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Specialties? Code answers to those questions. BTW, I am old, hired 100s and maybe 1000s of people, love technology and engineering, early years was heavily swayed by what the applicant knew, learned through the years that first how will they fit and then what they know. I'd like to add, for every programming question you get asked, think about scale. I had an hour long technical phone screen with one of the software engineers on the team I applied for. Before you write a single line of code, organize your thoughts and figure out the entire solution, then start coding. Got 3/4 problems completely solved while getting most of the test cases on the 4th to pass.A week later, got contacted by recruiter for a phone interview. It's designed for cynical "old" bastards who don't want to waste their time on high-stress, unfulfilling, abusive, or low-quality jobs. They're all easier to tackle than you think. Remote teams (late/early meetings)? Then, prepare real-world examples of when you'd want to use each of these and explain why it's the best choice. I was first reached out to by the hiring manager, then had a technical phone screen, and then an onsite as a final step. Here's a list off the top of my head that I hear people say isn't important (but you really should know). For me it would be hearing something about team. Development Process - Step me through your development process, from a ticket/task, to code on production. If you spend time preparing, there's nothing stopping you from doing well. In some cases, I don't even give them an answer, because I care about their generic social media marketing platform about as much as I care about my non-existent Facebook profile. This was by far the best interview process I've experienced. You should know how sockets work, you should know what TCP/IP is. If you've ever been an interviewer, especially at a shit company, you'll know that your job is to best represent your employer, and answering too "honestly" may put your job, bonuses, or raises at risk. Alright, almost done. So, what matter. Thanks for posting this. The process took 6+ weeks. One question that I'm asking in my current search which I've personally never seen recommended before is this one: "Say that you hired me, and a year from when I start, you look back and think about how glad you are to have hired me. Nothing too difficult, study algorithms and datastructures. Here's some distilled advice I can offer from having conducted over 1000 tech interviews. ), spacious vs sardines, kitchen area. We need to reschedule. Press J to jump to the feed. What's TDD. I interviewed at Reddit (San Francisco, CA) in January 2019. Practice practice practice this stuff. Saving this for sure. The job description seems to match the direction I want to take my career, in particular, I've been enjoying Scala as of late. Don't over-share. Drug tests, references, security clearance, other paperwork. These top interview questions are divided into two parts: Start Your Free Software Development Course. I appreciate the write up and saved it for later. Specifically, you talk about expectations for the available role, which should hopefully help reveal what they actually want you to contribute to the company. Be prepared to work hard. Here is a list of Top 50 R Interview Questions and Answers you must prepare. Work Examples - Examples of tasks YOU (interviewer) recently worked on, or currently working on? Perks and benefits questions can be asked during the first HR/recruiter screen. The only way to find these gaps is by writing code. The more I learn about this field, the more I feel like an idiot who doesn't know anything about programming. for each of these. I'd be impressed by a mid-or-senior level candidate who asked 1/4th of these questions. Desk? These are a waste of an engineer's time. They spent the first 15-20 minutes on standard behavioral questions, the next 30-35 minutes on a medium difficulty coding problem, and the last 5 minutes on questions that I had for the interviewer. Core Product(s) & Core Software Product(s)? Such a great guide. First (and really the main motivating factor in choosing to be nice), your performance is best reflected when you're relaxed. Unfortunately did not get to the other questions. Then practice telling the stories, make sure to include some setup information, what was the setting, what was the project, who was working with you, what was your role...then tell the story....then for the positive stories talk about the impact of your work, did you win, save the company money, what?

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