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Lightning Tools is proud of our code quality and high standards. @Philipp_Kohn thank you - we are excited to bring such a often requested feature (private channels) out to our customers. Introducing PowerSuite Start. For instance, I have an Office 365 Group with all Office 365 Users within it. Another Social Squared web part which can be added to the same page, also shows the most frequent posters within a particular forum group which encourages user participation. - Have the meeting invite include a plain text dial string like +15551212,,12345678# instead of it being a hyper link. When it will be finally possible to assign Direct Routing phone numbers to Auto Attendants and Call Queues? Many IT departments take a deploy and dash approach to Microsoft Teams. You can change the SharePoint permissions and remove access from people to access. Severn Trent Water is based in the Midlands, England and is one of ten regional water and waste authorities in Britain. could you please also inform about the compliance status of the below Calling features in India: Dynamic e911. Another often-ignored aspect of Teams adoption is how usage differs significantly between lines of business. So if people in the same room join from their laptops so they can see a presentation or all be on video to because we don't have fancy monitors and cameras hanging off every wall of our office, you don't get the feedback problem until everyone mutes their devices. Please tell me there is hope for higher than 9 video feeds in the near future!!! Or more making sure the media portions are not double hopping through the VDI to ensure a shorter route to Teams media services? If you start an ad-hoc brainstorm session on the physical whiteboard, you can easily continue via the digital whiteboard and include remote collaborators in the conversation. We are now adding support for our Skype for Business Server customers as well as those using Lync Server 2013. We also explore the other web parts such as Recent Posts, Most popular user, and the Tag cloud web part. Read on to learn about the latest integrations becoming available during the Enterprise Connect timeframe. And we continue to enhance DR with key features. Similarly with governance, it’s hard to undo initial damage. So here it is:  Make the online meetings work like Zoom!!! If you've already registered, sign in. Happy Birthday, Microsoft Teams! Social Squared has been designed as a communication tool that helps build a community around your SharePoint sites. For example: medical office, legal office, CPA office Thanks for any help, Sandi Maitland Users will have the ability to go back or forward in time to see any past or future meeting. Establish policies with intelligent conditions and identify Teams or users and the related channels and / or chat messages to be included in the supervision policy. PowerSuite Start provides Actionable Insights and Analytics for Microsoft Teams. What i mean is as an IT manager i want to pre allocate all organization members in a tab on Chat group/Contact list, so it then puts every new workers the new and old ones in and out the organizational chat group automatically.Right now is too much to ask for every user to personalize their own contact list with every worker we have here, seeing as the current solution Pidgin already automatizes this process and Microsoft Teams dont. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn. to improve the performance of its Teams service as it continues in the battle to beat Zoom in the video conferencing space. Content Cameras and Intelligent Capture – coming soon - will soon support an additional camera forcontent capture, such as capturing information on analog whiteboards. A “no hardware” approach can be your path to a cloud voice solution saving time and money for your deployment and operations. New Meeting Devices are being created by our partners increasing choice for our shared customers. What’s new in Microsoft Teams – the Enterprise Connect feature round up, – coming soon - will soon support an additional camera for, Legal hold for Teams content of on-premise Exchange users, Custodian management for Teams memberships,!AvMsNFdxAP_JvWfmgMnKrfejjco1. Learn more about what Unify Square is doing to better enable and empower enterprise IT to manage complex work-from-home scenarios. Microsoft Teams. As well as these exciting new features, the Teams improvements will certainly be welcome, since some users have complained about performance issues when using the video conferencing service. InformaCast Fusion from Singlewire Software enables Microsoft Teams users to send mass urgent or emergency notifications. Forums and Forum Groups can be easily created through the Social Squared Client Side Web Part. Teams is amazing and continues to improve. Other Teams features to rival Zoom include improvements to Teams on both iPhones and Android smartphones and the ability to see up to 49 participants on a call. You say to add suggestions in the user voice, but that site is so poorly curated, it is impossible to find the feature requests that are already posted, and new suggestions are getting no attention. Do the updates target making sure USB Devices and Cameras work with Teams in a pass-through scenario running on a VDI? I know they said "coming later this year" for Private Channels, but I have a client that is in pilot stages and needs a more specific ETA. Users also receive feedback through the earning of badges. Our new Free service provides Actionable Insights & Analytics for Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Social Squared enables you to easily build structured forums for your business users to discuss topics and ultimately contribute to a knowledge base that continues to serve new and existing employees with answers to common questions or discussions. Wish Microsoft would add the capability to live stream natively to Teams. Meetings First (in preview) is a great addition for our Enterprise Voice customers who use Skype for Business Servers. This makes it easy to spot subject matter experts within your business. Microsoft’s Teams had a very busy September adding a host of new features. Invite team members to Microsoft Teams team and channels to keep the conversation and content focused. 3. @Robert135  Wouldn't using an Office 365 Group as the basis for the Team work for preloading everyone? Peripherals are experiencing new innovations starting with speakerphones from Jabra Speak 710-Teams, Sennheiser SP30-Teams and Yealink CP900 all of which have dedicated Teams buttons. Let me know if you have any questions! Not only do you have all the benefits of the chat-based workspace, but you have them in a compliant way. Improve meeting effectiveness by allowing attendees to read speaker captions in real-time so they can more easily stay in sync and contribute to the discussion. I'd like to hear more about the VDI solution. Get Insightful Summary Reports for FREE. The big issue has been that Teams installs to every users profile under AppData. This enables any meeting attendees to have face to face conversations and share content easily, with zero downloads needed. Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program. Connect and engage across your organization. Questions, thoughts and valuable business ideas are often not shared at all, or shared between a sender and receiver within email, whereby only the sender and the receiver are engaged in the conversation. Why doesn't the Teams group have release notes for these new features. Forum groups are easily created by SharePoint Site Administrators allowing each forum group to be tailored to your business requirements. In our Teams design for the channels that require this our team creates a SharePoint group, gives that Edit rights, removes the Team members, and we teach Team owners to maintain membership of the SP group. And being able to change the video views, size and location is highly desirable. eDiscovery for Teams calling and meetings is now generally available for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans that include core eDiscovery capabilities.

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