vary greatly between trusts and health care providers, and I would advise researching the rates at your chosen unit and/or with your chosen birth provider. This increases to 63 per cent in a birth centre, 69 per cent in a planned home birth, and 71 per cent in a freestanding birth centre. I always think it’s helpful to have a. in place and knowing when and you will receive support after your baby is born is useful shit to know! Sometimes your waters do not break, and that is fine too. There are some areas of the world that are not advisable to travel to, after the recent Zika virus concerns you may want to consider staying away from the South American countries affected. You can also check out this great NHS resource to compare local places of birth. You are within your rights to change. Or would you be with a team of two or three? If you are feeling anxious or fearful of the birth then your midwife can signpost you to a local hypnobirthing class and they usually will have contacts for other local classes such as pregnancy yoga to support your physical and mental wellbeing. 20 Questions to Ask A Midwife. It’s ALWAYS best to mention it to your midwife; even if it’s your next appt. Always check the Government’s foreign travel advice for up-to-date information on your destination, and bear in mind that you might require vaccinations for some destinations and they may or may not be recommended in pregnancy. Not sure where you want to birth? The second way is called a forewater leak. You can check out the facilities, look at what birthing props they have and check out how you can adapt the rooms.

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