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Ha una grande passione per il Giappone e per gli Anime, ama i Giochi di Ruolo, tra i suoi titoli preferiti : Final Fantasy VII e Suikoden V, gioca spesso anche a Senran Kagura Estival Versus. The room would smell of sex and he would end up panting, resting atop her body. Cibo favorito: Soumen Noodle Broth, eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'giochigiapponesi_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_15',118,'0','0']));Fonte : Ex Studente del 3 anno dell’accademia Hebijo, Haruka(春花) debutta in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls, e diventa persnaggio giocabile in Senran Kagura Burst. Compleanno: January 19th Marie Rose | Gruppo Sanguigno: B Gruppo Sanguigno: O A part of a now-formerly all-girls elite team of voluptuous shinobi! December, 23rd (Capricorn) She continues to babble feverishly about the Hibari Kingdom. At least, he tried to anyway: what with Yagyū now smirking, sinking down to his dick and sucking him off again to "clean" his member. Kula Diamond | Yagyū wanders into Mt Orochi village and finds Imu, Kafuru and Shiki. E’ terrorizzata dalle altre persone e il suo pupazzo è il suo unico amico, tende a stare per i fatti suoi e non ama la compagnia, fatta eccezione per sua sorella Imu, Murasaki(紫) fa la sua prima comparsa in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. She admits that she's always wished to have an older sister, and asks to play for a bit. Hobby Origin That moment marked the first time he felt the most sacred spot on a woman. Kuro took that opportunity to reflect on the moment. In fact, I personally ship Asuka and Homura. She is voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Bryn Apprill in the English version of the anime. Senran Kagura Specials Episodi Sub-Ita: 01 – Un’eccitante presa delle misure – Wstream – StreamZ – Aparat 02 – Devo nascondere le nudità di Hibari! Meanwhile, Kuro kneads her unattended breast with his left hand, licking them as if wanting to taste every single inch. Unnamed ParentsNozomi (younger sister; deceased) Imu asks Yagyū if she's OK, and Yagyū thinks she's another Hibari too. Kuro's hand stayed on Yagyū's breast, frozen, and not doing anything. Although a freshman, Yagyū has considerable talent for her age and school year. It's just… I was about to, y'know, 'let loose.'" Katsuragi (葛城) fa la sua prima apparizione in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls. All gone. Età: 16 "Don't…? Sure enough, seconds later her body was wracked with convulsions as nirvana hit. as it turns out, she omitted one crucial piece of evidence before they started. Età: 81 Disclaimer: I do not own Senran Kagura. Tears of both pain and joy streamed from her eye as she became joined with the man who she had inadvertently fallen for. Yagyū says it must be Hibari because she smells like sweets. She moaned, legs dangling a tad each time he pounded into her as he kissed her neck and slowed down. His face was red. Yagyū is a character from the Senran Kagura videogame series. She leaned her face in, offering her lips to Kuro. Now that the tender part was almost finished, she opened her mouth wide, and moved forward until his cock was enveloped in her mouth, yet not touching anything, and she began to breath in and out slowly teasing his cock with hot and cold air as she breathed, until suddenly she closed her mouth around it, and began to suck and tongue it with gusto. Although this has saved Hibari on numerous occasions, it has also led Yagyū to underestimate her to a certain degree or even to Yagyū's own misfortune. Hibari notes that she doesn't seem very happy, and Yagyū confesses that she doesn't want to hurt Hibari if she would lose against her. Although this has saved Hibari on numerous occasions, it has also led Yagyū to underestimate her to a certain degree or even to Yagyū's own misfortune. Hibari then asks that they celebrate her victory together. Altezza: 160 Altezza: 160 cm "I believe I made myself quite clear," said girl, the white haired shinobi Yagyū, replied in an even tone. Her right eye is covered with an eyepatch. Cibo preferito: Germogli di Fagioli Compleanno: 3 Gennaio And with that, Yagyū rammed her head as far forward as she could, taking Kuro's dick down into her throat. ", Yagyū growled at the memory, then sighed; "Understand this: While I do trust you—at least more than I originally had—I can't say that I'm fully convinced of your compatibility.

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