shure beta 52 vs 52a

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The frequency levels drop and increase a bit before decaying. This placement worked better to handle some of the cancellation that was happening when I point the mic directly at the beater. SltEp6qig/OmYsublx5Mu/LqLSQ/mq/1OdreztNKSC4mTZliujMZCpFTzAgHGg65h6ziPAI8zL9T Depending on the board and whether it has plugins or outboard gear, I usually gate the 52 and add a low-pass filter. cwDYXK/3qj/KHR/1/PMbNogd47OTh1pG0t2fxSaPrdrHPEyXUSsGilQkPG43BVhR43H0HNeRKBo7 I’ve always wanted to say that. mY8SXv8Au2SGx8zJa3fP0S0JHFt/ioSDUdu3TMmWCw48dRR5M58r31tqWvaF9TkD8tTsiy9GURzr n6c/LL+Sz/6RD/1Tynwc3n827x8Pl8nfpz8sv5LP/pEP/VPHwc3n818fD5fJ36c/LL+Sz/6RD/1T fEBDDThH/qovbNycRgeHGK9363VxyiQ4p/ao/wCJvy3/AOXb/pEf/qlkvBz+fz/ax8fB5fL9jv8A It delivers frequencies with a more gradual drop off as levels decrease. After all, that’s the job of a recording engineer – the best sound comes from knowing how to adjust to different conditions. V+ulDgLeTUFCSu3EF68UQUDbDMzDnmY+quLycXLp4iXpvh80V5dL216Dbfuwqn7P0dchm3G7PDsd The Beta 52 is in the lower right mid-depth of the kick drum with the mic pointing toward the shell of the drum but not directly at it. r8o6e673d5fX4bwVJZgo69xdjK8AvPM9wA+79TLOawwHeSfv/WwQCpoMz3BZXmI5iYaxC9t+Uds/ spO1RyJoffIz1WWQoyJDKGmxxNiIBZHmO3uxVhvnv8qvK3nCNpbqL6pqvGkepwACWoWiiUdJVFBs /qkfl/x1t8DB/MPz/wCPO/QP5P8A/Uj6p/0lJ/3kMfG1P+qR+X/HV8DB/MPz/wCPMz/K618hRXWq +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A9AfmL53i8paD9bRFn1G5 It is capable of handling extremely high sound pressure levels (tested to 174dB at 1000Hz). The Beta 91 sits inside the drum on a hand towel, and the 52 is on a claw. 631ewubiF1IIDM8UI/4WR+mYOuHDirzH6XN0h4sl+R/Q9vzSu1ee6h+b9vFrl/pOn6TLfvp8jQzS G4MG5PWhoa9Bm8GKxu6Y5qOzMfL+padrt9plmdjdX1nBcW5I5BJLhFelRQjiTvTMLNA4wT5H7nNw Overall, this was my favorite-sounding kick drum. You may notice a phantom power button on your mixer / interface. 9Pyd/wArP8y/y2//ACLb/mrH8lDzX89Pyd/ys/zL/Lb/APItv+asfyUPNfz0/JCap598wajatayv +k8V4/PAdERvdpGuB2qnrv5IQwtpmtXysWklvlgJqCpSK2idSKb9Z275qO0T6ojy/SXaaHkT5/oD qf2TmbkxCXvcTHlMfcyGbzwkLlJbJ1Zevxj+mY4019XIOproraN5ztdYUCzjU3PVrV5Akgp3FVow AQACAwQFBgcICQoLEAACAQMDAgQCBgcDBAIGAnMBAgMRBAAFIRIxQVEGE2EicYEUMpGhBxWxQiPB kq0hVtx0IpglrsxFGWxTHR4gbEWZZiOSlfmHyt5e8xWf1TWrCK9hH2OYIdCSCTHIpV0J4ivFhXLc I/aR1IZT7g5DyZ+bL/Ln5peYNFKx6q7axpa/bZ6fXIlFPiV9hKBv8L/Ef5u2YeXRQn9Ppl9n7HKx NsuwA5cmJ2G+V5sJG7dhzA7Vu9p/Lr8uLsXcGv6/B6Rh/eabpkgq6OfszzjoHA+wn7PU/Fsul1er Most of the time, I aim the diaphragm toward the inside of the shell to deal with the tubby frequencies that can ruin a good kick drum sound. I use a Shure Beta 52 or a Beta 91 – sometimes both. It’s also a good mic to use with the 91. This post on choosing the best kick drum for the gig gets into all the different considerations for choosing the right drum, drum heads, and more. AKG D112 Vs Shure Beta 52A Conclusion If in personally, we prefer and recommend you to choose the Beta 52A over the AKG D112 just because the IMHO the 52 gives you more to work with and just that straight up rock and roll thump. DOZxtic+oWsNQz8m/lXc5liBLiSmAj9K892VhCqPprXDpWjNKFG5J+zwOVz0pkebOGrERyTX/lbc 3/ytmz/6t0n/ACMX/mnH8ge9f5QHc2n5rWLuFayeIHb1CwYL7kAA4nQHvUa+Pczb8qni1Tz5DdNJ y8wGVjbxqKHfutcxgJ9SXJJh0ATPyXB9Xt/OWq2aR2psdClASBFiq8wldGoq78fqx3J2rlOp3MIn Dy1o1xpN3AIkvFupPVYrJyKcSJ7pRuhqAR2r2zD1ssprjlxd34oOXpIYxfAK/HvL0DMBzHxxqPmm BHBD4n9Dt9NpjfFL4BKv+cjLj0z5dR2CxH65I1elUECj/k4ct7JjfF8P0tPacqER73h7696UyNbo They are one of the most recognizable things you could play on drums or... Cáscara Rhythm - How to Play It The Right Way. For me, it opened the door to a whole new set of decisions I needed to consider for my drum sound.

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