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window.fbAsyncInit = function() { 6 Different 1. Examples of selective breeding in a sentence, how to use it. Selective Breeding. 1. a population of insects develops resistance to a pesticide after farmers repeatedly use the same pesticide to kill the insects. Selective breeding of domesticated animals has also resulted in the generation of diverse breeds of offspring. The animals which are left in the population go on to reproduce, whilst genes controlling for the undesirable traits are removed from the population. Poachers, who hunt and kill rhinoceros and elephants for valuable rhino-horn and ivory, have in recent years caused unintentional selection for animals with smaller horns and tusks. Selective breeding allows only those animals with wanted characteristics to produce the next generation. }); Selective breeding uses, Selecting many favorable traits to incorporate into the breeding program. appId : '1225763470894084', The selective breeding that created the hundreds of modern dog breeds has put purebred dogs at risk for a large number of health problems, affecting both body and behavior. The highly specific traits that are selectively bred into dogs can come at a huge disadvantage to their health. The same process occurred with domesticated animals such as sheep (bred for thicker wool), chickens (considerably larger than their wild ancestors), and cattle (bred for more muscle mass or increased milk yield). Almost all of the food consumed by modern humans has been selectively bred over thousands of years. Which of the following is an example of selective breeding? Artificial selection, also known as selective breeding, is a nice way of saying that humans have guided the evolution of other animals until they become mutants. placement: 'Below Article Thumbnails', If you are still not sure what to do you can contact us for help. Selective breeding programs that concentrate on a small subset of genes determining a limited group of desired characteristics often use a small number of individuals as the "founder population" for all the descendents. usually this is practiced on by plants and animals. Today there are over 400 breeds of dog, meaning they have the widest phenotype range of any mammal. Selective breeding is not always beneficial to humans. This process is a example of selective breeding. Selective breeding is the traditional method for improving crops and livestock, such as increasing disease resistance or milk yield. Genetic modification is fast, but selective breeding … With population numbers greatly reduced due to hunting pressure, it is possible that elephant tusks could disappear entirely. chihuahuas) were selectively bred for their dimunitive size. Selective breeding is the process by which humans control the breeding of organisms in order to exhibit or eliminate a particular characteristic. 1. _taboola.push({ Although selective breeding can increase the prevalence of desirable traits by increasing the frequency of favorable genes within the gene pool, undesirable traits, which can cause hereditary health problems, can also increase as a consequence of inbreeding. beagles) were typically bred to be smaller in stature so as to enter fox holes, Herding dogs (e.g. Examples of selective breeding in a sentence, how to use it. 5. Lesson Overview Meeting Ecological Challenges Selective Breeding The differences among breeds of dogs are great. The procedure involves identifying certain desirable features and finding two members of a species that exhibit the particular feature. Selective breeding uses artificial selection to direct the genetic transfer of desirable traits. Definition noun The intentional breeding of organisms with desirable trait in an attempt to produce offspring with similar desirable characteristics or with improved traits. 2 Line Breeding. Dog breeding. This process is a example of selective breeding. Why do humans selectively breed fruits? 4. Not only can the lack of genetic diversity within the gene pool lead to hereditary health problems, dogs that are bred with deliberately accentuated physical features can suffer from their unnatural physical form., November 12, 2016. Today, the breeding of wheat is a more scientific process; individuals with specific genes are identified and bred to create plants that have improved nutritional content, more intense flavors, and require less fertilizer or pesticide applications. js.src = ""; Horses have been selectively bred across many generations to produce variation according to a targeted function Around 10,000 years ago when humans began living in permanent or semi-permanent settlements, they started to cultivate their own crops and herd flocks of livestock for the first time. It is widely speculated that these animals were first domesticated by humans for hunting and protection, although modern dogs have been bred for a variety of reasons, such as companionship, performing particular tasks, entertainment, or for aesthetic purposes. Selective breeding is the process by which humans control the breeding of organisms in order to exhibit or eliminate a particular characteristic. 3. Same 1. When did humans begin to selectively breed livestock and crops? The term ‘artificial selection’ was first coined by Charles Darwin in his book On the Origin of Species to describe how humans had mirrored the process of natural selection through selective breeding. greyhounds) were specifically bred to be sleek and fastÂ, Toy dogs (e.g. target_type: 'mix'   Almost every fruit and vegetable eaten today is a product of artificial selection. 1. an example of selective breeding is crossing a poodle and a labor-doodle that have desired traits. The desirable phenotypic traits are passed from parents to offspring via their genes. They are both controlled by people 2. Home‎ > ‎Methods of selective breeding‎ > ‎ Examples.

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