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This is especially true for individuals who are known as ‘salt sensitive,’ and for these people, higher salt intake can dramatically raise blood pressure (12, 13). Following the cold-smoking, the smoked salmon is cooled to 50°F (10°C) within three hours and to 38°F (3.3°C) by 12 hours. However, there isn’t a vast difference from species to species. View other nutritional values (such as Carbs or Fats) using the filter below: * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or diet regimen. After this, the salmon goes through the smoking process. Frozen fish should be thawed and then washed in drinking water. Smoked salmon offers similar benefits to the fresh variety, and it is a great source of omega-3, vitamin B12, and numerous minerals. Since cooking (i.e. Smoked salmon has 4.32 g fat per 100g. With more than 18 grams of protein per 100 grams, smoked salmon is an excellent source of protein. Perfect in pastas, salad or in a risotto. On this note, an earlier study found that “processing operations such as salting, cooking, and mincing promote oxidation while smoking, dehydration, and freezing retarded oxidation” (15). These smoking processes can be vastly different depending on the specific producer, and they can either smoke the fish at high heat or leave it technically raw. Sign Up. The %DV When you multiplay this value with weight of medium size smoked salmon (247 g) you can see that you will get about 45.2 g of protein. 100g of salmon has about 208 calories (kcal). Highest calories Content per 100g. Smoked salmon refers to any salmon that undergoes a curing and smoking process. Free online calorie counter and diet plan. The smoked salmon is then ready for packing. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are approximately 800 laboratory-confirmed cases of listeriosis per year, 260 of which are fatal (25). There are some potential health concerns, but these risks seem to be fairly small. Salmon Nuggets = 200 cal. An outbreak of listeriosis, linked to ready-to-eat salmon products, infected 12 people in Denmark, France, and Germany between 2015 and 2018. The likely reason for this is that fresh fish spoils quickly, and smoking helps to preserve its freshness. As an occasional food, smoked salmon is a perfectly healthy option. Research demonstrates that individuals with high plasma (blood) levels of omega-3 have significantly decreased cardiovascular risk (8). According to the FDA, the temperatures/times and process to safely cold-smoke salmon are as follows (2); The temperatures used during the cold-smoking process should either; Generally speaking, the majority of cold-smoked salmon producers use a temperature not exceeding 99°F (37°C) (3). For little more than 100 calories, smoked salmon provides a wide range of essential nutrients including large amounts of key vitamins such as B12. : Calorie Breakdown: 54% fat, 0% carbs, 46% prot. Despite this, it is worth remembering that listeriosis is extremely rare. But given the potential cost/sourcing considerations, I think farmed fish is still better than a diet containing no oily fish. All data is sourced from the USDA Food Data Central. 908: Nutrition Facts. Smoked salmon offers similar benefits to the fresh variety, and it is a great source of omega-3, vitamin B12, and numerous minerals. Our commitment is to provide high quality data and easy to use tools. This gives as percentage of the recommended daily allowance 6 % of the RDA. Perfect in pastas, salad or in a risotto. Ingredients. Among these compounds, astaxanthin appears to have several benefits for skin health. provides nutrition data tools and articles to empower you to create a better diet. It is about 17% of daily calories intake for adult person with medium weight and medium activity (for calculation we assumed 2400 kcal daily intake). There are some potential health concerns, but these risks seem to be fairly small. Just like regular fresh salmon, smoked salmon is also relatively nutritious. 8 Health Benefits of Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Roe 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits. For freshly caught fish, this step involves cleaning and then washing them in drinking water before storage. Vita Food Products Sliced Smoked Nova Salmon, Southern Tsunami Sushi Bar Nigiri Smoked Salmon, Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Bistro MD Barramundi Seabass with Sweet Coconut Pineapple Sauce, Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water (144g), Genova Albacore Tuna in Water with Sea Salt, Changing Seas Thick Cut Cold Smoked Salmon. fresh salmon is probably a healthier choice. Bar length represents the %DV. represents the %DV. Smoked salmon has a slightly different nutrition profile to a regular salmon fillet, but it shares most of the same benefits. For this 100g serving the amount of Protein is 18.28 g, the amount of Fat is 4.32 g, the amount of Carbohydrate is 0 g. 0 %--Carbs. walking (15 minute mile) 25mins. Sainsbury Sainsbury - Smoked Salmon (100g) Serving Size : 100 g. 117 Cal. Before salt-curing the fish, the fillets are cut into their specified uniform size. (~ = missing data), Bar length Cold smoked salmon contains fewer PAHs than hot smoked varieties (21). a) Not exceed 90°F (32°C) for more than 20 hours, b) Not exceed 50°F (10°C) for more than 24 hours, c) Not exceed 120°F (49°C) for more than 6 hours. It is also important to note that almost any raw food can cause this illness, including raw milk, prepared salads, and other refrigerated products. As a result, foods such as smoked salmon may contain these compounds, some of which are classed as carcinogenic (18). As we saw in this article, smoked salmon is a delicious, traditional and flavorful preparation of the fish. Hot smoked Tassie salmon comes in portions that are salt cured and vacuum packed on black web with clear top for convenience and freshness. A systematic review of observational studies on the effects of PAHs found that they are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and blood pressure. Common Serving Sizes: Amount Serving Size Calories Add to Counter; 100g. Per 100 gram serving, salmon should offer more than 100% of the RDI for vitamin D (6). Although the information provided on this site is presented in good faith and believed to be correct, FatSecret makes no representations or warranties as to its completeness or accuracy and all information, including nutritional values, is used by you at your own risk. This is a bar chart of minerals by the percent daily value. On this note, studies suggest that a higher intake of astaxanthin may help to improve our skin’s UV resistance (9, 10). Here is a summary of the production methods for cold-smoking and hot-smoking. First, the raw materials (fish) are received. This way of preparing salmon has a long history, and smoking the fish was a traditional method of preservation before the advent of refrigeration. 25mins. (~ = missing data). Using the list below for the 30 different salmon nutrition entries in our database, the highest amount of protein is found in Salmon, red (sockeye), filets with skin, smoked (Alaska Native) which contains 60.62 g of protein per 100g. Smoked Salmon × 1 oz, boneless (28g) 3 oz (85g) 1 cubic inch, boneless (17g) 1 cup, cooked (136g) 200 calorie serving (171g) 100 grams (100g) Compare Add to Recipe As a result, cold-smoked salmon is still technically raw, and it has a more delicate, tender texture. After the brining process, the fish are cold-smoked at the temperatures specified in the next section. Given the concerns on densely stocked farmed salmon and the chemicals required to maintain control of lice – have you investigated this? View other nutritional values (such as Carbs or Fats) using the filter below: Calories | Total Carbs | Total Fats | Protein | Sodium | Cholesterol | Vitamins. Smoked salmon has 18.28 g protein per 100g. Hot smoked salmon is very different from cold-smoking, and it involves higher temperatures for shorter smoking time. dancing. Lastly, one more concern about smoked salmon products is food poisoning. Calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types and serving sizes of Smoked Salmon is shown below. does not provide medical advice. For this reason, anyone with salt sensitivity should be aware that smoked salmon is a reasonably high sodium food. swimming (25 yards per min) 21mins aerobic dancing. About Food Exercise Apps Community Blog Shop Premium. There is not a lot of research on this topic, but some of the existing studies have interesting findings.

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