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The Saturn version had you earning extra continues, which made the game easier, so the difficulty in this version is still pretty high, but it can be dealt with. Locales, vehicles and weapons have the look and feel... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. It still has polygon models that aren’t very detailed and it still has backgrounds that are a bit grainy.Cutscenes are done in two different ways. Chaining has been fixed in this mode to allow for easier leveling up too. Like most games by developer Treasure, Radiant Silvergun is an acquired taste, but this version is a fantastic port of a classic shooter. The voice acting may be in Japanese, but it’s spot on. The SEGA Saturn cult favorite remains incredible 13 years later. It actually has a story and cutscenes, for one thing. The artist who did this was Han, one of Treasure’s most hardworking artists, but somehow, it seems that his style may not have been the best choice for this game. Please log in or register to continue. And the scoffers? The entire planet is empty, with only The Stone-Like drones and wreckage of what was once civilization left. It's. Redaktion MANIAC.de - 14. Para mi uno de los 20 mejores juegos de la historia. … … It’s been harnessed and enslaved by the main antagonist and forced into serving him. Generally favorable reviews It's clear many people seem intent to punish the game with low review scores because they lack this patience, or don't understand what they're playing. The graphics have been pumped up to look better, the legendary soundtrack is completely intact, the story is entirely in English subtitles so everyone can understand it, and the gameplay is identical to the Saturn version’s. Another Treasure XBLA release, Ikaruga, is a sequel of sorts to Radiant Silvergun, and the two games have many similarities. Unsure of the kind of threat that awaits them, they fly through the wreckage of the world to find The Stone-Like and bring it to justice for annihilating so many people.The story takes on a very dark and sometimes depressing tone. Casual and younger gamers should watch out though, since the game is just as hard as back in the day and can demand some serious grinding. The shoot ‘em up gameplay that made this a legend remains unchanged, but a hidden "Ikaruga-style" shooting mode gives everyone something new. [November 2011, p.83]. ... Radiant Silvergun review Still crazy after all these years By Britton_Peele 19 September 2011. Radiant Silvergun is for crazy people. It takes the Saturn version, one of the best games on the Saturn, improves on it in many ways, and it even got released outside of Japan. Well, the joke is finally on them. Things get really weird toward the end of the game, taking on a very cynical worldview and finding out just why exactly The Stone-Like is so eager to kill so many people.Presentation-Radiant Silvergun’s graphics have been pumped up. Unless you absolutely despise the genre, Radiant Silvergun is a game that needs to be in your collection. Buster is the Player 1 character. It makes learning the game much easier. In the classic vertically-scrolling Japanese arcade shooter Triggerheart Exelica, each weapon has a different combat ... 1942: Joint Strike takes place during a seemingly WWII like era. Sometimes the Silverguns will take to each other through their radios, even joking a few times to lighten the mood, but they all know just how doomed humanity is in the face of The Stone-Like. Extremely steep learning curve and absurdly hardcore difficulty await you here, but there are. It's impressive to see how thirteen years later, Radiant Silvergun is still among the finest shoot 'em ups ever made. Radiant Silvergun Genre: Shooter Developer: Treasure Publisher: Microsoft Release Date: 09/14/11. It may not have the visual class of its younger cousin Ikaruga, but there is no other 32-bit era game that shines like this today; a true classic that is available to the world at last. Is RSG worth downloading? The polygon count is much higher now, meaning that everything looks much smoother than the Saturn version and has less jagged edges. 0. Every enemy has a color. Online co-op is also quite spotty -- very difficult to find a match, and when you do, your game may be filled with lag. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Quite sad. Radiant Silvergun, restored by Treasure, is now available! Radiant Silvergun is fast, colorful, extremely difficult and surely not your casual, everyday shooter. Getting this thing is highly recommended to anyone who is into shmups and anyone who owns an X-Box 360.Story- Shmups don’t usually have good stories, but Radiant Silvergun is different. 25 Critic Reviews, Generally favorable reviews- based on 28 Ratings, Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace. Radiant Silvergun doesn't just hold its own against the contemporary competition, but offers the classic game with different graphical skins and a host of options to reach a far wider audience than ever had the chance to experience its excellence before. But it's still bloody brilliant fun, even if it's beyond the skills of most gamers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. But if you don't mind working for every inch of progress and using your noodle more than usual, you'll happily spent innumerable hours perfecting your patrols through enemy space. With excessive amount of weapons, breathtaking boss rushes, killer difficulty and a complicated combo system Radiant Silvergun is just too much - and awesome for that reason. He pilots the blue ship and can be kind of a joker, but he knows when to turn it off when things get dangerous. The supposed XBLA release of Radiant Silvergun seemed like an impossible dream to many gamers, though it has finally arrived, and in glorious fashion.

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