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A Woolworths spokesperson said accurate labelling that provides appropriate information was a “priority – where a product is filled in a pork casing, it is clearly indicated as ‘filled in a hog casing’. Made specifically for a use i.e. Soak for at least one hour before using. Whilst each individual chitterling varies, the diameter is approx. Used for making various types of Salami and Scottish Haggis. Brats, Brots & Polish Woolworths Pork Sausage 600g Woolworths Pork Sausage 600g. Beef casings have the most distinct odour compared to any other natural casing. "This is clearly and accurately declared in the ingredient statement.”. The company's quite humble beginning, in the basement of a Hancock home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, had one very important outcome in mind- to make great, quality sausage. “The fact that the product contains pork is clearly indicated on the product label as per the labelling regulations. company's quite humble beginning, in the basement of a Hancock by a German immigrant by the name of Richard Vollwerth. Nippi casings are the best quality collagen sausage casing available. Frozen Bulk Pork Sausage The Shoprite Checkers had not responded to questions at the time of publication. The smallest members of the sausage-casing world, sheep casings’ gossamer-thin skins lend sausages their uniquely delicate ‘snap’ or bite. Being man-made, collagen casings provide unrivalled consistency with shape and diameter. home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, had one very important Commercials. They do not require soaking before use … Closed at one end, they are well-suited for making various types of Salami and Scottish Haggis. The Stores that For example, a 19mm Collagen Casing can be stuffed by using both a 10mm stuffing tube or a 12mm stuffing tube, but, if you use the larger 12mm stuffing tube, the slight difference in the opening of the stuffing tube will make it easier to force sausage out of the sausage stuffer into that small stuffing tube and thus your casing. Snack Sticks, Summer Sausage & Salami (Chub Products) Provides a smooth and transparent outer surface, that offers durability on commercial stuffing equipment. Hog casings, once cleaned, naturally have small capillaries (whiskers) that once allowed nutrients from within a pigs food source to pass into their bloodstream. Sheep bungs (caps) are the cleaned appendixes of sheep and range from 55-60mm in diameter and 300mm-400mm in length. These casings are of the finest quality, come packed in salt in a resealable bag to ensure freshness. Sliced Lunch Meats & Chunks Sheep casings are the smallest members of the sausage-casing world. As the superman of sausage skins, the wall of a beef casing is around five times thicker than the wall of its hog cousin. Can be used for Bologna, Capicola, Mortadella and whole muscle Salamis. They also aid as a barrier against contamination during the drying and curing process. Vollwerth & Co. was started in 1915 Their transparent patina allows clear visibility of ingredients, and they yield a thicker sausage than sheep. But it’s not right, it should say on the front ‘contains pork’ especially for old people who can’t read the fine print,” Naicker said. Through a series of processes collagen fibres are separated and extracted from cattle hides to be further refined into a pliable, edible, membrane. 68-72mm and 240mm in length. Save to list + Average product rating out of 5: 4.3. They were dedicated to making the finest quality sausage using Natural casing packed in salt, closed at one end. Sausage Pricker. “A sausage can be 75% mutton, beef or pork which is absolutely wrong, it is misleading. Pick n Pay Group executive for corporate affairs and group strategy David North said: “Ingredient listing is very important for customers seeking particular information, as is certification for some communities, such as Halaal or Kosher. Soak around one hour before using. They do not require soaking before use and are sold in different strengths depending on your specific cooking preference. carry our products. Used for making various types of Salami more commonly Italian Nduja. An essential for sausage making! If you’re looking for sausage recipes, then you’re in the right place. Small threads or whiskers appear when intestines are knife cut at the slaughterhouse. Vollwerth Ground Beef  Soak for at least two hours prior to using, better still overnight. With over 40 years combined experience in cleaning and selecting natural sausage casings from within Australia and New Zealand, we pride ourselves on providing well-priced, quality products.

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