serta perfect sleeper sandburg firm

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Sleep Innovations are now Innocor Comfort out of New Jersey. Serta has been in the mattress business for a long time and offers both classic innerspring designs and innovative all-foam and hybrid mattresses. Thanks so very much. Some folks report feeling comfy, but others experience discomfort. We did add a topper to it to make it more comfortable. I am happy that I chose this one.It arrived in a big square box. Amazon Prime was a factor in purchasing this mattress. The first one we got we thought there was a defect because where we sleep there are large indentions but since they replace the mattress the same thing is happening . It is just 1 sided. My wife and I were looking to upgrade our bed to a king during a recent move. GOT THRU SAMS INTERNET SITE, My son has one so we got one just like him and we love it very much. It also relives the pressure points I had on the previous memory foam mattress. The Perfect Sleeper line from 2 years ago cannot be flipped. My wife and I laid down 20 mins after install, and she fell asleep. Over all I would never recommend this mattress nor would I by it if I knew what I know about it now. I went out and bought a 1inch foam topper to put on it to reduce the firmness. I didn't give it a five becuse I am a hard grader. YES (12) We purchased on 10/30/2011 and keep a protective mattress pad/cover and deep pocket fitted sheet on at all times. I let my mattress straighten out for around 5 hours, and by that time the mattress was completely flat and much softer. (To be fair, all the brands seems to back their beds very well.) I read a ton of reviews before purchasing this mattress. I had read a lot of reviews before purchasing this mattress and I am so glad I did. This thing is comfortable! It is firm, yet neither too firm nor too soft and extremely comfortable altho it did take me 3-4 nights to get used to it having been sleeping on a pillow top, and I did find I had to adjust my mediflow pillow somewhat so it was flatter and lower...........the only down side I can see, is that both myself and my husband have been lingering in bed much later than normal, I used to be up at the crack of dawn since my back would be complaining and I needed to get up, but its oh so comfortable, and I'm loathe to get up when its so very snuggly and cosy....I'm sleeping much better with less tossing and turning due to pressure points.... if you're considering one, I'd say go for it, we both love it and were not dissapointed in any way! Love a firm mattress and this one is PERFECT!!!!! The ordering process was easy and the mattress was delivered quickly. Amazon is usually good with things like this but per there request that i wait i loose out??? high recommended for every body. The gel also helps to keep it nice and cool during the summer months.Also, there was no noticible smell when I opened it. Make sure there are plenty of slats and at least 3 center legs under the bed. I thought everyone knew this, but since they don't, I needed to let them know. We had a spring mattress that was causing back problems, went to 100 stores and looked at the memory foam options, then decided to buy this one because it was less than half the price. Lastly, it does trap a heat a little bit.Overall, I am really unsatisfied, and am contemplating returning it. Sorry, the email address or password you entered is incorrect. It has deep impressions where we sleep. My wife and I both enjoy the fact that it adjust to our size. It's why 4 years later the foam is still in good shape. I use this mattress upstairs in the summer, the Hanwell is downstairs, where I sleep in the winter where it is warmer. Overall, these mattresses offer that kind of support.Edge SupportMost mattress experts agree that edge support is an important attribute in a mattress search. For someone who cannot sleep even with a box spring under the mattress as it contributes too much movement to the mattress, even that slight change in surface padding caused problems. Received in about 4 days from purchase date which was great. The mattress is firm and our sleep has improved due to not having a sagging mattress.

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