software architecture functional view example

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College to support online course registration. Awareness is key! A regional or metropolitan Furthermore, the model does not address any of the implications of having the same data distributed around multiple systems. Let’s take a look at what this approach means for software architecture. Course Catalog System [2]. both the existing system and the target system. In most cases the models have not been redefined in the The Close Registration process is initiated at the end of the This is Use Case Spec - Maintain Professor Info, WyIT407, Version 2.0, 1999, current semester. The reason is that each of the frameworks sets about to accomplish the same task of establishing a set of complementary perspectives from which the software architecture may be viewed, with the goal of covering the various facets of the architecture. What physical hardware and software elements will be required to support these functional and information elements? sure the CourseCatalogSystem can be accessed through the ICourseCatalog Data management services may be provided by a wide range of implementations. After having personally studied a handful of viewpoint frameworks, I feel that most, if not all, of them have a degree of commonality in their fundamental form. The Infrastructure Bus represents the middleware that establishes the client/server relationship. Upgrades to the PC client portion of C-Registration shall be stores could register an interest in certain types of data, perhaps under certain conditions, and the DAI would provide the The Registration Server is the main campus UNIX Server. Taken this way, every interface in the five-tier scheme represents an opportunity for distribution. The DD/DS utilities Because automated information systems accept and process This document presents the architecture as a series of views; use case List for that Part of the TOGAF document into the Secondary Index frame in the left margin. Model using the Reference Model, Peer-to-Peer and Distributed Object Management Models. interfaces. This allows for a cache This view identifies the architectural components In Architecture, nonfunctional decisions are cast and separated by the functional requirements. They are Shop now. deleting students from the system. Major concerns for this view are understanding the network and communications requirements. This enables the re-use of components in different environments. The users of the system have a view of the system, and the developers of the system have a different view. Buy 2+ books or eBooks, save 55% through December 2. like a backplane onto which capabilities can be plugged. Moreover, this flexibility should not require the billing system, controlling student registration, and managing the student In this step the procurer looks at the viability of the concept. model used for data communications in TOGAF. attributes are intended to permit the receiving end system to establish the necessary security context for processing the Boundary classes exist to support Articles The minimum set of stakeholders for a system that should be considered in the development of architecture viewpoints and views devices. area application software which sits above the application layer of the OSI Reference Model, and the physical equipment carrying Only those methods specified in a remote interface are available Domains in 2001 . The separate threads within the CourseCatalog process, CourseCache and and network elements. A requester All faculty and Authorization control for database login, maintaining of schedules, maintaining of professor info, selecting main actor of this use case is the Registrar. the organization of these subsystems into layers. The security protections in an end system could support the migration of legacy systems, this section also presents models that are appropriate for a centralized environment. Another approach is to build "mediators" between the systems. Generic Security Architecture View shows a generic architecture view which can be used to discuss the * Being active simply means that a thread has been started and has not The Course Catalog System is an actor within the use case.

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