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Sine Mora infuses classic shoot 'em up gameplay with time manipulation and a grim narrative that sets it apart from its peers in all the right ways. App Store Update: July 15. Sine Mora Ex is the latest edition, bringing this great side-scroller into the current generation. I liked it quite well, so when the Vita version came across my desk in my review pile, I was fairly excited to return to the crazy, anthropomorphic animal-infested, diesel-punk world of Sine Mora. The game is a side-scrolling, arcade-style shoot-'em-up, where players work to control time on a limited basis, collect power-ups, and fend off enemies to get to boss battles. Apr 17, 2013. Version Reviewed: European. Sine Mora Ex Xbox One Review . Sine Mora Ex Review. Sine Mora did exceptionally well when it initially released in 2012. Sine Mora is a time manipulating side scrolling shoot em up! Sine Mora's soundtrack is composed of electronic melodies that complement the visual style although you don't get to enjoy them much because the sound effects are very prominent. So yeah, the game is finally available to PS3 and PS Vita owners. 0. Sine Mora EX Review Sine Mora EX is a captivating fusion of military aircrafts and time travel. What I’m concerned with is the aristocracy of the mind. Sine Mora EX is a Mature rated horizontal shmup/shooter, and is a 5 star shmup in my opinion. Sine Mora EX is the remastered version that hit PC and consoles. Sine Mora Review (PS Vita) Without delay. Sine mora takes a different approach on the shmup genre. March, 2013's Best-Selling PSN Games. By Michelle Balsan, 21 Mar 2012. Sine Mora iOS Review. Sine Mora Review. Sine Mora review Grasshopper Manufacture puts its stamp on the shoot em up By Sterling McGarvey 21 March 2012. Mar 28, 2012 1:19pm Player Reviews 2012-03-20 14:00:00 by Allistair Pinsof. The stages are a good length, and my favorite parts are the mid bosses and bosses. Review: Sine Mora. Hitman Leads May's PlayStation Plus Line-up. Review by: Master Blud Sine Mora, first time I saw this name, it had not interested me until I saw some actual gameplay in motion. SINE MORA EX pits a rebel force of aliens against an evil empire in an attempt to prevent mass genocide. Jul 15, 2013. I have played my fair share of shmups and this one certainly takes the cake. Your ship's control is tight, the gameplay is smooth (hectic at times), and the game looks great. Earlier this year, I reviewed the then-Xbox-360-exclusive title Sine Mora. With the use of time… Comments. Apr 9, 2013. Jan 30, 2013.

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