shoreham nuclear power plant

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Given these events, it isn’t surprising that residents opposed having a nuclear plant in their community. Stephen Musolino, Ph.D., a health physicist at Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) was, in 2009 as saying, “I was happy to live next to the plant.”, Musolino co-wrote the Shoreham Safety Report and was a pro-nuke scientist, The Long Island Power Act (LIPA) of 1985 was passed to acquire LILCo after the cancellation of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, In the wake of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant failure,LIPA took over LILCO, Decommissioning of the plant cost around $182 million, The vacant concrete structure is referred to by LIPA as the “sarcophagus”, The debt on the plant is still not paid and officials expect the remaining $1 billion to be paid off by 2033, The site is maintained by PSEG Long Island under contract to LIPA, PSEG operates a peaking plant on the site that only operates when there is high demand for power, produced by that explores the interior of the abandoned plant, A movie scout posted a blog post with extensive photos of the interior of the plant that, The former nuclear plant has security surveillance in place, two new wind turbines at the site of the Shoreham nuclear power plant, The turbines are mounted on 100-foot high towers and generate as much as 200,000 kWh of electricity annually, Ideas for the site also include converting it into, By law, the site cannot be used for nuclear power. 1) was announced in 1965 as a way to decrease power consumption in Long Island, New York, which was increasing at exceedingly high rates per year. selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. to copy, distribute and display this work in unaltered form, with A LIPA spokesman said the warehouse contains "utility-related equipment, such as cables and transformers.". DEP to Sunoco: “Tsk, tsk. On June 3rd, 1979, over 15,000 people protested right "If there's somebody injured in there . 1980s. contributed to further delays. which was arguably the worst nuclear power plant disaster in the history because there was fear of radiation contamination. Despite the rain, anti-nuclear protestors of all Nuclear Power Plant," Physics 241, Stanford University, Winter ( Log Out /  Date: 15 April 2007. meta nemegi - Paul Searing / CC BY ( "A nuclear plant is kind of like a tea kettle," LIPA chief executive Thomas Falcone said in an interview. There was worry that in the event of a Après l'accident nucléaire de Three Mile Island et les protestations antinucléaires, la centrale de Shoreham a pris du retard et elle a vu ses coûts grimper jusqu'à en faire une des constructions de centrales les plus coûteuses. Shoreham wasn't just a regular power plant; it was a nuclear plant — and a controversial one. Explanatory Model," Energy Policy 39, 3621 (2011). It's just the sarcophagus of the tea kettle that remains. The Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant (see Fig. Here in Pennsylvania, we are faced with the same situation as the Long Island protesters were a generation ago. The author grants Skipping... Sid Jacobson JCC Kicks Off Spotlight Speaker Series with Steve... Long Island Hispanic Bar Association’s Food Drive Targets Food Insecure Communities, Countywide Contest to Highlight Importance of Shopping at Local Small Businesses, Bay Shore’s Richie Arnett Wins U.S. Marine Corps’ Fighting Spirit Award, A Lilliputian Solution to Power Hungry Electronics, North Korea Threatens US, Vows Nuclear Armament, Governor Cuomo Awards $54 Million to Fund Large Solar Power Projects Across the State, PSEG Long Island Announces February 2016 Power Supply Charge, PSEG LI Thunderstorm Update: Thousands Still Without Power as of Thursday Morning, PSEG Long Island Announces June 2016 Power Supply Charge, New York Urged to Take Stronger Action Against Power Plant Pollution, Legislator Anker Honors Cross-Country Coaches from Shoreham-Wading River, Governor Cuomo Announces Proposed Regulations To Make New York Power Plants Coal-Free By 2020. Demand accurate answers from Sunoco before they drill again at Shoen Road. Additionally, the County The plant's remains stand on a 60-acre property overlooking the Long Island Sound. You’re bad. Reliability Compliance SpecialistCity Utilities of SpringfieldSpringfield, Missouri, Principal Power System OperatorCity of BurbankBurbank, California, Chief Operating OfficerNorth Carolina's Electric CooperativesRaleigh, North Carolina, 1st Class Electric LinemanBorough of EphrataEphrata, Pennsylvania, Electric & Gas Utility Journey Relay TechnicianCity of TallahasseeTallahassee, Florida, Asset ManagerIndeck Energy Services, Inc.Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Technology Services Vice President & CTOLincoln Electric Service (LES)Lincoln, Nebraska, Electrical Line Technician InstructorNorthern Michigan UniversityMarquette, Michigan, Engineer-Generation Engineering & Project ManagementClecoPineville, Louisiana, Assurance & Business Advisory Professional (Internal Audit)ClecoPineville, Louisiana, IT Business AnalystClecoPineville, Louisiana, Quantitative Risk AnalystClecoPineville, Louisiana, IT Financial AnalystClecoPineville, Louisiana, Manager 2 or Manager 1NG GilbertMuncie, Indiana, Motor-Generator Operator-TechnicianPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)Princeton, New Jersey, Senior Technical Sales and Production EngineerSecuControl, Inc.Alexandria, Virginia, Engineering Technician I/II Modesto Irrigation DistrictModesto, California, Our mission at Energy Central is to help global power industry professionals work better. Below we list some history and crazy facts about the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. Subscribe today to the Daily Power Industry Newsletter for the most up-to-date and relevant utility industry news. power reactor never to do so. Photo: Wikimedia, Public domain. [3] "Dismantling Action Is One of Largest Held Worldwide, Dismantling attribution to the author, for noncommercial purposes only. Suffolk County (the county where the plant was located) determined that there was no credible plan for evacuating the County. ( Log Out /  the Fate of a Nuclear Plant's Land," New York Times, 1 Jan 09. Nuclear power plants are known to be an effective way to The author warrants that the [1] It was to be a safe, economical source of electricity for hundreds of thousands of homes for several decades. not require burning of fossil fuels which avoids greenhouse gas produce energy; a few states generate more than half of their refused to help plan a Radiological Emergency Response Plan (RERP) and work is the author's own and that Stanford University provided no input [1]. [3] The LILCO sold This came as a reaction to meltdown and Questions about Shoreham's costs and safety plagued its owner, the Long Island Lighting Co., for more than a decade after the 1979 protest. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. You really shouldn’t have done that.”, Ineos, which made the Dragonpipe economically feasible, may be losing interest in the pipeline, DEP cracks down on Revolution pipeline and “unstable slopes”. nuclear power. The reason the Shoreham power plant never A proposal about five years ago to do so ultimately was rejected, but Falcone said the utility remains interested in developing new uses for the site. Shoreham wasn't just a regular power plant; it was a nuclear plant — and a controversial one. delays arising from environmental and safety concerns. attached to it, three decades later, representing an epic failure of the If only I could take whatever you say and bet against it in Vegas. Curated power industry news from thousands of top sources. The lessons for the Dragonpipe. All that's left of the ill-fated Shoreham nuclear power plant -- besides $1 billion in debt -- is a sarcophagus. No discussions yet. The plant was decommissioned in 1994, and the unused nuclear fuel was sent to Pennsylvania’s Limerick Nuclear Power Plant.

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