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Just because you are learning a language does not mean you need to limit your thinking. There are also flashcards and fun quizzes to help you learn from the video, as well as the thousands of other real English videos available on FluentU. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. These funny long stories in english can be very well told as long humorous stories with a moral or can be used as short funny stories for kids. Make sure you check out the video’s vocabulary list, too. ESL Gold is dedicated to being the fastest and easiest way to learn English as a Second Language online. It shows the inadequacy of adults to explain and comprehend death, and so they just pretend that they do. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a party and makes a friend. They continue their work without any human or natural assistance. He gets to know about a failed marriage and helps Ramanujam’s daughter get engaged with a suitable match. The story exposes the whole system of corruption that led to a massive explosion taking innocent lives and poisoning multiple generations. World top 10 best mostly recommended short motivational and inspirational stories with morals that can change you thinking and life in english language.Stories have power to change a negative life into positive life. One day a snake is about to attack him when the Mongoose kills it. The daughter does not seem to have any say in it. But one day when the school kids bully him, he loses his temper and acts out in anger. this captivating trailer for Disney’s newer version of the movie, 4 Top Resources for Help with Any Academic English Skill, Learn English through Movies and Film: A Complete Guide, 8 Great Tips to Learn English Through Songs and Music, 9 Awesome Channels to Learn English on YouTube, 10 Best 90′s Sitcoms for English Learners, 12 English Podcasts Every English Learner Should Listen To, 20 Essential American Slang Words for English Learners, 20 Essential English Idioms for Sounding Like a Native. Dhritiman Ray is a writer of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Welcome to English-Online This website is specially designed for learners of English.The articles are carefully chosen and rewritten, so that they can be more easily understood. Practice Listening Short stories are also a great resource for English learners because they allow you to work on reading, speaking and listening at the same time. “Little Dorrit” shows clearly how it works in society. A mother is telling her daughter how to live her life properly. It tells about wine and love - and hate. Practice Writing Nominated for the Hugo award, many readers have connected with Sly since they can see similarities in their own lives. What Is Great About It: The title is taken from a poem that describes how nature will continue its work long after humanity is gone. Throughout his journey, he ignores the advice other people had given him and takes his life for granted. Sometimes the mother tells her to not attract attention, to not talk to boys and to always keep away from men. Articles are written in very simple and easy language using very easy words. Greatest Short Motivational & Inspirational Stories on Life in English. It explores the grief of parenthood and also the uncertainty of knowing whether your child will ever even know you. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Check out our favorite products and sister sites. While taking the train, he always had to pass through a small station called Deoli. Her positive disposition (personality) tries to make every negative transformation seem like a gift, and she helps us look at luck as a matter of perspective rather than events. Naturalization Ceremony (NEW!) Delighted with her luck, she decides to keep it. “Girl” talks about how girls are taught to live restricted lives since childhood. Thanappa is the village mailman who is good friends with Ramanujam and his family. No one used to get down at the station and nothing happened there. He over-explains everything from the view out the office window to the intimate details of everyone’s life—from the overweight loner to the secret serial killer. The various events are about life in general in what was then known as the Soviet Union. Check out our favorite products and sister sites. But in this case, we see that it can be used to disable our talents. Build Vocabulary Many working English learners will relate to it as it explains the absurdities of modern office life and how so little of it makes sense. Funny Short Stories! As she is taking it home, it keeps changing. 1500 words (British English) This short story is set in Madagascar and France. He was one of the most unfortunate … What Is Great About It: It is no secret that governments lie to their own people. Teach English and learn new things with our educational reading section. When she is finally informed, she bursts into tears. Just before the wedding, Thanappa receives a tragic letter about Ramanujam’s brother. If you want to tell any story in English with moral and short humor, you can use these short funny stories. Exam Preparation After an hour, the doorbell rings and her husband is standing there alive and well. Sly is a chimpanzee who is much smarter than other beings of his kind. Ruskin Bond used to spend his summer at his grandmother’s house in Dehradun. FluentU brings English to life with real-world videos. Eventually, he becomes a part of the family forever. He decides not to deliver it. One day, a handsome prince came by and saw the girl. Until one day he sees a girl selling fruit and he is unable to forget her. This story is about our attachment to strangers and why we cherish them even though we do not meet them ever again. However, one day there is a rebellion and everything changes for a brief instant. Pretty soon deaths of all kinds begin to occur. The speaker exposes this reality that nobody will ever admit to. “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” is about a Mongoose who regularly visits a family in India. By the end, readers wonder who is really intelligent—the man who could not deal with nature or the dog who could survive? Read our short articles to practice your English. Would you whitelist this site? That means that both village and city life are recent inventions. The story is about the complex play of relationships and feelings which are always present in our social circles, but we are often ignorant of it. Find ESL Tutors What Is Great About It: The classic fight between life and death has always fascinated us. Eventually, she goes to her room and locks herself in. What Is Great About It: This may not be technically a story since there is no plot. Moreover, the writer shows us how the mindless use of a single value like equality can create more suffering for everyone. But in this story, we see that nature plays a supporting role and the machines are the ones who have taken its place. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn English with real-world videos. These small English stories are not only entertaining, they teach children about several things in life. ... Story of Sacagawea (NEW!) What Is Great About It: Have you ever heard the English expression, “Slow and steady wins the race”? Dorrit thinks about the outside world and longs to see it. A man brings a magical monkey’s paw from India which grants three wishes to three people. On the other hand, she hints that she will have to be attractive to bakers and other suitable males in the society in order to live a good life. This means that each video is also a powerful language-learning tool in and of itself. When he is unable to bear the city life, he returns to his home but invites his friend to the village. Texas Rose Festival (NEW!) In this story the characters immediately regret when their wishes come true because either someone dies or something worse happens. What Is Great About It: This is a simple story about humans and animals living together as friends. Practice Reading If you’re looking for short stories in video form, why not check out FluentU? In the beginning, Jack loves them and spends hours with his mom. What Is Great About It: The old lady in this story is one of the most cheerful characters anyone can encounter in English fiction. However, her enthusiasm refuses to fade away. A school teacher is narrating all the recent incidents that have happened on campus. What Is Great About It: Marriages can be like prisons for women. Unable to pay their debts, the whole family is forced to spend their days in a cell. He only has his dog with him for company. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you “Captain Underpants” by Dave PilkeyIf you like stories that are simple but also clever, then this is the book you are looking for. The family was unfortunate enough to be close to the disaster area and give a detailed account of the accident.

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