sennheiser e965 vs neumann kms 105

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However, you should take note that they have a few differences, hence some of their features aren’t alike. Pin It. This product review will compare the two products to help you arrive at the appropriate microphone than you have been looking for. This microphone can easily eliminate any ‘muffling’ or ‘clouding’ of the sound because no foam is used in the basket. Learn More. Click here to purchase Neumann KMS 105 on Amazon! In addition, the e965 incorporates an innovative dual-diaphragm capsule hence making it a true condenser-handled microphone with a large diaphragm. to avoid being bulky. The mike is free from possible impact during transit or performance and from airborne contaminants, thanks to its hardened mesh head. Telefunken U47 vs Neumann U47 Review. dosn't get the job done how? You can learn more about these two microphones using this product review and choose the microphone that perfectly fits your objectives and intention of use. When you have a quick glance at the two Sennheiser microphones, you will easily assume that they resemble each other’s features. TW. Apart from being known as one of the best brands in the market that produce high quality studio microphones, Neumann has an advanced version of their microphones with better standards and can still be purchased at an affordable price. Available in black (kms 105 black) and silver (kms 105 silver) finish. Steve Steele February 5, 2012 @10:46am. In addition, it is important to take note that neither of these microphones is neutral-sounding in case you are looking for a neutral vocal condenser microphone. This stage condenser vocal microphone will send your voice into another realm since it is an excellent dynamic microphone engineered to achieve the best quality vocals. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Pin It. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. For example, the e965 includes a dual-diaphragm with switchable pick-up patterns (supercardioid and cardioid). Learn More. On the other hand, to assist in eliminating wind noise and rumble, this microphone features a 10Db pad and a low-cut switch. The E 965 cuts through with extreme clarity and presence. Comparing the two products above (Rode s1 and Neumann kms 105, respectively), it is clearly evident that the microphones have been made to perform their specific purpose, however much they might look alike. The Sennheiser e965 large-diaphragm stage condenser vocal microphone comes with 40Hz-20 kHz frequency response, 10Db Pad, low-cut switch, super cardioid pickup and switchable cardioid patterns. A very high level of gain before feedback is achieved, thanks to the tight supercardioid polar pattern and the coloration-free off axis response. Color. In case you are a singer, you will not have any problem holding the e865 for long periods of performance time since it is designed in a pretty solid design that comes with a weight less than 1 lb. What do you mean by this? For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base. Sennheiser e965 does not lack richness; it may be a bit less hyped than Neumann KMS 105 but it has more depth to it. The manufacturers have worked hard to ensure that one can achieve the best sound with high quality standards by utilizing and including all the best features in condenser microphone technology. The e865 vocal microphone also comes with a refined steel and a sound inlet basket. In addition, it is not only lightweight, but also comes with a luxurious looking design. The s1 will work perfectly well with most mixing consoles that are compatible with its standards, hence it will require P48V phantom supply. For a very deep voice, it could perhaps use a bit of external low cut in a supercardioid mode (according to taste), as larger diaphragm moves the proximity response to a lower frequency. (I'd like to try the PL80a and the D5.

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