small brown bird with black throat

posted in: Uncategorised | 0 Tail is … The Black-throated Sparrow has gray body with white underside. Brown tail has white edges and undertail coverts. The female has no black on head or throat, nor a grey crown; her upperparts are streaked with brown. Brown coloured birds are found in most families of bird species, including sparrows, thrashers, creepers, and even the females of the different members of the bunting family. Its black throat and gray back give it its name, but its bold black-and-white striped face is equally eye catching. Very short black bill with wide gape. Palau Swiftlet: Small gray-brown swift with black-brown cap, wing linings, and tail. Very short, black-gray legs and feet. Mature male House Sparrows (top left) have gray heads and black bibs. The Lark Sparrow is a small bird with distinctive head markings with white or pale brown stripe on the crown bordered by chestnut brown. Chestnut-collared Longspur: Small, sparrow-like bird with brown-streaked upperparts, black breast and flanks, some have chestnut on underparts, pale gray belly. The more mature the bird, the bigger and darker the bib. The throat is black, and has a white face stripe above the eye. The Black-throated Sparrow is a small bird with a breeding range of 2,450,000 square kilometers. Gray on rump and throat. Large, black eye. Eastern Meadowlark: Short ground-dwelling bird with buff- and black-streaked brown upperparts. The juveniles are deeper brown, and the white is replaced by buff; the beak is dull yellow. There are chestnut brown patches on side of the head below the eye. Nape is chestnut-brown, crown is black, and throat is white. Medium, slightly cleft tail. Head has black-and-white striped crown, white face, black eyestripe and a pointed bill. Medium to long, pointed wings. Throat to belly is yellow, broad black V on breast. Sexes and juvenile similar. The Black-throated Gray Warbler is a striking yet monochrome warbler that wears only a tiny spot of yellow just above and in front of the eye. Northern populations may migrate short distances to the desert regions of the southern United States during winter months. For a birder who is just starting out, the colour of the bird will probably be the first piece of information that will be used in trying to put a name to a bird. They are an introduced species from Europe and cause great distress for native birds. House Sparrows are often the most abundant birds in the yard, especially in urban areas or in rural areas around grain-fed livestock. Face is buff with black stripe behind eye. It breeds in a variety of arid habitats from eastern Washington south to Arizona and Texas, and in northern and central Mexico.

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